A New Generation of Priests

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Yuugi dashed out of his room late that September first morning, his toothbrush still hanging from his mouth, hightailing it to his other half's room as quickly as he could. They all had woken up late, the promised wake up call from Tom coming rather late, and knowing the pharaoh, he probably just picked up the phone and hung it back up right away. If he did not know otherwise, he would have never believed this man used to wake up with the sun.

He pounded on Atemu and Bakura's door, taking his toothbrush out long enough to shout, "Mou hitori no boku! Get up! We're gonna miss the train!"

The only response he got was a groan followed by a thump; Atemu had thrown his pillow at the door. Yuugi let out an annoyed noise, before focusing his thoughts…


Atemu let out a yelp of surprise, leaping up and landing rather ungracefully on what he had been using as a substitute for his pillow – Bakura's chest. The tomb robber let out an annoyed grunt, cracking an eye open and glaring down at him.

"The hell… are you a Mexican jumping bean now?" he asked drowsily. Atemu rubbed his eyes, mouth opened to answer him, when Yuugi's voice came through the door again.

"If you two don't get moving right now, we'll leave you behind!"

Bakura gave the pharaoh an exasperated look. "It's like you two still share the same body."

Atemu grunted, crawling over the tomb robber to get out of the bed. He grabbed the smaller man, though, grinning up at him, before pulling him down for a kiss. Atemu rolled his eyes slightly, enjoying it for a moment…

"Now, other me!" Yuugi shouted, getting a groan out of Bakura.

"Can it, shrimp!" he shouted as Atemu scrambled off to get dressed.


Draco Malfoy held most things outside of his perfect little world in contempt. He was the sun and everything revolved around him, and that was that. So, needless to say, things that defied his way of life were objects of contempt; and a good example of this were the twin freaks with starfish-hair barreling through the barrier that separated the detestable Muggle world from Platform Nine and Three Quarters. They brought their trolleys to a halt, just in time to turn and watch as the others of their little band of foreign morons came through.

They could not see him, of course. He had arrived early, and was already seated in his chosen place on the train. He could see and hear them however, and watched with an air of boredom as the five of them ran as quickly as they could for the scarlet steam engine.

"Pharaoh, c'mon, move it."

"Hang on! I—oof!"

"Ugh… mou hitori no boku…"

Draco smirked as the pharaoh picked himself up, rubbing the back of his head and muttering under his breath before attempting to pick up his fallen trolley.

"How terribly graceful," Kaiba said dryly. "And you were royalty?"

"I guess the only thing he can really do is ride around on a bike everywhere," Malik teased.

"When he isn't being ridden himself, that is," Kaiba added.

"Oh, shut up," Atemu grumbled as the two of them sniggered and Ryou turned bright red.

"Can we please not have this conversation!" he exclaimed as someone came to put their luggage on the train.

"Agreed," Yuugi said, taking a bright blue backpack off of his trolley. Seto gave the bag an annoyed look, as Malik made a face.

"Geeze, Yuugi, do you have to carry those things around all the time?"

Draco sat up a bit straighter, intrigued. Did Mutou have something he was not supposed to…?

"We can't exactly leave them at home," Atemu pointed out. "I wouldn't want to leave Grandpa with that kind of responsibility. It wouldn't be fair."

"Agreed," Yuugi replied. "Besides, we can keep an eye on them easier this way."

They went to get on the train (the pharaoh had to double back to collect the cat carrier he left on his trolley by accident), leaving Draco to ponder upon the contents of that bag. He bet whatever it was, it was something like the dragon they had tried to get rid of. Excellent… he would get them expelled for sure…


Bakura had finally convinced Atemu to curl up on a seat with him, when Hermione showed up in their compartment. Malik jumped up almost immediately, going over to give her a hug.

"You're hopeless, Gravekeeper," the tomb robber stated. Atemu sweatdropped, before elbowing him.

"You have no room to talk," he stated.

"Hey, at least you're around my age."

Hermione gave him a dull look. "Yes. Old," she said, making both Egyptians sweatdrop. "Anyway," she continued. "Have any of you seen Harry and Ron?"

"You're the first person we've seen since coming aboard," Seto replied distantly, not taking his eyes off his computer.

"You don't think they missed the train?" Yuugi asked.

"I don't see how; they were right behind us," Hermione replied. "Oh, I do hope they don't do anything stupid…"

"Ron and Harry? Left to their own devices?" Atemu replied. "It's a guarantee."


Draco made sure that Mutou and his band of idiots were a good distance ahead of him once they all got out of the carriages that took the place of the boats they had taken up to the castle the year before. Once they were inside, he hid in the shadows, waiting and watching as the other students passed by him. Mutou got as far as the line of luggage for the Gryffindor students, when the caretaker, Mr. Filch, stopped him.

"All your luggage goes together, Mutou," the man stated, looking down at the Japanese boy with a look of contempt.

"Ah… but, sir, I need to keep this—"

"No exceptions," Filch stated, wrenching the bag from him and putting it with the rest of the luggage, before shooing him away.

