Fire Emblem: "A dark maiden"

Disclaimer: Here's a thing to know-I do not own any characters or any thing that is from fire emblem except the ones that're oc (ex. Laioka, Raioka, and frail).

Oc descripts: Laioka- a young girl with shoulder length purple/violet hair with rose

red eyes.

Raioka- Laioka's twin but with indigo/dark blue hair and purple eyes.

Frail-a young man(in mid' 20s) who wants to possess Laioka and Raioka

for power, he has long silver hair and blue eyes.

Aiye- a girl with long brown hair and light brown eyes; she is a

childhood friend of Laioka's.

Chapter One: "The mirrored shadow"

It was midnight and the dimmed hallways were leaving trails of blood. The candle lights were burning to its fullest as the young girl with purple hair and red eyes looked for an escape route. "God, where is it! Why did it get dark all of the sudden?"

"Don't you get it by now?" A young man's voice called out from the distance, "I want you to give me your power..."

"No-besides, what power! I don't have anything that you want anyhow!" she continued down the hallway until she bumped into a boy with reddish hair and dark blue eyes. "Ow!" The two fell onto the floor leaving the girl with a scratch mark on her forehead. "Oh crap." she poked herself in the forehead seeing if it was bad. The boy sat up and faced her giving her a worried glance. "I'm sorry miss-are you alright?" he asked.

"Y-yeah I'm fine. It's just a mark that's all...I'm sorry for running into you but, who are you?" she asked. The boy smiled warmly which made the girl slightly blush, "My name is Roy, I'm from Pharae, my father is sick and there is a war going on. I was sent here to report a message but it seems that no one is around but you."

"I'm sorry but you've been tricked. This crazy son of a gun is after me and he wants my power. I don't know why though but why would any one want me for anything?" the girl sighed.

"Well, you are pretty you know." Roy blushed as he commented her. The girl blushed in embarrassment and nodded. "Oh I'm sorry-my name is Laioka."

"Laioka… That's a strange name but I like it." Roy stood up and helped her stand. "Laioka, I want you to come with me...if that's okay with you? It seems that that man is after for some reason but he looks like a coward to me." Roy pulled out his sword. Laioka sighed a bit, " don't have to do this I mean-you shouldn't put yourself in this situation. I know what I must do but I can't see you hurt."

"Don't worry about, I'll protect you Lai. So stay beside me at all times-so I won't lose sight of you." Roy smiled cheerfully, "Besides you're wounded...I don't want you getting any worse."

The voice laughed evilly, "I'm sorry but who is the coward boy? You should be playing with some toys and leave the girl to me at once. You are not involved with her so go!"

"No way." Roy grabbed Laioka's hand and she blushed deeply, "You want her then you got to come through me first. I won't let her die!"

"Roy..." Laioka looked shocked. Roy turned to her with a blush, "I made a promise didn't I? Besides, I want to know more about Lai? So, we can be better friends..."

"How touching, two people who don't even know each other that well wants to become companions-well this gives me more fun in killing you!" The man appeared standing on the statue of an angel with broken wings. "Laioka! Your death is what needs to be!"

"Wha-my death? What the frick are you talking about? I don't want to die!" Laioka said angrily as her eyes glowed. Roy turned to her. "Her power?" he thought, "Her death? What is this guy getting at?"

"Come now Laioka, I want to know what you can really do." The man grinned. Laioka growled a bit and sighed for a moment then she turned away. "No, I won't use any bit of my power. I'm too dangerous... I won't let anyone force me to destroy what I will."

Roy placed his sword toward the man and gave him an angry glare and picked Laioka up. "She won't be any sort of tool to you-" Roy then placed his sword in the stone tiled floor and the whole area went in the flames of hell which caused the man to retreat.

Later on that night, inside a castle that was far away from the midst of that strange man; Laioka was sleeping on a bed in Roy's room. She didn't notice him watching her by the foot of her bed as he blushed lightly. Roy fell silent as he thought about her. "Her power...what is it that she is able to do? Why-why am I so attached to her? Is it because I-!"

Laioka tossed and turned in the bed shivering from a nightmare as she mumbled some random words, "My power...mother...her power...raioka's power..." Laioka began to cry as she mumbled more about her nightmare this made Roy worry about her even more. "She's so innocent when she sleeps but, I want to see her mature alongside with me...if only-" Roy touched Laioka's cheek and ran his finger up to her lips. He blushed deeper and came closer to her side moving his body on top of hers. He moved his face so close to hers that he was able to feel the warmth of her breath every time she breathed. Laioka opened her red eyes slowly and glanced at Roy not knowing what was going on with him. "Roy...?"

"..." Roy didn't decide to answer her call and he suddenly kissed Laioka leaving her breathless. Laioka's eyes widened and she wrapped her arms around Roy's neck. Roy didn't stop and continued kissing her until he heard a the door knob twist. "...! Oh damn; it must be Marth!" He thought and he lifted his head from Laioka's and sat down in the chair beside her bed. A 16 year old navy blue haired boy approached into the room silently until he let a grin appear on his face. "So there you are Roy."

"M-Marth!" Roy stammered as he whispered to Laioka to tell her to close her eyes and she did. Roy stood up instantly as he had an anime sweat drop in the back of his head. "W-What are you doing here at this hour?" he asked. "Man that was a crappy question..." Roy thought.

"I came to find you. The servants told me that you found that girl in the area you were assigned to. Well, I see that you've got yourself a girlfriend buddy. Heh heh, have fun and don't do anything that would lead to Sir Elliwood in the woods. In other words-screwing around with her." Marth laughed as he walked out of the room. Laioka sat up slowly as she nodded, "Roy..."

Roy turned to Laioka with a gentle smile and kissed her again. The two blushed and smiled back to each other. Roy then laid on the bed with Laioka but he didn't intend to do anything that she wasn't ready for. Roy wanted to know more about Laioka and why he had feelings for her. Laioka blushed in embarrassment as she snuggled under the blanket while Roy placed his arms on her sides. "Lai..."

"?" Laioka didn't speak. Roy smiled and kissed her forehead as he spoke in a gentle tone, "It's okay Laioka...I want you to know that you won't ever die or leave my side-that's a promise." Laioka blushed deeply in embarrassment as she took his hands. "Roy I..."

"Yes?" Roy looked deeply into Laioka's eyes and smiled. Laioka kissed his lips and held him close to her body that their bodies almost touched. "I'm sorry…you have got yourself involved and now I am..." she cried softly. "Hey, it's okay Lai. Any how we won't give up-that's for sure."