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Summary: What if Naruto went back to the past when he was six-years old? Where Itachi never did kill his clan. Sakura is the most popular girl and the envy of every boy. And Kakashi's good old friend Obito was still alive and Rin had died?Naruto goes back in

time and is now six-years old and he definitely notices the differences.

His eyes stirred open. "Wh-…where am I?" The ceiling was bright white as the sun made it brighter.

"You're awake!" A nurse called, as she rushed towards him. "How are you feeling?"

Naruto looked dazed as he rubbed his head. "Where am I?"

"In the hospital of course!" She said as she popped a thermometer in his mouth. "Let me check your temperature just to see if you're okay."

Naruto blinked. What the hell? Last I remember I was in the forest when I hit my head…I didn't hit it THAT hard…did I? "What happened? How did I get hear?"

"You were found in the forest unconscious by some Chuunins. You hit your head pretty hard." She answered.

"Oh…ok then." Naruto answered. Slightly embarrassed of his situation. I FELL UNCONSICOUS BECAUSE I HIT MY HEAD! SASUKE IS NEVER GONNA LET ME HEAR THE END OF THIS!ARGGGGGGG! Wait a minute…O.O…O.O! When did I become so bloody SHORT! I'm not even HALF her size!

"Ahhh! Why am I so short!" Naruto screamed.

The nurse looked at him. "Well…you are only six."


"That would be my fault kit." Kyuubi said nonchalantly. "I wanted to see if I could still do time traveling even though I'm trapped inside of you. Speaking of which…REALEASE ME!"

After this stunt! Keep wishing pal! Now can we please go back to where I'm 13! I hated being 6 years old! While having a mental battle Naruto was making weird faces.

The nurse was looking at him curiously. Maybe he should stay a little while longer. He's obviously mentally unstable…Nah. Too many patients already, I'm sure he'll be fine and if not…well…meh.

---Back to Naruto's Mind---

"No can do." He answered sleepily. "Turns out I can only do it once in this accursed seal. You know…if you release me I can send you back to your time."

QUIT IT WITH THE 'RELEASE ME' BIT WOULD YOU! We have a serious problem on our hands!

"No, you do. I could careless, and I do so you're on your own." Kyuubi said. "Besides watching you suffer is fun, twerp."

Can't you do anything BESIDES insulting me!

"…no, not really considering I'm in you stomach!" Kyuubi growled.


-----Outside of Naruto's mind as we call it------

Deciding to leave the hospital Naruto made his way to the door. "Bye, lady." He called to the nurse. Running out of the building he bumped in to someone and fell to the ground.

"Kid, you alright?" Kakashi called out.

Naruto looked at Kakashi, just kept on staring. Maybe I should tell him…or maybe not…

"Are you listening?" Kakashi asked. "Hey, are you alright!"

"Huh…Wha..?" Naruto said snapping back to reality. "You say something?"

Slightly agitated and resisting the urge to hit him on the head, Kakashi asked again. "Are you alright?" Hm…this is the first time I've come face to face to the Uzamaki kid…the things I heard about him aren't pretty though…if I remember correctly they called him…a troublemaker, dead last and…ahh…I'm thinking too much. Poor kid, he must have it rough. "You should really watch where you're going, you know." Kakashi said.

Slightly pissed off because his head hurt again, he snapped a Kakashi. "Maybe if you weren't reading that book you would have noticed me! You're the one who's the Jounin! Aren't shinobi supposed to be ready for everything! Or did you just let down your guard because you were in your own village!"

Whoa, who ever called him dead-least is seriously wrong. "Calm down kid. Relax would yah."

Naruto grumbled a bit and calmed down. After a few minutes of silence Naruto noticed that Kakashi was still there. "Don't you have somewhere to go?"

Kakashi just shrugged. "Say, shouldn't you be at school?"

Naruto looked at Kakashi confused. "I should?..."Naruto then remember that he was six years old and still in academy. "I mean of course I should!"


"So why aren't you there?" Kakahsi asked.

"Uh, I was just going there. So hah!" Naruto said, running off. "Bye, Kakashi-sensei…I'm mean Kakashi-san! Eheh…"

"Bye?" Kakashi said. Wait, how'd he know my name?

--------At the academy-------

Naruto slammed open the door, remembering his old classroom.

"Naruto, you're late!" Iruka said.

"Yeah, yeah. I know Iruka-sensei." Naruto said casually. "Sorry." OMG, academy again! My life is over! I'm gonna die of boredom! Hey, Kyuubi does this time travel thing affect my charka control and what about my summoning? Can I even summon?

Nothing except your age has been affected. You can still summon and stuff. Yes! You changed your outfit! That jumpsuit was screaming 'KILL ME'.

Huh? I changed my clothes?

