Nosy Shinobies

By: kohana28

Chapter 1: Revelations

Disclaimer: It's too troublesome; all of you know the truth right?

Rays of the golden sun penetrated through the thick branches of and old cherry tree where an obsidian-eyed lad is currently leaning.

"Ahhhhhhhh! Why are we cursed with the most tardy and perverted sensei? Why?" Naruto wailed as his three companions sighed loudly.

He had been going on about this about an hour of the time they had spent waiting for their sensei. It was because of an important training they were about to receive though the reason behind it, they don't know

"Shut up dobe." Sasuke said monotonously.

"Ha! Don't pretend to be so cool teme! I know you're just irritated as I am with this. I mean why do we need this stupid training anyway? It's not as if we don't train ourselves." Naruto complained with a childish pout.

"Hn. At least we're not whining and complaining there like a total idiot." Sasuke retorted.

"TEME! Prepare to die!" Naruto growled furiously as he prepared to lunge at Sasuke who had his eyes closed, not moving an inch.

Shikamaru sighed and muttered something under his breath before standing up from position awhile ago and pulling Naruto away from Sasuke before he even reached him.

"Hey! Put me down, let me go. Let me at him!" Naruto protested while struggling to get out of Shikamaru's grip on him.

"You are too troublesome for your own good Naruto." Shikamaru said as he put Naruto down and lied in the grass again to watch the clouds. Naruto just pouted.

Hours passed by and still no sign of Kakashi or his perverted book.

"Ahhhh! It's so boring let's play!" Naruto said breaking the silence as well as distracting Shikamaru from his cloud watching, waking the Hyuuga prodigy who was apparently sleeping while leaning on a tree and snapping Sasuke out of his brooding.

"We do not play childish games –"Neji said flatly.

"-- especially with an idiot like you …dobe" continued Sasuke while glaring daggers at him then at Neji.

Neji in return glared back at him.

"It's too troublesome." Shikamaru said as he yawned sleepily and focused his attention back at the clouds.

"Come on guys! I'm just going to ask some questions from you okay? Just to kill time! PPLLLEEAASSEE!" Naruto pleaded with puppy-dog eyes, complete with fake tears and a childish pout, only from Konoha's loud-mouthed idiot.

The three men resisted the urge to send Naruto flying for about at least 150 kilometers from them.

'Does this man have no shame?' they all thought.

Naruto continues to whine like a baby…not a very good sight either.

'Apparently, not' they all thought with disgust.

"Fine, fine. Ask all you want. Just stop from being a whiny, idiotic moron even for a moment okay? Some of us want silence you know!" bellowed Sasuke.

"Yay! Okay, let's start with you Sasuke since you seem to be so excited about this, ne?" Naruto said as he strode towards Sasuke and began pestering him.

"Do you like someone?" Naruto asked slyly to Sasuke who just pretended he doesn't care and has his eyes closed while leaning on a tree, an old cherry tree.

Minutes have passed, still Naruto hasn't given up on Sasuke, finally he snapped at him, annoyed at the big filthy, blabbering mouth of Naruto.

"Listen and listen well, I DO NOT LIKE SAKURA OKAY!" He shouted as he held Naruto by his collar and dropped him instantly.

Then, he noticed the weird stare his companions are giving him. Even Naruto hasn't got up from the ground where he landed.

"WHAT!" he asked irritated at the way they're acting.

Neji spoke first. "Do you realize that Naruto here is only asking you if you like someone and then you shouted at him telling you do not like Sakura when he did not even mentioned her?"

Naruto smirked widely at him as he helped himself up.

"I knew it! Our little Sasuke is growing up!" Naruto said with fake tears as he ran to Sasuke to give him a hug… only to be met with a fist.

Naruto appeared beside Neji as Sasuke only punched a bunshin of him.

"Okay, time to move on. How about you Neji? Huh?" He asked with innocent face plastered on.

"You can move on Naruto. I don't like anyone." Neji said coolly as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"Ohhhh harsh, aren't we Neji but we're not falling for that! So make it easy for you and tell us." he said.


"You know I think I saw Tenten with Lee the other day …." Naruto said off-handedly.

