Chapter 6: Naruto's BIG Mistake

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"When will Hinata-chan wake up?" Ino asked her pink haired friend who sat beside her as she examined the Hyuuga heiress with her worried brown eyes.

"Well, it must be soon since it's been a while when she fainted." Sakura said comfortingly as she tried to console the very anxious weapon mistress.

"Yeah, Sakura-chan's right. So don't worry now, okay?" Ino smiled reassuringly as she patted Tenten on the back.

"You're right. There couldn't be any possibility that …."

"…we're gonna survive this! We're dead. We're doomed. We're busted. We're …"

"……going to kill you if you don't shut up anytime soon, dobe." A very irritated Sasuke said as he bonked Naruto on the head.

"You shut up TEME! And don't bonk me in the head! That's my Sakura chan's job." Naruto whined as he rubbed the lump on his blonde head repeatedly, trying to ease the pain.

Too bad for him, Sasuke didn't miss a single word he whined.

"You idiot! I ought to…

" ….go to them immediately then. They might need my advice." Kakashi said excitedly as he closed his beloved book and hid it in his pocket.

Pakkun could only sigh as he gazed at the crinkling mask of Kakashi --- a sure sigh that he is smiling.

"Is that all?" the silver haired jounin asked the nin-dog.

"Yes, that would be all." Kakashi stood up and placed the money on the table beside an empty ramen bowl.

"Well, I'd better not waste time here and keep them….

"……waiting like idiots trapped in a cage!" Neji argued profusely as he looked into the bored, half closed eyes of Shikamaru.

"I know Neji, but what can we do? If we try to escape, there's the 60 chance of us getting caught." Shikamaru stated plainly as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"And how can you be so sure of that?" the raven haired lad finally spoke after beating the hell out of Naruto who lay unconscious on the hard forest floor.

"Well, I believe you two know already the reason though you may not want to admit it, they have gotten stronger now you know. Their senses will be alerted once we try to step out of pour hiding place. Plus, we can't just drag Naruto out here." Shikamaru drawled on as the two prodigies just glared at him.

"Huh? Who says you'll have to drag me? I'm perfectly fine. If it wasn't for teme here hitting me on the head …" Naruto was cut off his I-hate-Sasuke-teme-speech-this-is-all-his-fault as pointed at Sasuke.

"Okay, okay. We get your point. You're awake. So do us a favor and shut up already, dobe." Sasuke snapped at him.

"Hmph. Bastard."

"This whole thing is ……

"…disastrous!" Ino wailed loudly as she rapped her manicured finger nails impatiently on the picnic basket as they waited for Hinata to wake up and tell them what exactly made her faint.

"I know Ino, but we just have to be patient. Okay?" Tenten replied to the twitching blonde.

"Yeah. And Ino-pig, could you please stop strumming your fingers? It's annoying." Sakura said, irritated.

"Woah, forehead girl! Looks like the attitude of a certain raven haired boy has rubbed on to you! What's next? Obsessing over ramen? Or perhaps a porn book!" The giggling blonde evaded the attacks her pink haired friend sent her as she heard Tenten laughed along.

"How dare you even suggest that Ino-pig!" shouted the fuming pink haired kunoichi as she launched another well aimed jab at her blonde best friend. She was not the hokage's apprentice for nothing after all.

"Hey! That hurt." Ino complained as she rubbed her arm lightly in which the punch she wasn't able to evade.

"Serves you right Ino-pig. Teaches you not to mess with me next time!"

"Whatever!" Ino said with a huff.

Silence lingered for some time after the ex-bestfriend-bestfriend-reinstated little argument as they stared at each other with one question on their minds.

"What to …."

"….do now?" Sasuke asked his three companions, a serious expression etched on his usual emotionless face.

Shikamaru just shrugged lazily. "I don't know. Wait I guess. It will be too troublesome to get caught."

"Hey, Hinata-chan isn't up yet."

Neji scoffed as he retorted, irritated. "Yeah, and wait for Hinata-sama to wake up and blow our cover. Wouldn't that be more troublesome?"

The leaves rustled as they stayed quiet for a while thinking of a plan to escape. As for Naruto, he just day dreamed about his favorite food. As the three shinobies are thinking/daydreaming, they did not felt the concealed presence of a silver haired jounin who appeared crouching beside them.


"Ahh ----"


"Ino-chan! What is it? Why did you scream?" Tenten asked as she readied her weapons as if expecting an attack anytime.

