Meetings and Reunions


Rated: PG

Disclaimer: JK Rowling and Co owns the Harry Potter universe, including all the beloved characters and places. I'm just trying to entertain us while we wait for Book 7.

Summary: Story is set between Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix. It is a collection of the first meetings of new members and reunions between the original members of the Order of the Phoenix as they reconvene. Inspired to write after seeing the new movie.

Chapter Note: Lupin Manor- I'm going on Dumbledore's line to Sirius (sniffle for both RIP) "Lie low at Lupin's for a while; I will contact you there." Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (American paperback ed., p. 713). So I gave him a big old manor house (the man deserves it!) I have Sirius and Lupin's reunion separate from the rest of the Order's because one- it's more 'special' (in my opinion) and two- it happened separate from everyone else's.

For my sister, who encouraged me to write more

Chapter One- Moony and Padfoot

Remus Lupin looked up from correcting papers as he heard scratching on his kitchen door, wondering who would be calling this late at night. He had taken jobs as a private tutor to Muggle children since his name had been all over The Daily Prophet. The whole wizarding world now knew that he was a werewolf from last year's 'incident' when he was 'loose on Hogwarts grounds'. That and Delores Umbridge's new laws made it practically impossible for him to find a magical-based job.

He pushed his chair back, stood, and crossed the room. Opening the door, he saw no one. He then let a gasp of surprise as a large, shaggy black dog squeezed itself inside.

The dog looked up at him. Lupin swore to himself it grinned before the dog was gone. It had transformed into a man. A man Lupin immediately recognized as his best friend.

"Sirius! What are you doing here?"

"He's back, Remus," Sirius gasped. "Voldemort's returned."

"What?" Lupin asked as a horrified expression spread across his face. "When? How?"

Sirius held up a hand. "Let's sit down and I'll explain it all."

The two wizards left the kitchen and entered the living room. Lupin grabbed two glasses and a bottle of Firewhisky."I think this situation calls for a few shots, don't you?" he said in response to Sirius's raised eyebrow. Lupin sat down next to his friend, poured two shots, then said, "Now explain what happened."

Sirius took his shot then launched into an explanation. Four shots later, he was done. Lupin sat there stony faced. Finally, he said, "So, we're to alert the old crowd. Arabella, Mundungus, Dedalus, Sturgis, Elphias, and Mad-Eye. I think that's all who's left. Everyone else is at Hogwarts. Dumbledore will get them."

Sirius looked shocked. "That's it? That's all who's left? Damn! I didn't even realise we lost so many."

"We're going to have to have a recruitment fair," Lupin said darkly.

"Actually, Dumbledore's already recruited Molly, Arthur, and Bill Weasley. I'm sure that some of their other older children will join as well."

"Perhaps Arthur can recruit from inside the Ministry."

"Actually he won't be able to. I didn't tell you the worst part of it yet." Sirius then proceeded to tell Lupin the Minister for Magic's position on Voldemort's return.

Lupin sighed. "It's official, then."

"What is?"

"My position that Fudge is a moron."

Sirius let out a bark of laughter. "You really don't like the Ministry on a whole, do you?"

"For obvious reasons. Do you?" Lupin shot back. "Mister I-Had-No-Trial-And-Went-Straight-To-Azkaban-Thanks-To-The-Ministry Black."

"Touché, Remus." Sirius poured two more shots and then raised his glass. "To the Minister for Magic, let's hope we're both around when he realises he was wrong."

Both Lupin and Sirius grinned as they toasted.

After a few more shots, Lupin fell asleep on the couch. Sirius looked down fondly at his best friend and then muttered, "Lightweight."

He pushed open the kitchen door and sat down at the table. Picking up one of the papers that Lupin had been correcting, he began to read. "'How the Romans Still Affect Modern-Day Britain'. Sounds like a prize-winner."

He jumped as there was a burst of flame. It extinguished itself and in its place left a single phoenix feather. Sirius immediately recognised the feather and bolted back into the living room hollering Lupin's name at the top of his lungs.

"Get up, Moony! Dumbledore's on his way!"

"I'm up," Lupin mumbled.

"Good. Then answer this for me: How do the Romans still affect modern-day Britain?"

"Come again?"

"The essay you were correcting. How do the Romans still affect modern-day Britain?"

"Engineering, architecture…wait. I set the essay; I know what it's about. Why are you asking me?" Lupin asked him, confused.