"WHAT? WHERE DID YOU SEE THEM? WH—" he was cut off when he noticed the smug expression of Naruto and the bewildered looks of Sasuke and Shikamaru.

'Shit.' He thought as he realized he had been in a trap.

"Okay, so let's recall. Sasuke loves Sakura," this earned a glare from Sasuke with a microscopic blush "Neji loves Tenten," Neji glowered murderously at him "I love Hinata-chan –"he was cut off by an enraged Neji.

"What?" Neji asked Naruto with glint of pure murder in his eyes as he advanced to the bewildered Naruto.

"H-hey, Neji! I'm not doing anything to her. She doesn't even know yet!" Naruto exclaimed, backing away from Neji.

"You'd better, or else…" Neji warned him, finally calming down.

"Okay. Shikamaru, admit to us that you like that Sasuke-obsessed freak!" Naruto stated.

Shikamaru tuned to glare at him. "Don't call her that Naruto!"

"Ha! So you admit it! You have a thing for her!" he said triumphantly as he did a little victory dance. Shikamaru just sweat dropped seeing his action.

After that, all of them are lost in their own world.

Inside Sasuke's utterly confused world …

'Hn. That dobe. Why did I act that way anyway? It's not as if I even like her and her soft pink hair with that creamy white skin and those green orbs that plague his mind till dawn during the night. He considered it as a fleeting attraction. A mild one. Right?'

In the Hyuuga's jealous mind ….

'That idiot. I do not know how he managed to outwit me, THE HYUUGA NEJI. I should not have believed him in the first place. So what if my sparring partner had been with my best friend? I will of course feel anything BUT betrayal of my friends? Tch. I'm thinking too much. ……still……'

Shikamaru's complex befuddled mind ….

'Naruto is so troublesome! Whatever was he thinking? Ahh, thinking so much is too troublesome, like that troublesome woman who's always on my mind along with her ;long golden locks that moves with her every movement … wait what am I thinking? Describing her is too troublesome….'

A couple of hours passed, still no sign of Kakashi.

"AHHHHHH! Why are we cursed with perverted senseis? WHY?

"Don't ask us dobe. You were cursed with two." Sasuke remarked bluntly.

"I know! Let's play another game! So, what do you think guys?" Naruto said while looking around expecting a positive answer.

"No." they all said flatly.

"Oh come on! Don't be such a party-pooper. We could spy on the girls." Naruto stated excitedly.

Neji broke from their glaring contest upon hearing on what the fox boy said. "You're sick." He said disgustingly.

Sasuke turned to Naruto and said wearily "As expected, coming from a dobe like you, the idea is obviously a trash."

'It seems like you picked up a thing or two from that perverted sannin Naruto." Shikamaru said.

"NO! You guys. I was not thinking of anything perverted. What I mean was we could know their secrets, anyway there's nothing to do. Heaven knows that our perverted teacher won't be here for at least a couple of hours, so what do you think? Huh? Huh?"

The blonde boy said absolutely giddy at the prospect of spying the girls.

'Well, I do want to know if Sakura has grown on me …. I mean where did that come from?' Sasuke thought as he tried to brush away the thought.

"Alright dobe, I'll go to this stupid thing." Sasuke said monotonously while eying Naruto suspiciously. "No funny business okay?"

"Alright! Teme will go! How about you, Neji?" Naruto asked looking hopefully at Neji.

'Come to think of it, maybe I'll find out if Tenten likes me…. erm…. I mean as a friend." Neji thought as a small amount of blood made its way on his face.

"Whatever." Neji replied while looking away. Naruto then looked expectedly at Shikamaru.

"Fine, but what if they caught us? Huh? What will we do?" Shikamaru pointed out to them.

"Oh come on! We're ninja's for Hokage's sake!" Naruto cried desperately.

The other three looked thoughtful for a moment then slowly nodded.



"This is too troublesome…"

"Alright! Now, we have to find them. Where could they be?" Naruto said as scratched the back of his head.

Suddenly they heard a loud giggle followed by splashing of water and shrieking.

"I think I have an idea where …" Naruto said as they followed the sound, rather noise silently, as a mouse.

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