"Are you okay?" Sakura was at her side instantly, her green eyes quickly scanning the blonde's girl body for any injuries.

"Nothing." Both girls' attention snapped to her, eyes blazing.

"W-well, it was so quiet. It's quite deafening really, so I shouted." The blue eyed kunoichi hastily explained to the two fuming ladies. The air that hung suddenly changed into a heavy one.

"Ino…" Sakura growled dangerously as the blonde gal just laughed nervously.

"Is it just me or it's ……"

"…..getting hot here!" Naruto stated innocently as he loosened his collar. Four pairs of eyes stared at him disapprovingly as he sheepishly grinned at them.

"What?" The disapproving glance turned into deadly glares as the kyuubi vessel almost shrank in fear.

"Nothing. You just almost exposed our position."

"With your troublesome scream…."

"……like a girl, dobe." Sasuke finished while Kakashi only shook his head.

"Haven't I thought you anything Naruto?"

"Hey! It isn't my …"

"…fault! I'm just so darn bored! "Ino reasoned trying to amend herself.

"We know Ino but you shouldn't have shouted! Or at least and I mean the very least, you should have warned us! "Tenten said as she frowned at her sheepish looking friend.

"Yeah. Ear drums are very sensitive Ino-pig. Now with that shrill vocal chord of yours, we may be deaf forever." Ino just stuck out her tongue at the grinning pink haired kunoichi.

"Whatever forehead girl! Just because you have a bigger size of forehead than normal doesn't mean your smarter that anyone else."

"Ino-pig, just because you're heavier than anybody else doesn't mean I can't throw you in the river!"



Flames shot in both girls' eyes as they are determined to outwit each other in name calling. Who says only Sasuke and Neji can have their glaring contest?

"Uh, guys…? What are ….."

"….you guys doing here?" Kakashi finally inquired the bewildered shinobies as he tried to hide the mischief glint in his dark eyes which matches his hidden smirk.

'Payback time……or not really. I'm actually doing them a favor, really.'

The four boys just stared at him, unmoving. Even the loud mouthed one (and we all have an idea who is it) didn't find any words (or insult in his case) to speak.

The masked jounin just sweat dropped at his students' reaction as he inwardly sighed.

'This is going to take a lot work than I thought.'

"So…." Kakashi prompted them to speak for themselves as he looked at them one by one, straight in their eyes.

"Shouldn't you ask that to yourself?" Said Sasuke as he stared defiantly in his sensei's eyes. He couldn't let him know that he, THE Uchiha Sasuke was persuaded by Naruto, the loud mouth, to spy on the girls. His reputation was at stake.

Besides, he didn't like the mysterious glint he found in his black, lazy looking orbs. Being an observant one, he only sees those queer glints when he was reading his favorite orange little book.

Not a good sign.

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Nice try Sasuke-kun. Of course I have the right to ask you this question first. Since You." He pointed to Sasuke," And you." He pointed to Neji, "And you." To Shikamaru before finally pointing to Naruto. "And you, are supposed to be in the middle of a forest clearing exactly eight hours ago!"

Kakashi enjoyed thoroughly the effect of his words on the poor four shinobies as he tried to stifle the laughter waiting to burst out from his lips behind his mask. But of course, he resisted it. He wasn't an ex-ANBU for nothing after all. So he just contented himself in watering his eyes and clutching his stomach.

Shikamaru's eyes seemed to never be able to look normal again as it popped out from its sockets while Neji sat there apparently fossilized. Naruto let out a little shriek as he fainted again. Meanwhile, Sasuke just stiffened as his eyes twitched horribly.

'Think, Shikamaru! Think!'

All of a sudden one hand lazily pointed to the unconscious body of Naruto. Neji and Sasuke, getting the drift of apparently, Shikamaru's plan, also raised their hands automatically and pointed it at Naruto.

Kakashi arched an eyebrow at the kind of answer he got.

"So, you mean to tell me that Naruto here was able to persuade you three to go and spy the girls?" Kakashi inquired innocently. Too innocently for the three's taste.

The lazy genius just shrugged as he felt two pairs of glaring eyes piercing his head.

"It's too troublesome to be left alone you know. They were the first one to …."

"….agree?" The weapon mistress tried her best to calm two of her closest friends who were presently trying to strangle each other.



With a huff, both girls turned opposite directions and crossed their arms over their chest.