Draco sniggered privately, but kept quiet, watching and waiting for the rest of the students to make their way to the Great Hall, and for Filch to finally leave. At that moment, he darted forward, going to Mutou's bag, grabbing the zipper and pulling it open.

He had to shield his eyes momentarily, not counting on the glowing things inside the bag. He looked inside afterwards… and his mouth hung open slightly, not counting on what he found. More of those strange… things… like the one Mutou wore. Apparently they were precious, considering how that runt did not want to part from them.

He smirked, reaching in and pulling out a round, ball like one, holding it up. It almost looked like an eye, and something seemed off about it… he brought it closer to his own eye, only to have a strange feeling of dread overwhelming him… He dropped it quickly, making a face as he looked through the others. Some kind of necklace, a strange cross – he thought it was called an ankh – and a scales were also in the bag. He put his hand around the ankh first… only…

"Ow!" he hissed, pulling his hand away… only to reveal it had been burned…

"Who's there?" came Filch's voice. Draco swore softly, before grabbing the first item his good hand encountered. His fingers wrapped around the scales, and he wrenched it free, zipping up the bag and stuffing the thing in his robes…

…and not noticing the Scales had stopped glowing…


Yuugi patted his stomach happily as he made his way up to the Gryffindor common room at Hogwarts, satisfied with the wonderful meal he had just had. The only odd part of the whole dinner were the wild rumors that someone had flew a car into a Whomping Willow tree on the school grounds. Considering the various arguments he had heard from the Weasleys, plus the fact that no one had seen hide nor hair of Harry and Ron… if the rumors were true, he was almost positive who was behind it.

His suspicions were confirmed when he caught sight of the two boys in question standing outside of the painting of the fat lady in the pink dress that guarded the entrance to the common room. He smiled, before running up to them.

"I can't believe you two flew the car to school!" he exclaimed. Ron rubbed the back of his neck, embarrassed.

"It wasn't fun," he said. "Well, it was at first, but…"

"We're just glad to be back," Harry finished. "Anyway, do you know the new password?"

Yuugi nodded before turning his attention to the painting. "Wattlebird."

The portrait swung open, to reveal every single Gryffindor packed into the common room, waiting for Harry and Ron. The two boys were grabbed almost immediately and hauled into the room, leaving Yuugi to scramble in after them before the portrait closed.

"Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!" Lee Jordan shouted.

"Why couldn't we fly the car too?" the twins asked.

"I can't believe you guys crashed into a tree!" Malik exclaimed.

"Not just any tree!" Neville Longbottom added. "The Whomping Willow! You two were lucky to survive."

Ron and Harry exchanged sheepish expressions as Yuugi giggled.

"Congratulations," he said, patting them on the bag, before moving to go upstairs. "You're celebrities for the next, oh… five hours, or until Fred and George do something, whichever comes first."

The two of them laughed as Yuugi disappeared. It was hardly anytime later, however, when a shout of surprise came from the room. A hush fell over the room as the Japanese boy burst out of the room, going straight for the pharaoh. They exchanged words briefly, a worried look crossing Atemu's face, before he got up, going back up to the Second Year's dorm with his former host.

Ron and Harry exchanged worried looks, before getting up as well, Malik joining them a barely a moment later. They were treated to the site of Yuugi looking though his belongings, Atemu doing the same, the bag that held the Millennium Items open on the formers bed.

"What's wrong…?" Malik asked, afraid of the answer.

Yuugi stopped, looking up at him, the panic on his face evident. "The Millennium Scales. It's gone."


He did not usually dream. Dreams were for people that had a use for such nonsense; not for people such as him. Tonight, however… tonight his dreams were filled with vague shapes and disturbing sounds… None of it seemed to make sense, but the feeling of dread came through very clear…

Suddenly, the images totally stopped, and he thought everything would return to normal…

…and then came the eyes…

Glowing red eyes that seemed to pierce into his very soul… eyes that promised eternal darkness…

Draco jumped awake after that, eyes wide and breathing hard as he tried to shake away the image of those horrible eyes…

"Draco?" came Crabbe's voice from beyond his curtains. "You all right?"

"I'm fine," he snapped. "Go back to sleep, you oaf."

There came a shuffling sound… and Crabbe's annoying snores a moment later, prompting Draco to roll his eyes. Stupid git…

He paused a moment, before reaching over and lifting up his mattress, revealing a part of the strange scales he had taken. The eye design on the shaft glinted slightly in the dim moonlight that managed to filter in through his curtains, looking deceptively innocent. Draco, however, gave it a distrustful look; had this thing somehow been responsible for that strange dream? How could it though… it was only a stupid scale…

"Humph," he muttered, dropping the mattress back and curling up to go back to sleep.


It was about halfway through breakfast the next morning when the mail arrived. Malik was busily scanning through a note from his sister, a piece of toast hanging from his mouth, when something large and gray fell into a jug between him and Hermione, spraying everyone with milk and feathers. He pulled a feather from his hair as Ron grabbed the invading animal by its feet and hauled it out of the jug.

