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Cornelia was on her comfortable bed, sleeping away the day. She felt light suddenly pass through her closed eyes. Her eyes fluttered to see a blury vision Will, Irma, Taranee, Hay Lin and Caleb on each side of her bed sides. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORNELIA!", they all yelled. Hay Lin through colorful pieces of confetie all over the air. "Wha-. Oh you guys", Cornelia laughed quietly. "Well, we said were going to give you a wake up call didn't we?", Will said happily. "Yeah, Cornelia! And we brought you a gift", Irma screamed in joy. "You did?", Cornelia asked. She sat up on her bed with a smile to see her friends.

"Yeah, it's from all of us...including me", Caleb said handing Cornelia a well wrapped present with a green ribbon and yellow gift wrap. Cornelia got the present and put it on her lap. "Open it!", Taranee said. Cornelia smiled wider. She untied the ribbon and ripped the present. There was a blue box. She opened the top and gasped with a smile on her face. She took out the present.

It was a beautiful green-colored backpack. It had W.I.T.C.H. on the flap that opened the backpack, a pretty, glittery, key chain with her Earth symbol, and everyone's signature's and a compliment on what a great friend she was and stuff from each of the girls and Caleb. The best part of it was that all the girls turned their backs and Cornelia saw that they had the exact same backpack, with their favorite colors, thei symbol keychain, and each signature said something different. "Oh my gosh, you guys! This is the best present ever!", Cornelia got out of bed and hugged them all.

"But what about Caleb?", Cornelia asked. "Uh, no thanks, I just signed it. I think that's enough from me. I'm not gonna go around carrying a backpack", Caleb smiled. "Good point", Cornelia said, smiling sweetly. They let go of their hug and started laughing. "Well, hey birthday girl, get dressed, we have a whole day planned for you", Hay Lin said. "Huh? Really?", Cornelia asked. "Yup, so get dressed, come on", Caleb said turning his head to the closet, and then back at Cornelia. "And wear something party-like, we're all wearing party outfits. Even Caleb is wearing a different outfit!", Hay Lin giggled.

Will was wearing a baby blue, long-sleeved, tight, shirt with a sort of loose pink shirt over it. She had normal blue jeans with a shade of pink where the knees are and a hollywood style hat. Irma wore a blue, slim, knee-high dress with a white, short length light jacket. She had blue mini pins in her hair. Taranee had an orange, long shirt with red stripes and a long red skirt. Hay Lin wore a purple and yellow striped dress, a little higher than the knee. She had purple boots and her pig tails were wraped around purple and yellow string.

"Yeah, but I'm keeping my jacket closed", Caleb said, gripping the rim of his long jacket. "Let me see, Caleb", Cornelia said turning to him. "Nah-uh", Caleb said stepping back. "Pleeaase? It's my birthday", Cornelia said with an innocent face. Caleb put on a "aaw" face and then said, "Well...ok, but only for right now, ok?", Caleb said looking around her room. "I promise, you can trust me", Cornelia said with a big smile. The girls exchanged grins at each other. Caleb nodded and let his jacket go. He had a red hot short-sleve short with black lines tracing the end of the shirt, and the sleves and black (not tight!) jeans. "", Cornelia said with a huge smile. "You guys did good", Cornelia giggled at the girls. "Yeah, we know", Irma said putting her elbow on Hay Lin's shoulder. "We picked it out for him, we took an hour until we finally found the perfect outfit for him", Hay Lin said.

"You should take off your jacket, Caleb", Cornelia said. "I said only now", he said. "Well, ok, if you really don't want to, you don't have to...", Cornelia said with sadness in her voice. She put her head a little down. She turned her head slightly to the girls and winked. The girls grinned and winked back. "Well...ok, if you really want me to", Caleb said. "Yay!", the girls shouted. Cornelia gave Caleb a quick hug and then walked to her closet, "Ok, I'm gonna change now, so you guys can...stay here", Cornelia said closing her closet.

The girls then faced Caleb, "And how come whenever we wanted you to take it off, you never listened to us, hm?", Taranee asked with a grin. "Well, she really wanted me to", Caleb said taking off his jacket. "Or mabye it's because Caleb, I don't know, has a big place in his heart for the Earth guardian", Will teased. "Hey, I already told you guys the "truth"", Caleb whispered and pointed at the closet. The girls gave him two thumbs up and shut up.

"Is this party enough for you guys?", Cornelia said as she came out of the closet in a green shoulder-less skim dress (sorta like Irma's exceptCorny's was long sleeves and shoulder-less) and green boots. With her earth power, she made a leaf crown (lol, like elyon, on the halloween book, you know, where she wears the crown?). Caleb felt as if when she opened the door, the light became focused on her (or mabye it was just him, haha). He suddenley felt he was in slow motion. The way Cornelia slowly closed an opened her eyes to look into Caleb's pure green eyes.

