By Tarawen

He slides to the floor, and as he falls time melts and leaves him …his time – so clear at first…but then slowly he is no longer able to define even seconds…can't feel it slipping from him. Rather he is in a bubble – wrapped in a bubble that is empty of time, empty of thought or feeling…

His name is Luke Skywalker…or it was once…then he had the name Darth Vader…a name gained upon the destruction of a man identified as his father. Once he was even called Emperor of the of all…but none of this matters anymore.

His power, his hate, his betrayal, his pain, his evil, his cold unfeeling murders, this is what he has left …as he dies.

Memories come unbidden to the man's head – thoughts of those once considered "special" but what is this to him now? Nothing – he casts the thoughts from his mind clearing it to observe in close detail his killer.

She is pretty – he notices that about her first…she has her mother's hair – fiery red much like the spirit within. But her eyes are his eyes – they are a cool blue, a harsh blue. It does not surprise him that she has betrayed him. He did kill her mother after all, force knows she had reasons. The Empress – that is who she is now – now that she is beyond the name of Lady Vader.

As he observes her – he regrets – finally he regrets. Not his own paths – no, that was his choice alone…but rather that he led her down his path. He wonders if this is how his father felt.

Padme – he had named her Padme long ago – long ago when such things seemed to matter so very much. Do they anymore? He is curious – wondering if they do matter…if they ever mattered very much.

Not anymore – Padme is not this creatures name – she is the Empress now – powerful and too proud…and she had killed her broken shell of a father.

Took long enough he thinks to himself – he should have died so long ago…he recalls now dawning his fathers armor – it had seemed big at first, but then he had grown to fit…fit not only the size – but grown to be the man it was meant for.

How much time had passed now? An hour or a second – the man could not tell…

The light begins to fade – had it ever been there? Yes the answer echoes in his mind – yes once but it is to long ago to remember its innocent feel.

He gave himself to the darkness – as his father had – as his daughter did upon his own bidding.

Why? He wonders in the dark – Was it fate that I chose this path? Or did I do this myself?

It is all such a blur now that the man does not know. His own breathing penetrates his mind – in and out – in and out – so electronic…it was the sound his father had made – made as he died…a thought penetrates the fog.

Did I want to be my father? The man ponders at this a moment, yes he finally decides – yes I did very much…

And then finally the darkness takes him…and as the darkness takes him he realizes that for all of his things, all of his thoughts, all of his pain and suffering – he gains only one thing. He knows like many other Sith before him – that as the darkness takes him – he is nothing.

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