"Really, you two are acting like two year olds."

"And, really Tenten-chan you're acting like our mother." Ino and Sakura replied simultaneously.

"Well, you girls should behave then." They all looked at each other and laughed as they started chatting again.

Out of nowhere, Ino asked Sakura if where she thinks Sasuke is. Just out of curiosity.

"Oh? Well, I suppose he is training." Answered Sakura nonchalantly.

"Yeah. Now I remembered why I wasn't able to spar with Neji and go with you guys!" Tenten suddenly exclaimed earning both girls' attention.

"What?" Ino asked.

"Haven't you heard? Kakashi-sensei is supposed to be training them along with Naruto, Sasuke and Shikamaru!" Tenten explained to her two friends.

Seems like they already forgot that Hinata was there. Oh well.

"What! I did not know about that! That Shikamaru, he didn't tell ME! Always saying troublesome…"

"Troublesome." Shikamaru muttered as he sighed inwardly. It was the only word the best describes their current situation.

"Who could have known that four of Konoha's best chuunins are perverts after all? What would the people say?" Kakashi grinned cheekily at them. He enjoyed torturing them, especially in a situation like this where they couldn't even retort at him. One move and their cover will be blown off.

"Well, I could not really blame you now could I?" The three teens almost want to gag.

'Yeah, because you're a pervert yourself.' Sasuke thought, disgusted that this man in fron of them is his sensei.

"They have really fit bodies, do they?" the white haired jounin continued as he watched their eyes flame.

'Hehehehehe. They're falling for my trap! Hook, line, …'

'If he says one more comment I swear I'll skin him alive!' Neji thought murderously.

'One more…..and they're done for.'

"Especially Sakura, don't you think that color suits her well? Maybe I'll contact Jiraiya-san for the next edition of Icha Icha Paradise. She'll be a perfect inspiration for him!" Kakashi exclaimed.

'That's it!'


Whizz! Whizz! Whizz!

Three kunai whizzed past his raven locks as they head straight for Kakashi who immediately disappeared in a smoke.


The Uchiha prodigiy's eyes widened in realization as he heard the pearly eyed Hyuuga curse and Shikamaru mutter "troublesome" under his breath.

They're definitely done for.

"PERVERTS!" Hinata suddenly screamed at the top of her lungs as she abruptly sat up and pointed at a certain bush, not so far away from them.

"Hinata-chan? Are you….uh okay?" Tenten asked the bewildered girl. Actually, she meant to say normal, for the shy girl was usually timid and is not able to shout that loud even if she wanted to, but thought it was rude so she resisted.

"I knew it! Who was it Hinata-chan?" Sakura exclaimed as she did a series of hand seals and punched the ground with her glowing hands making a big crack erupt towards the said bush.

The three boys froze as they saw the monstrous strength, Sakura demonstrated on them as while ago, stunning them a bit.

They would have been impressed if not for the tiny fact that it was being used against them.

"I-it w-was …umm… "Hinata suddenly stuttered (back to her old self) as if not quite believing it herself as sweat trickled down her flushed face.

"Hinata-chan. Who was it?" Ino asked the shaken girl.

"Yeah, so we will be able to beat that idiot into a bloody pulp. Whoever he is!" Tenten exclaimed, readying her weapons.

"Have I told you that Tenten had gotten better in our previous spars?

"And Sakura's the apprentice of the Fifth? The one with monstrous strength?"

"Ino's troublesome aims are getting better too."

"And if Hinata-sama's hanging out with that kind of crowd…"

"…she's bound to be …"

"Birds of the same feather….."

"Whoever they are, Tenten-chan." Sakura corrected the chocolate haired girl quietly.

"What? Do you mean to say there are more of them?" Ino stood up and got ready into an attack stance.

"Four to be exact, actually." Sakura replied, glaring darkly at the bush as it quivered.

"Neji-nee-chan…." The blue haired girl suddenly spoke as Tenten's ears caught the name.



"Oh my God! Don't tell me…" Blue eyes widened, disbelieving.


"…that it was them who…" Green eyes narrowed, suspiciously.

".Naruto-kun….." Hinata spoke the last name so softly that the other girls weren't able to register the last name. They were too shocked, anyway.

"…spied on us!" The three girls shouted as they gaped at the bushes where the three mentioned earlier emerged looking embarrassed.






The three boys' inwardly sweat dropped at the reaction of the girls. They knew that once their done processing the information, they'll be history.