"Yo Caleb?", Taranee suddenly came in the way between himself and Cornelia. "Huh? What?", he said carlessley. "Did we loose you?", Irma asked. "No, sorry", Caleb blushed and looked at Cornelia, who was also blushing. "Ok, let's go Cornelia", Hay Lin said, dragging her down the stairs with the rest of the gang. "Bye honey, and happy birthday!", her mom said. "Thanks mom!", Cornelia said before she was dragged out of the house.

"We're going to the mall, first", Irma said as they began to walk towards the mall. "The mall?", Cornelia asked confused. "Yeah, to get our outfits", Will said. "Outifits? If we're getting new outfits, then why did we get all dressed up", Cornelia asked. "To be the center of attention at the mall", Irma giggled. Cornelia rolled her eyes playfully.

The Mall...

"Ok, Cornelia, what size are you?", Taranee asked. "What?", Cornelia asked. "WE'RE getting your dress, cause if not, it'll ruin the suprise", Will said. "Don't worry, we'll make sure yours is the best, I mean, you are the birthday girl", Hay Lin said smiling. "Ok, I'm size 12-14", Cornelia said. "Ok, you and Caleb chat while we're shopping", Will said winking at the girls who started giggling.

Cornelia and Caleb went to go sit down at the food court. A lot of people passed who said, "Happy B-day, Cornelia!", and stuff like that. "Why are the girls making such a big deal out of this?", Cornelia asked, as she got one of the french fries that Caleb and Cornelia ordered at Burger King (Yeah, sorry I'm against McDonalds, it's not a crime). "I don't know, but I'm not saying anything else, I don't want to ruin the suprise theme", Caleb said getting a fry. "Well, why not? I'm gonna find out sooner or later", Cornelia said with an eyebrow raised. "That time is at 7, when the party starts", Caleb said with a smile.

Both hands reached to get a french fry and Caleb's hand ended up on top of Cornelia's. They both looked at each other. They never removed their hands. They blushed red, without losing eye contact. "Caleb...", Cornelia smiled, and leaned in closer. Caleb got his other hand and put Cornelia's hand between both his hands and leaned in also. They were just a few inches away, "Ok, we're done!", Caleb saw Cornelia's "Aw man! Bad timing!", face. Caleb had the same expression and let go of her hands quickly and got a fry instead.

"What did we miss?", Irma asked grinning, next to Hay Lin. "Nothing, I was trying to get out the suprise out of Caleb, but it wouldn't work", Cornelia didn't turn to see them, but Cornelia winked at Caleb. Caleb's face turned red and smiled dreamily. "Ok, well come on guys, let's go to the Silver Dragon, we're having lunch there. We're gonna celebrate Cornelia's birthday before the big party!", Will said, as they started to go to the exit.

Cornelia and Caleb got out of their seats. Cornelia started walking but felt a hand tug on her hand, stopping her. Again, time stopped and it was only Cornelia and Caleb (not literally). Cornelia slowly turned around. Caleb put his hands around her waist and started to lean closer. Cornelia smiled and leaned in as well. They closed their eyes, and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEoooooooooo, their dream world was shattered by Irma's voice. "Cornelia!...Caleb!...We're leaving now!", Irma and the girls were at the door far from now. Cornelia looked at Caleb once more, and they began running towards the girls.

(Author's Note: I'm going to skip the Silver Dragon and all that. It was already 6:30 p.m. No nothing majoy happened between Cornelia and Caleb. Hey how did you like what I just put? They always get interupted don't they? Don't worry, soon enough...)

Irma's houe was all set, every guest was there, silent. They all had their formal black and white clothing, waiting for the birthday girl to arrive.

"Ok, Cornelia, I'm going to use the Heart of Candracar to put the dress on, but you have to close your eyes", Will said. The girls and Caleb were all anxious to see the look on her face. Will held the Heart in front of Cornelia, and it let out a pink light. Cornelia felt something warm all over her body. Then after a few seconds, it was normal again. "Ok, keep your eyes closed, Cornelia, we're going to lead you into Irma's house", Caleb said as he grabbed her hand. Cornelia blushed, but trusted him.

They walked a few steps until she heard Caleb say, "Open your eyes". Cornelia opened her eyes and everyone popped up "SUPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORNELIA!", then the music and all the lights started playing. She looked down at her dress, "Wow! This is an awsome dress you guys", she hugged her friends and went into the party.

Now this isn't exactly formal. There was really loud and funky music. Everyone was dancing like wild, yet the theme made it semi-formal. Cornelia liked it very much. Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin, and even Caleb started dancing as a group. Soon everyone joined in and started dancing in a group with them.

Irma had her eyes closed and was moving her head up and down and swinging her hips side to side. "Hi, sweet cakes, you're enjoying the party I see", Martin said. Irma opened her eyes and stopped dancing. She looked up,"Alright everyone, it's time to lower the volume and calm for a while", the DJ (also wearing black and white. and yes this was all in Irma's house) said and put a slow song on. Irma's eyes went wide and looked at Martin. "Will you, madam?", Martin asked as he let out his right hand. Irma saw that everyone was also slow dancing. "Aw, what the heck, sure Martin", Irma finally gave in and took his hand.