"Errol!" he exclaimed, shaking his head sadly. "Bloody bird's a menace!"

There was a damp red envelope in the bird's mouth and he dropped it, allowing it to flutter to the table, before promptly passing out. Ron was not worried about the owl's condition, however. He was too busy staring at the piece of mail he had gotten.

"Oh no…" he whimpered.

"Look!" Seamus Finnegan exclaimed. "Weasley's got himself a Howler!"

Yuugi looked around as everyone at their table started laughing. "Howler?"

"You better open it, Ron," Neville encouraged. "I ignored one from my gran once. It was horrible."

Atemu and Malik's eyes grew wide as the younger boy shivered at the memory. Ron, pale as the Hogwarts ghosts and shaking, slowly opened the envelope. Neville and some other students stuffed fingers into their ears, and the three boys soon found out why.


Atemu and Yuugi clapped his hands over their ears at once, wincing as Mrs. Weasley's yells still came through loud and clear. Other students in the hall looked around, trying to see who had gotten the Howler. Ron was so embarrassed, he sunk low under the table, until only his forehead and eyes could be seen.


Harry sunk below the table too at the mention of his name, looking just as embarrassed as Ron was. Malik was just wondering when it all was going to stop.


Silence reigned through the Great Hall as the red envelope – having fallen out of Ron's hands a long time ago – burst into flame and crumpled away into nothingness. Both Harry and Ron were shivering, staring at where the envelope had been in wide-eyed shock as the hall returned to its normal volume of chatter. Hermione just shook her head as the two of them numbly sat up properly in their seats.

"I don't know what you two were expecting, but –"

Malik put a hand on her shoulder, cutting her off. "Don't, Hermi-chan," he said. "No one deserved that."

Yuugi's ears were still ringing from the verbal assault as Professor McGonagall started passing out course schedules for her house. He took his, and was excited to see that they had double Herbology with Hufflepuff house first. Malik gave Atemu a lewd grin, elbowing him.

"Looks like you'll get a chance to do some things behind the bushes…"

Atemu turned red, and before Malik knew it, he was getting whacked with books from both the pharaoh and Hermione.

The six of them waffled down the rest of their breakfast before heading out the main entrance of the school and swinging around to the greenhouses, where most of the rest of the class was already assembled. Ryou waved to them energetically as they approached.

"This is great," he said. "We get to hang out more often than last year. Hey, Ron, you all right? That Howler thing was awful."

"You weren't on the receiving end," Ron replied weakly.

"So, Bakura-kun, think you're going to miss a lot of this class?" Malik asked.

"Hunh?" Ryou asked, giving him a blank look.

"Well, you know… the tomb robber's gonna pounce on Atemu as soon as they—OW!"

Atemu crossed his arms as the Gravekeeper hopped away from him, nursing the foot that the pharaoh had slammed his heal down on.

Just then, Professor Sprout came down the lawn, in the company of Gilderoy Lockhart. The normally perky woman had a downright scowl on her face, tossing an occasional glare at the other professor, who was wearing flashy robes of turquoise with a similarly colored hat. He waved to them casually, and some of the girls giggled, including Hermione. Malik fixed the professor with a jealous glare while Yuugi, Harry, Ron, Atemu, and Ryou rolled their eyes.

"Hello there, ladies and gentlemen!" he exclaimed. "Just showing Professor Sprout the proper way to doctor a Whomping Willow."

Professor Sprout glared at him, looking like she had not needed the "help" the other professor had provided.

"All right, chaps," she said loudly, cutting off Lockhart as he kept going on about how he had come across several Whomping Willows in the past. "It's greenhouse three today."

A murmur of interest went through the crowd of students. Greenhouse three supposedly contained some of the more dangerous plants in the world of magic. This was confirmed as, when the professor unlocked the greenhouse in question, a leathery roar reached their ears. Professor Sprout went in and smacked a tall plant with raspberry red flowers blossoming on it. It whimpered before falling silent, much to everyone else's amusement as they filed into the greenhouse.

"Oh, good woman, might you mind if I borrow Mr. Potter for a moment?" Lockhart asked, clasping a hand on Harry's shoulder. Harry tried to break away from him as Professor Sprout opened her mouth to say no, when the flashy professor cut her off. "Thanks. You're a wonderful woman."

He closed the greenhouse door in their faces, just as Atemu was going to leap forward and grab Harry away. The Egyptian smacked against it instead, leaving an indentation on his forehead the same pattern as the offending door. He rubbed it, muttering curses under his breath as Yuugi patted him on the back.

After a moment, Harry returned, looking a bit disbelieving. Professor Sprout put her hands on her hips, shaking her head sadly as he rejoined his friends.

"Anyway," she said, a bit of her cheeriness coming back. "We'll be replanting Mandrakes today. Who can tell me the properties of the Mandrake…?"