In the beginning Aslan created Narnia.

And within Narnia there was an Orchard.

And the Orchard grew Fruit, which was desirable above all other fruit.

And a boy picked of the Fruit, and carried it home to his mother, that she might grow strong, and overcome the deep sickness within her.

And from the seeds of the Fruit grew a Tree, as strong and magnificent as any tree the world has seen since the Garden of Eden was washed away in the flood.

And the boy, now a man, cut down the tree, and created a Wardrobe.

In the beginning, there was a Wardrobe.

And within the Wardrobe a Daughter of Eve hid from her brother.

And the Wardrobe was a doorway to a magic land, full of winter.

And in the land she met a Fawn, who's friend she became.

And the Fawn told her of a Witch, who would kill her.

And the Daughter of Eve grew fearful, and returned through the wardrobe.

And her siblings believed her not.

And she again traveled through the wardrobe, followed by her brother.

And the Son of Adam met the witch, and was tempted by her food, and hollow promises.

And the Son of Adam fell, and promised to deliver his Brother and Sisters to her.

And the Son of Adam and the Daughter of Eve returned.

And the Son of Adam, being full of the witches wickedness, lied to his siblings.

And the Daughter of Eve's siblings believed her not.

And the children ran from the Housekeeper into the wardrobe.

And the Children hid in the Wardrobe.

And the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve found themselves in Narnia.

And her siblings believed her.

In the beginning there was a journey.

And the Son of Adam betrayed his siblings, and fell under the power of the White Witch.

And his brother and sisters traveled to find help.

And they found Aslan.

And He counseled them, and gave them many wise words.

And He saved their brother.

And the White witch desired the Traitor's blood.

And Aslan made a deal.

In the beginning, there was a Stone Table.

And the words upon it were writ in languages lost to the Children of Eden.

And it had stood from the beginning of time, and it contained the Law, which decreed that any traitor must die upon it.

And Aslan went as a Lamb to the slaughter, and paid the Traitor's price.

And Aslan died.

And when the morning sun rose, so did Aslan.

And the Stone Table was broken.

And the Children of Eden were free.

In the beginning there was a battle.

And the Sons of Adam fought along side the Sons of Earth.

And the Daughters of Eve went with Aslan, and witnessed the Resurrection.

And the Power of the Witch was Broken, and she was cast away into the darkness.

And the Daughters of Eve healed.

And the Battle was won.

In the beginning there was a castle.

And inside the castle were four thrones.

And on the thrones sat four Children of Eden.

And on their foreheads sat four Crowns.

And the Two Kings and Two Queens were beloved by their people, and followed in the ways of The Lion.

And there was peace.

In the beginning the Lord created the Heaven and the Earth.

And He saw that it was Good.

And our story began.