Hay Lin stopped dancing and just closed her eyes and started twirling around. She wasn't the boy-crazy sort of girl yet, so she really didn't like anyone. She started twirling and twirling until she hit something. She opened her eyes and looked up to see a VERY cute boy with shiny black hair and eyes. "Hi", he said. "Oh, uh, s-s-sorry...about that. I'm Hay Lin", she said blushing and grabbing her pigtail and playing with it. "I'm Eric (yes Eric from the books, but I haven't exacltly read his description as much, so I'm going to make up some of him), I just moved here. I got the invitation and I decided to come", Eric said. "I'm glad you came here, too, I mean, uh-", Hay Lin said nervously. "Would you like to dance, Hay Lin, it seems to me that you like this song", Eric smiled sweetly. Hay Lin smiled back and began to dance with him, her pigtails twirling around with her.

Matt had already asked Will to dance. They were dancing around with the others. She rested her head on his shoulder, enjoying the moment. That's when she saw Hay Lin...with a boy! Will's eyes went wide with suprise. She caught Irma's sight, who wasn't as annoyed. Will gestured her to get over there with Will. Irma understood and moved Martin so that she was next to Will. "Look at Hay Lin", Will whispered. Irma turned around confusingly and saw hay Lin looking into Eric's eyes with sparkles. "Looks like our little Hay Lin is growing up, that's Eric. He's in my history class, I guess Hay Lin didn't pay attention", Irma giggled.

Cornelia saw Hay Lin and Eric and smiled to herself. "What are you so happy about?", she turned around to see Caleb smiling at her. "Oh, it's just that Hay Lin has never danced with any boy before, and now she is. And it looks like she's enjoying it", Cornelia sighed as she watched Hay Lin twirl and twirl. "Would you enjoy dancing?", Caleb offered her his hand. "You slow dance?", Cornelia asked. "Yeah, in Meridean, every parent must teach their child how to dance", Caleb laughed. Cornelia took his hand. "I would've grabbed your hand even if you didn't know how to dance", Cornelia smiled as she lay her head on his shoulder. Caleb ran his fingers through her hair and danced with her.

Yet again, it felt as if it was only them in the world. Cornelia, Caleb, and the music. It felt as if the ground disappeared and they were dancing on the fluffy clouds. The sun turned the sky pink and orange. Cornelia looked into Caleb's eyes. "I have something to give you, come here", Caleb said, grabbing her hand and leading her outside to her backyard, careful that no one saw. They sat on the bench-swing and Caleb took out the little box from his pocket. He handed it to Cornelia, "", Cornelia whispered. Caleb nodded and smiled first began to read what it said on the outside of the box:

There is a tale, of a man and a woman who were deeply in love

The man loved her so much, he wanted to give her something as important as his love for her

He went into a dangerous mission and went to seek something extrordinary

It took him one day to reach what he had been seeking, because his bravery was no match for any creature in his path

He found a big piece of crystal near a cave and took it back to the village

He made it into two braclets, one for him and the other for his love

The next day, he went into her cottage and showed her the braclet

She accepted his braclet and wore it

The braclets never came off, they lived together for as long as their lives could live

This crystal is very rare, but if one is to find it, and give it to his love

This is a symbol of his great love for her, a symbol that means that no matter what, he shall be with her

For every obstacle, he shall help her over it

Every pain, he shall help her make it become joy

Every second, he shall protect her and love her...

After Cornelia read it, her eyes became watery. She looked up at Caleb, who had a sweet smile. She opened the box slowly, and tears spilled from her cheeks. She took out the sparkling green braclet and held it in her palm. She looked at Caleb's right wrist and saw his navy blue one. Cornelia gasped and looked at Caleb. She smiled and hugged Caleb, tears of joy spilling out. Caleb hugged her back willingly. After a while, he let go and got the braclet from her palm. She put her right arm in front of her. Cornelia nodded with a smile. With that Caleb also smiled and put the braclet on her wrist. When he put it on he grabbed her hand, right hand to right hand. The braclets began to glow, and their names were written on it; Cornelia on Caleb's and Caleb on Cornelia's

"And that is a promise I am willing to keep", Caleb said. Cornelia smiled warmly at Caleb. Caleb touched her cheek. Cornelia leaned in close. Caleb leaned in as well. "Wait", Cornelia said. Caleb looked confused. Cornelia put her hand up facing the door. A vine covered the door, "No more interuptions". Caleb smiled and finally kissed her. They held each other in their arms.

Caleb and Cornelia broke their kiss, "Happy birthday, Cornelia", Caleb whispered. Cornelia leaned her head on his shoulders, and he put her arm around her; the air gently moving the swing.


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