Fanny McCoy's Point of View

(Poem for the book 'The Coffin Quilt' by Ann Rinaldi)

"Ain't it purty?" Whispered my long dead sister, Roseanne; Ro for short My favorite and eldest sister

That I thought was the sun itself

Where has she gone?

Piece by piece, Disappearing At the loss of her two loves

Where has she gone?

My Dear sister Ro,

Here face lit by flickering candle light

A face I can not recognize

Replaced by clouded eyes, gleaming teeth, garnet hair,

And the rest is just


Menacing bones

Covered in grim and dirt

Nothing else

Flesh nor muscle are homed on this

Twisted soul any longer

Yeller Thing

I see it

I smell it

My monster of the future

Its tongue sprawled all around

Trying to take in more breath, as would a fish out of water

Its stench is more putrid than ever

Of five dead skunks, at least

This is its last warning

This is the last death in this God-fearing town

I nod in thanks as its dog-beast form saunters off

Into the woods

Ro wanted me to keep the Coffin Quilt

The reason in which we are both on the wicked side of tree

Of our now- crazed mothers tree

Ro told me to keep it safe

" Ain't it purty" She asks in a hollow, haunting tone

Her face wretched into a horrifying pose

Grinning madly like a Cheshire cat

Eyes now sockets

"Ain't it purty, Fanny baby?"

She sputters out of her cracked and blistered lips

I can't help but snicker in emptiness,

Keep that possessed thing of cloth that was in possession of that

Mass murderer?

I may just burn it to ashes .

I'll make sure no one feels what we have felt.


Ok! That is my First peom that I've put on here, so far. Please, let me know what you think about it!

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Chou Hime