Suddenly, Sasuke held up his hand which snapped the three girls back in reality as they all stared at him.

'Wow, she looks more stunning closer.' The self pronounced avenger melted inwardly at the sight of Sakura's green orbs in his dark ones.

'Uchiha, focus! Or you'll never see her again.'


"Before you jump into conclusions, we were not spying on you." Sasuke announced, loud and clear as he glanced at his gaping companions, inwardly sending them a message as he tried to remain his aloof façade.

He thought they were finally saved when he saw relief in his sparring partner's dark brown eyes but he was mistaken.

"Oh yeah? Enlighten us please as to why you were here a while ago and did not show yourselves by concealing your chakra and hiding in those bushes while we were here?"

"Yeah!" Tenten's eyes suddenly blushed and pointed accusingly at them.

"How long have you been here?" Tenten inwardly panicked as she thought she'd never live to tell if Hyuuga Neji heard her confession a while ago. He may hate her forever!

Sasuke glanced back at his companion's panic stricken faces as he racked his brains for any reasons.

Any will do.


"You see, we were training with Kakashi-sensei and he thought that our skills in stealth aren't up to scratch so he asked us to spy on you girls. Very troublesome." Shikamaru drawled on his usual bored voice.

Neji and Sasuke inwardly grimaced at the reason he used but nodded anyway.

"So we went here and saw you talking and…"

'Sounds like for weaklings but this will have to do.'

"…Hinata-sama fainted when she saw us."

'Oh well, this is our fate.'




The boys sweat never seemed to stop trailing down their faces as they wait for the verdict of their chosen reason.

They knew it was lame.

Anytime now they will be shouted at "liars."

And beaten into a pulp. Boys can never really hit girls you know!

But they never expected it to be…

"Really?" Ino said and seemed to relax after their explanation.

… accepted!

Although Sakura had her eyes narrowed she seemed to see it possible as she said. "I'll talk to Kakashi-sensei later."

All of them sighed inwardly in relief.

'I thought they heard my confession for Neji!'

'I thought we'll be bloodied by now by Tenten's weapons. She always polishes them very well to be really sharp. I don't want to be a dummy for her weapons.'

'Whew. What a close one! And to think I shouted that I like Shika a while ago. Good thing they just arrived.'

'We're still lucky. I'll never live it down if Sakura discovered I spied on her! Stupid dobe. Stupid idea.'

All swell, ends well!


'That's definitely a relief! I thought the boys have turned over a new leaf…for the worse and became Kakashi–sensei jr. But still, som thing's amiss…'

"Where's Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked suddenly, breaking everyone from their train of thoughts.

Kakashi smirked as he raised his camera, finger hovering over the button, ready to click for souvenirs of his awesome plan. He was currently crouching low on a branch of a tree just beside the river.

And did he mention that it gave a great view of what was happening below?


"Ah, too bad boys. Your luck ran out. Your plan had a big glitch……"


'Shit, we forgot about him!'


Silence lingered as all of the girls furrowed their foreheads.

"Yeah. Where is he? I am sure I felt four chakra patterns a while ago!" Sakura said.

"Maybe you're mistaken?" Sasuke said, hoping to redeem the topic elsewhere. However, Sakura saw it differently as she thought Sasuke was insulting her again.

"No. I am sure. Come to think of it, the chakra pattern resembled his greatly!" Sakura said coldly.

'Dobe this is your entire fault! I'm seriously going to kill you slowly.'

Suddenly, a large orange ball (or so they thought) emerged from the bush the guys were hiding a while ago colliding with Sasuke and tackling the unknowing raven haired lad into the ground and earning a shriek from Hinata.


"What!" All of them shouted as Sasuke pushed the ramen loving boy away from him.


"Guys! Did you tell the girls that we spied on them the whole time and that we heard every thing they talked about? And that we did not attend Kakashi-sensei's training?" Naruto said, quite forgetting that they were in front of the girls.

Typical neh?


Sasuke and Neji shouted, even the troublesome guy Shikamaru shouted.

"Okay, okay I get it. So, there's no problem right…?" Naruto said as he turned around only to be faced with four furious ladies.

And the rest is history.


"Ah, sounds like bells. I finally earned the fruit of my hard work!" Kakashi sighed happily as he looked at the pictures of the frightened faces of the four boys he caught.

"I wonder how much I will be able to sell these."

Owari…….for now!

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