"Just curious. And I wanted to make sure you were awake." Sirius grinned at the annoyed look Lupin shot him. Both wizards then turned as three knocks sounded at the front door. Lupin removed his wand from inside his robes.

"I need a damned wand," Sirius muttered.

Lupin chuckled as he opened the door. "Good evening, Headmaster."

Albus Dumbledore nodded grimly at both men, who were startled to see how much older he looked. "I've told you to call me Albus, Remus. Several times, actually."

"Sorry, sir. Old habits die hard, I guess," Lupin murmured, putting away his wand.

Sirius snickered at Lupin and then asked, "How's Harry?" as the Headmaster seated himself on the couch.

Dumbledore looked up from pouring himself a shot of Firewhisky. "He's still in the hospital wing. He'll be there for a couple of days. Poppy gave him another Sleeping Draught right before I left."

"How are the Diggorys?" Lupin asked.

"As well as can be expected. Amos is taking it very hard. Eleanor is taking it a bit better. She's just…glad to at least have Cedric's body. Pomona is with them."

"Did you contact Arthur Weasley?" Sirius asked.

"Yes. Arthur will begin to contact those in the Ministry he knows he can trust completely tomorrow. He gave me a few names. Kingsley Shacklebolt."

"He's an Auror," Lupin said. "A high-ranking one."

"Yes, he is. Nymphadora Tonks is another Auror, although junior. Arthur's known her since she was eleven. She was best friends with his second son, Charlie. Arthur's sure that Charlie will want to join as well. If he does, I'll have him start trying to recruit in Romania. The dragon compound has a mixture of wizards from many different nations."

"Tonks?" Sirius, who had started at the surname, asked. "Andromeda's girl?"

"Yes. You are cousins, I believe," Dumbledore asked.

"Once removed," Sirius said distractedly. "Last time I saw Nymphadora was at her…eighth birthday party. Andi had her in frilly pink dress robes with her hair done in braids. Nymphadora was not amused." Sirius smiled at the memory. "She's an Auror now? Very impressive."

"Yes it is," Lupin agreed. "Kingsley, Nymphadora, and Charlie. Can you think of anyone else, sir?"

"I believe I can count on Hestia Jones and Emmeline Vance as well. Both ladies are highly talented witches," Dumbledore said. "Now I have to think of a place that can be used as a Headquarters."

"You can use the Manor," Lupin offered immediately.

"I have an even better idea," Sirius said. "You can have my family home. That place has every spell and ward know to wizard kind on it. A perfect headquarters."

"You hate that place," Lupin pointed out.

"Yes, I do. However, my mother's deceased now, so it's mine. I haven't been back there since I was 16; It's the Order's if you want it, sir."

"Excellent, thank you. I shall alert the others. I, of course, have already alerted the Order members that are also Hogwarts staff. I want you two to head to…" Dumbledore looked at Sirius for a prompt.

"Number 12, Grimmauld Place, London," he supplied.

"I want you two to check the house out. I want no surprises. We shall have our first official Order meeting some time next week after term ends, if all is well. Sirius, I plan to add the Fidelius Charm on the house. I shall be the Secret-Keeper for the Order."

"I wonder if Kreacher is still alive," Sirius pondered aloud.

"Kreacher?" Dumbledore asked.

"My family's house-elf. Nasty little bugger, he is. Kreacher's not going to want to obey to me since my mother disowned me. However, he'll have to. His lifelong dream is to have his head mounted on the wall next to his mother when he dies."

"An admirable ambition," Lupin told Sirius. They two men exchanged glances and then burst out laughing.

Dumbledore smiled at their camaraderie. Standing up, he said, "I'm off now. Back to Hogwarts. Do you have any students tomorrow, Remus?"

"None scheduled. I'll inform each of them that I won't be available anymore. However, I'll have to give their parents time to find another tutor."

"Naturally," Dumbledore told him. "Very good. Remus, report to me when you have completed your sweep of Grimmauld Place. Good night, gentlemen."

"Good night, Headmaster." Sirius and Lupin escorted Dumbledore to the front door.

"Albus, please, you two, or I'll have to put you both in detention," Dumbledore said.

Sirius let out a bark of laughter. Lupin smiled, and then said, "That wouldn't be anything new for Sirius."

The Headmaster chuckled as they reached the Manor's Apparition Point. "No, it wouldn't be, would it?" With a twinkle in his eye, he Disapparated.

Lupin and Sirius exchanged glances and then burst out laughing. They both knew times were going to get tough, but they still had each other.