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He Nose Our Secret

Chapter 3: Starting at the School

Kagome woke up early the next morning to a screaming alarm, the bright red letters revealing it was just past four a.m. She stretched and leaned over and hit the large snooze button on the top.

"Get up Sango!" she yelled, throwing her pillow at her friend to make sure she didn't fall back asleep. Sango though, was already out right after the pillow hit her.

"Sango!" Kagome yelled, jumping on the bed and bouncing her friend a good foot into the air. Sango screamed and twitched around in the air, and landed with a loud "thud" back on the bed.

Her cheeks puffed out in anger as she blew a piece of hair out of her face. "Kagome…I don't think I'll ever get used to this hair…I look like an emo…" she yawned and fell back on her back, lying on the bed again.

"Just think of the outcome Sango…now get up! School starts today!"

The two girls…um…girly guys…guyie girls…the two girls dressed as guys got ready for school, debating on what to wear, critiquing each other, and trying to look as much like boys as they actually could.

Two hours later they decided they looked…guy enough to start packing. They shoved their clothes into big duffle bags and ran out of their apartment room in order to make it to the school in time.

Waiting at the bus stop, Sango sighed. "Do we HAVE to do this Kag?"

Kagome nodded. "Yes. Don't worry, it won't be hard. Boys are stupid."

The bus pulled up and the two girls got on it, taking a seat towards the back so as few people as possible would have to see them. Kagome sighed, leaning her head against the seat in front of her, blowing hair out of her face.

"At least it's only for two months."

Sango agreed, though she was inwardly screaming as well. They sat the rest of the trip in silence, staring out the windows as the bus brought them to their doom.


Ten minutes later they were carrying their bags across the campus of the large school. Once safely away from the bus, Sango stopped to look at it. It was huge; at least five stories tall and about two miles wide. Boys were already outside playing on the fields, mostly football, and when the bus drove away they looked up at the new arrivals.

Kagome sighed when they began saying things about them being newbies and to watch out for pranks and motioned for Sango to follow her. They trekked across the dewy field and up to the large doors. Each gulped, and then they walked inside.

"Kag…do we HAVE to do this?"

"To late to turn back now…"

They found the office, which was just inside of the main doors and walked inside. A woman with long, black hair and pale skin, just older then they were, looked up at them and smiled. Her nametag read "Kikyo."

"Hello. You must be new?"

Kagome nodded and smiled, then realized how girly that was and just shrugged one shoulder, nodding a little. "Yeah."

Kikyo gave her a strange look but let it pass. "Oh, you must be the two boys Sesshoumaru told me about. He already turned in your paperwork."

Both girls sighed in relief. "Okay, well, can you tell me your names so I can add them to the computer?"

Kagome nodded. "I'm…Kag-I mean. Koda! My name's Koda."

Kikyo looked to Sango, who gave Kagome a pleading glance. Not getting help she pretended to cough to by herself some time.

"I'm Sano."

(A/N: yes, crappy names I know…but I wanted something that sounded close to their actually names so…yeah…)

Kikyo smiled. "Last name?"


Kikyo nodded and wrote them down, writing herself a note to add them in later. She opened a drawer and pulled out two keys with numbers written on them and handed one to each of them.

"These are the keys to your rooms. If you lose them it'll cost a lot of money to replace it so just don't lose it. I believe you both are on the third floor." She also handed them a laminated piece of paper. "These are our rules. We do not tolerate rule breakers so I'd suggest you read them. Come back on Friday and we'll have your schedules. You start class next Monday. Welcome!"

They sighed like they were pissed it took so long, only because they believed that was a guy thing, then picked up their duffle bags again and walked out.

"What room are we in Kagome?"

"I dunno, but Sano, I think we should use our other names so we'll get used to it…"

"Sorry," she muttered, looking down at the number on her key. "We're in room 326…"

Kagome looked at her key. "I'm not…I'm in room 397…"

They looked at each other, pleading looks in their eyes. "Oh shit!" the muttered simultaneously.


Once on the third floor, the girls decided to look for Sango's room first since it was closer.

"Kago…I mean, Koda…we actually have to room with guys! I mean…do you think we can actually do this?"

She shrugged. "It'll be okay…I'm worried about our voices, we didn't even try to disguise them before. That might be why that Kikyo woman gave us funny looks…"

"Koda! Snap out of it! We have to room with guys! I thought we'd get to share a room."

A group of guys walked by and overheard Sango say that. They gave the girls strange looks and the supposed leader muttered something under his breath and the others burst out laughing.

Kagome sighed. "It'll be alright. Don't you want to win a million dollars?"

Sango sighed and rolled her eyes. They were right outside her door by now.

"Wish me luck Koda…and listen, I think anytime we are allowed out of the dorms, we should be out."

Kagome nodded. "Alright. Good luck. Wish me luck." They smiled at each other and went their separate ways.

Sango watched Kagome walk down the hall until she was out of view then turned back to the door. Her hand settled on the doorknob but she didn't turn it for the longest time. Finally, she pulled open the door and walked in, looking around.

The room was empty, so she assumed her roommate was in class. She was glad she wouldn't have to go for two days (today was Wednesday) and she looked at the two beds. Guessing the one that was nicely made was hers, since the other was practically destroyed, she dropped her stuff on the bed and looked over the room. It was messy and clothes were scattered everywhere. That wouldn't have bothered her if his boxers weren't right by her bed.

She opened her duffle bag and took out her cell phone, ready to call Kagome. After dialing her number and waiting through the rings, she discovered Kagome wasn't planning on answering it.

Then her voice message came on. Sango's eyes grew. Her voice mail came on with her girly voice and she called herself Kagome. She made a mental note to tell Kagome about that.

She stood up, about to go find Kagome's room since her room was empty, but the door opened and a tall boy with ebony hair tied in a rat tail, wearing the school's uniform walked in. He laid eyes on Sango.

"Hey, I'm Miroku. You must be my roomie."

Sango nodded. "Yeah. I'm Sano." Good, he doesn't recognize me.

Miroku leaned closer to her, looking her over with hawk eyes. "You…look familiar. Have we met before?"

Sango shook her head. "No…I don't think so."

He shrugged, throwing his book bag on his bed. "Sorry for the mess…um. Geez, I didn't know my roommate was getting in today or I woulda cleared you some room."

He looked around. "Alright, we'll, that's your bed, your desk, and pretty much this side of the room is yours. You get that side of the closet (as soon as I clear it out) and if you have food or anything, there's a mini fridge in there."

"Isn't that against the rules?"

He began to laugh. "You're funny. Anyway…I swear you look so familiar. Do you have a sister? Is she hot?"

Sango sighed. Boys. She thought, hoping Kagome was doing better.


While this was happening to Sango, Kagome had been looking for her room. Now that she had found it, she opened the door and looked inside.

It was dark and empty. She let herself in and found her bed, the one that was made. Throwing down her stuff, she heard her phone ring and dug to answer it.

"Heh…I'm gonna laugh when that gets taken up."

She spun on her heel, seeing the man that had walked in. His hair was long and silver and he was tall and muscular.

"So you're my room mate? I was hoping for…someone better." (A/N: although it sounds like it, he didn't recognize her…)

"Oh shut up," she muttered, sighing as she sat down on her bed. She finally got a good look at his face and realized who he was.

Oh shit!


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