Insert Disclaimer here: The following is a work of fiction. Fan Fiction. As the name of this website suggests. Since you're reading it, this fact should be obvious to you.

"Not again…"

Ryou watched through the corners of his yami's eyes. Rain splashed on the now soulless bodies of Rex and Weevil as his yami kicked them over. They were simply another two victims of the spirit of the millennium ring's desire to obtain all seven of the millennium items, nothing more.

Ryou didn't want to watch anymore.

He had seen enough of that over the years. And sadly, Ryou had grown quite desensitized to it. There was little he could do. And it was acts like that, which kept him so alone.

There used to be days that he would sit in that soul room, crying in anguish over the misdeeds his yami performed inside his skin or pacing in constant fear of what the darker one would do next.

Every once and a while, he was able to break free to his conscious mind, and distance himself from everyone. But that was a long time ago. And no matter how much he tried to seclude himself, it didn't prevent his yami from doing anything.

Ryou had learned a painful lesson since then. He couldn't stop his yami, and nothing he did inside the soul room would matter in the outside world. He may as well just sit back and enjoy, if one could call it that, the insane ride. Or at least try to focus his mind on other things. If there were any other things to think about…

As always, it kept drifting back to the predicament at hand.

The darker half knew almost everything about Ryou. His mind was an open scroll, especially during the few times he was in control of the body. His yami spent his time in the soul room plotting, piecing together fragments of Ryou's consciousness as though they might help him achieve his revenge on the pharaoh. Knowledge about his friends could be turned into devious strategy. Knowledge about Yugi was especially dangerous. How Ryou wished he could forget everything and everyone.

But even if he did, he knew it wouldn't change.

Even if he had never met Yugi, things would still be the same. Ryou could not longer remember how many once-friends and chance-acquaintances his yami had sealed into tiny lead figurines. Over a hundred, maybe even two hundred, over a period of four years.

Memories were merely weapons now, tools that Ryou couldn't even begin to hide.

"If just a wish to be with my friends caused so much… so much pain." Ryou thought to himself. "No wonder I'm always alone."

He stood silently for a moment. It was true.

"The one benefit, I guess…" Ryou mused to himself, "the more my yami takes control, the fewer memories I can make. Maybe there's less that can be turned against my friends."

He walked back to the far wall of his soul room and sighed. If that was really the most positive thing he could think right now, perhaps he deserved the lengthy stay in his decrepit soul room.

"At least, I still call them my friends… even if they don't want me around."

And a long and lonely stay it would be, from what he could discern through his yami's eyes. The night was still young, and the darker half still appeared quite determined to wreak havoc on the city in Ryou's physical form. A big battle must have been drawing near.

"Why yami…" he whispered to himself, curling in the empty corner. "Why do you keep doing this?"

He didn't really expect such a question to be answered, or even acknowledged. He doubted his yami could even hear him at times like these. But he said it, and meant it, nonetheless.

And suddenly an idea struck him. He jumped to his feet.

"That's it." He quietly exclaimed.

If he really wanted to know why, he would have to think like a thief king. As long as his yami is in conscious control of the body, his mind and soul are like unguarded tombs. What worked for his yami may very well work for him as well.

"If my memories give him new plots, maybe his memories could give me a way to stop them! And if he can access mine any time he wants. Maybe I can do the same to him, without him knowing it!"

Such an endeavor was not an easy one, though. There was certainly a risk of being caught by his yami, or perhaps worse, but it was a risk Ryou was willing to take. The lives of his friends, if he could still call them that, were in constant danger. If there was a way to protect them, he had to try.

"Maybe I can stop him this time, once and for all. All I need is the right weapon. The right memory. And then I won't be alone anymore."

With newfound determination, he stood up and walked to the door of his soul room. His hand trembled as it reached for the handle. Once he opened the door, there would be no turning back.

"I have to." He reasoned with himself, and forced the metal door open. "If he can do it, so can I. I don't want to lose any more friends!"