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Laioka, Raioka, Frail, Yuku, Aiye, and Komori.

Chapter 10: Free Spirits...

"Who are you?" Link questioned. "I am no one important but this girl, you must have her live." the girl said softly as she kneeled down towards Laioka. The girl gave Laioka a smile and touched her forehead. Laioka didn't react to this and the girl sighed. "She is losing her light...but mine is getting stronger. This is not good I do not want this much light." The girl spoke. The little boy kneeled beside her and frowned at Laioka. "What are you talking about? This light you speak of-what in the world do you mean?" Marth questioned. "The light that was forced inside our bodies when we were little. I do not need mine anymore." the girl smiled. Roy and Frail stopped fighting as they noticed the girl.

"Is that...?" Roy was astonished by the girl's appearance. "Yes, that is the one who looks exactly like Laioka. She has the same powers but her light is not strong enough to stop me anymore. She has been lost in stone." Frail explained as he focused his eyes on the girl. "Lost in stone? What does he mean by that?" Aiye questioned the girl. The girl frowned for a moment then smiled, "I have given up my first being...I can not be seen by many but I have chosen to show myself to you all here. The same with this child who stays by my side when I am alone." "You mean-you've chosen suicide!" Marth stated. The girl didn't shed a tear to his words and smiled, "Only to make sure that she was happy." "She? You mean Laioka?" Link said looking down at her. "Yes! That is correct-I chose to die because my sister was in pain!" The girl clasped her hands together. "You can't be serious! How could you do such a thing!? Did you ever think that Laioka would need you?" Roy shouted. "...You speak wise words-you must be the one who loves her, well I guess you don't know the whole situation. I gave up my life and rid her of me in her memories to make sure that she would live happily or at least find it here." The girl said happily. "Heh, Raioka decided to kill herself before I could touch her. Her power was transfered into her younger sister to make sure that I wouldn't have my way in dominating this pathetic country." Frail said clenching his free hand into a fist.

"You should have thought about me knowing your sister...now I can take you both for the power!" he said maniacally as he charged at them. Raioka had her eyes on Frail now giving him an angry glare. "Touch us and you will perish from the face of the earth!" she said holding one hand out. "You can't defend yourself and Laioka on your own." Link said unsheathing his master sword. "Yeah, me and Link will protect you, Laioka, Aiye, and her wolves." Marth said pulling out his sword. "Ugh! Foolish children!" Frail said as he struck his sword. Roy was able to stop his with his sword of seals. "No you freaking don't!" he said breathing a bit heavily. "Roy, stop this you're bleeding." Aiye said. "I don't care-I want to die with Laioka!" he said as the sword of seals began to glow. Raioka smiled at this and placed her hands into Laioka's chest. The wound was healing but very slowly. The light from Raioka was growing dim and the little boy was giving Raioka a bigger frown. "Raioka..." he murmured. "Are we going to disappear?" he then asked tugging on her shirt.

"Yes...but we will be placed somewhere peaceful Yuku...I promise." Raioka said gently. Laioka didn't wake up as Raioka removed her hands and walked over to Roy and placed her hands in his back. "Roy...this will not harm you but heal you. I have used up all of my light by now and I will have to depart with him. For the remainder of my light I will be turned into fireflies and protect this forest with Aiye's wolf and Yuku. Promise me this though, whenever you fall into darkness-please reach me to save you." Raioka informed as her body began fading. "Now please stop this man!" she pleaded. "Yeah!" Roy agreed as he shoved the blade into Frail's heart. Blood didn't spurt out like a normal person's would. Instead, Frail's body began breaking into darkness pieces and vanishing as they touched the ground.

"What is happening to me? Why is this happening to my body? What did you do?" Frail questioned in fear as he fell limp. "Someone's light just helped you get free of your sins. Now you will be put to rest and leave this place." Roy explained as he gave a grin. "What? No!" Frail yelled in pain as he disappeared. His voice echoed the forest for a short time. Roy turned around to face everyone. Yuku, the little boy, took Raioka's hand and smiled cheerfully. "You did it. Now we both finally rest here." he said. "Yes, thank you...all of you for helping Laioka happy. Especially you Roy. She is right. You, Marth, and Link are pretty good looking." Raioka teased playfully. Laioka slowly opened her eyes and sat up. "Wha?" she shook her head and noticed Raioka and Yuku. "Eh? Raioka...Yuku? Sister!" she called out as she stood up weakly. Laioka ran over to the two then stopped as she was only a few feet away. "I'm sorry happy that I have recognized your faces over these long years." she cried as she stumbled. Roy caught her and smiled gently. Raioka tilted her head and smiled, "Laioka, you are my younger sis' and my death wasn't your fault. I did this because I didn't want to see you sad. Your happiness is here while our happiness is being one with this forest. Please do not forget that I will be here in spirit as the same for Yuku. See ya later."

"Wait-you can't leave!" Laioka reached her hand out to Raioka and Yuku but the two disappeared and their remaining light transformed into fireflies. "It's too late Laioka. They can not reach you anymore." Aiye said as Marth picked her up. "Lai, are you okay?" Roy asked worried. Laioka cried silently but then wiped the tears from her eyes. "Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go home and rest. Zelda and the others must be worried sick about us." she said laughing. Link shook his head, "Sometimes I worry about you Laioka. You and Roy." "I have to agree on that one." Marth commented. "Oh shut up!" Laioka made an angry face, "And you two piss me off but I am happy you guys are here. May be...one day, I will return to my sister."


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