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By: Aisaki Sumi

Summary: What if someone is trying having an affair with your husband? You could slap her and take back what is yours, or, kick the guy in the ball and file a divorce. Well, Sakura has better plans. A dark, Sakura x Syaoran fic




Chapter One

It was one in the morning when Sakura finally arrived home, a melancholy mansion with bleak walls and vacant eye-like windows. She took out her keys shakily and fumbled to find the right one through blurred vision. Her hands were frosty and stiff, and her knuckles were red from the invasive coldness of the grievous wintry winds.

Once she unlocked the front entrance, she gave it a menacingly hard push as if lashing out her anger and frustration on the wooden material before her. Dashing for the luxuriant leather couch, while kicking off her Celine shoes nonchalantly and sending her Gucci bag flying across the vacant, doleful room, Sakura let her body fell almost lifelessly onto the softness of the couch.

There, she curled up into a small corner and closed her eyes, letting the tears rush down her cheeks like the most beautiful waterfall in the world -- those crystal droplets nearly solidified when they were introduced into the pervasive coldness of the air.

It was just that cold. But Sakura didn't seem to notice it, despite the fact that she was puffing out white vapours and shivering uncontrollably.

Yes, it was one in the morning, but her restless mind couldn't sleep. Her sorrows were too great to be conquered by sleep, rendering the Faerie Queen's magic tricks to be useless. The obscure house was silent, so silent that the only sounds audible were the heartbreaking sobs (full of anguish) that resonated in the air, contributing to making the atmosphere of the house even more eerie and gloomy.

Yet Sakura did not stop her crying. It was the only way for her to release all the pains she had bottled up inside of her. If she held back, she feared that it might perish her entirely.

Today was their Tenth Anniversary. She reserved a table in the restaurant which held the happiest memories they shared together. She even managed to get the table where commenced their married life. At that table, she clearly remembered, how he went down on one knee and proposed to her. It felt like yesterday, but in actuality, it was an eternity away.

Sakura waited and waited, agitatedly looked down at the French red wine (from the year 1999) standing in the center of the table. The color was so scarlet red that it reminded her of the color of blood.

She remembered him promising to her, on their wedding night, that whenever it is their anniversary, they would celebrate it by ordering a 1999 French wine at the restaurant which tied their fates together.

He was always good at those kind of sweet talks and empty promises of forever and ever. But she was just that stupid to have believed in his cajolery whole-heartedly.

She couldn't recall when things started to change between them. She couldn't recollect events of the past clearly, and during which anniversary dinner he subconsciously let the words slip from his tongue "1999's French wine's taste is never as good as 1989's wine." It wasn't good enough. It was never good enough.

He had lost his likings for a 1999 red wine, just like how he had lost his love for her.

"Here's the cake you've ordered madam." Sakura vaguely remembered the waiter saying that. The only vivid memory she had of that moment was the way the candle lights danced with the circulating air, and the inaudible burning sounds of the candles that reminded her of giggles -- full of mockeries, indiscernible to the others perhaps, but manifest to her.

Hungrily gulping down the wine, like a thirsty woman lost in the desert, drinking her last bottle of water, Sakura knew, only alcohol could numb her senses right then. When the grandfather clock in the fancy restaurant struck twelve, she left the place where her most precious memories were located, with a heart as empty as the vacant mansion she called home.

This marked the end of her tenth anniversary. Alone, cold, and disconsolate, were what it was.

For ten years, they didn't have any children. But Eriol never minded. He never took her to see the doctors, or tried to amend this imperfection in their supposedly perfect marriage. No, none of that, he was just nonchalant and told her it was nothing to stress herself over.

Sakura continued to hug herself on the couch, letting the memories of their marriage, their love, their happier moments flash in her mind. Year by year, the memories played itself in her mind like the world's longest film. What was wrong with them? When things change?

She didn't know. She didn't know.

Burying her face in her cold palms, she winced at the migraine that invaded her head, but the pain was nothing compared to the one in her heart. A soft, exhausted sigh escaped her dry, pallid lips, as Sakura forced herself up and headed for their bedroom.

Nearly tripping, she had to hold on to the wall for support to keep her balance, before she finally stumbled her way into the bedroom. Sakura opened up her arms wearily to embrace the softness of her favourite satin sheets, and closed her eyes, while still fully dressed. She didn't mind. Really, she didn't.

The furnace isn't turned on. She suddenly remembered. She could imagine it in her head how Eriol was going to be upset when he found a frozen house as his home. He would definitely complain about being frozen to death, and interrogate what kind of wife she was.

Brushing side the thought with a satiric snort, she shifted her body into a more comfortable position and let the suddenly found sleepiness overtake her body. .

Let him die then. A little voice murmured wickedly. But Sakura was too tired to be bothered by it.

The next day, Sakura stayed home, and Eriol didn't come back.

The third day, Sakura still stayed home, and Eriol still didn't come back.

The fourth day.

The fifth day.

The sixth day.

The seventh day.

It has been a week, and there were still no signs of Eriol coming home. Sakura's reactions changed from wanting to rip his head off for ditching her like this to waiting for his explanation, to forgiving him. But he still didn't come home, and she was worried.

Picking up the phone, Sakura dialled his secretary's number. Herr tight grip on the phone revealed her trepidant state of mind. "Hello, I am Ms. Hiiragizawa, do you know where Mr. Hiiragizawa is?" Sakura inquired, struggling to keep her voice steady and calm.

But when she received the answer from the sweet-sounding secretary, she felt her heart sink to the bottom of the ocean, like that abandoned sapphire necklace from Titanic. "I'm afraid I don't know where he is, he hasn't been coming to work for about a week now." The secretary replied in her overly sweetened voice.

Refusing to give up, Sakura immediately dialled all the numbers on their friends' list, and all of them provided her with the same answer. "We haven't seen him."

She even went to the places where he always hung out at, of course, with women she didn't know of. Oh, he tried so hard to hide the evidences from her, afraid she would track him down. But she knew. She always knew, she just decided to turn on a blind eye and let things slip.

If Eriol ever finds out that his wife is going through his secrets, he probably would flip. Sakura would've laughed at her own little jokes, which always managed to entertain her when she was left alone in the house -- if things remained the same between them.

With all her efforts, there were still no signs of him.

He was no where to be found.

As if disappeared into thin air, he was gone, without a trace. Just like that.

Her husband, Hiiragizawa Eriol.








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