Naruto looked at his clothes. He was wearing a black t-shirt, and dark orange jeans with lots of pockets. He had a gold chain hanging loosely around his neck and a black wrist watch on his right arm. His spiky hair was a little less spiky.

"Naruto!" Iruka yelled. "Are you paying attention!"

Snapping back to reality. "Uh….Yah I am!" He answered hoping Iruka would buy it. No such luck.

"Then what did I say?" Iruka said.

"Um…you said…" Naruto tried making something up as all eyes in the classroom were on him. "stuff about…uh…um…" failing miserably of course.

"That's it. See me after class!" Iruka said returning to his lesson.

"WHAT! Why?" Naruto yelled, while Iruka just ignored him.

A few snickers were heard throughout the classroom. Naruto only sighed in defeat. Yep, just like I remember it…The more Naruto thought about it the more he realized that he knew a lot more things than anyone else in his classroom. He's basically a genius compared to them! Bwuahahahaha! If I'm stuck growing up again then I might have some fun messing with people with my awesome jutsus and stuff! Muahahahahaha! Kyuubi only sighed at his antics, while still wondering what he was going to do, more importantly WHO he was going to do it to.

----------Back in Naruto's time (when he was 13) I'm gonna call this the future­----------

Team seven had been waiting for Naruto at the bridge for a very long time. Hell even Kakashi was there. They had decided to go to Naruto's house.

"That idiot is probably just sleeping!" Sakura said fuming.

When they knocked on Naruto's door, no one answered. "Naruto open this door before I break in!" Sakura screamed. She knocked cough banged cough again the door flew open.

"That dope, leaving his door open." Sasuke commented. "Doesn't he care that someone might steal his stuff?" But when he entered his apartment Sasuke shut right up. The living room was empty. A couch, glass table, curtains on the window and a few plants.

And I thought MY place was empty. Compared to his, I have a mountain full of stuff. Sasuke thought.

Sakura went into his bedroom after getting over the shock of the empty living room. His bedroom was a sea blue colour. A bed beside the window. A dresser and a door to the closet. There was a lamp in the corner. That was pretty much it.

She was soon joined by her teammate and sensei. "Kakashi-sensei?"

"Hmm?" Kakashi said looking at Sakura. "What is it Sakura?"

Sakura looked around Naruto's room again uncertainly. "How come Naruto doesn't have any furniture, well he does but not a lot if any."

"Well Sakura let's think about Naruto's life." Kakashi said.

Sasuke started. "He was born with no parents."

"He lived alone all his life." Sakura continued with a tinge of guilt in her.

"He's on orphan fund." Sasuke said.

"So he probably didn't, or doesn't have enough money to buy such…."Sakura tried to find the right word. "…trivial things."

"Like the stuff we take for granted." Kakashi continued. "Like TV's and such."

"And I doubt he ever had a job." Sasuke said.

"At least he doesn't have to pay rent or anything." Sakura sighed.

-----------Back to Naruto----------

On the contrary to what Sakura and Sasuke had said about Naruto, he worked his ass off when he was a kid. He didn't count as an orphan for some apparent reason. Sure he got money for the rent and some extra money for himself but that's just not the way things roll.

He had utility fees, electricity bills, hydro bills, phone bills (even though he never uses the phone) and what not. Naruto still hadn't figured out how all those other bills didn't fit into the rent of the whole damn apartment.

"Ahh!" Naruto screamed when he got home. On the table were all the bills he had to pay and an envelope of money. "I really hope I brought my wallet or I'm doomed to hell!" Naruto searched his pants many pockets and finally pulled out a black wallet.

"Yes! Money!" He sat down with all the bills and spread them out.

"Ok Utility fees, $645.00" Naruto counted his money in all and pulled out the money and set it aside with the bill. "Phone bill, $60.00. What the hell! I don't even use the bloody phone! I don't even know why I have it!" Grumbling he continued. When he was finished paying his bills, something bad happened concerning his money.

"Noooo!" Naruto wailed. "I'm broke! These stupid people are fucking me over and over again with their stupid bills that I shouldn't even be paying! Revenge I tell you, REVENGE!"

Sarutobi had just reached Naruto's door when he heard him screaming something about revenge. Now that's not something Naruto would say…(a/n: YAH THAT WHAT YOU THINK!XD)

The Hokage knocked on Naruto's door who didn't hear because he was still going on about revenge. Deciding to just enter he stepped inside. "Naruto what are-"

"I swear I'm going to get my revenge. I'll put itching powder all over you and then push you off a cliff into a lake of piranhas!" Naruto screamed pulling his hair.

"Naruto, what are you doing!" Sarutobi yelled.

Noticing the Hokage's appearance in his home, Naruto immediately switched to 'innocent mode'. "Nothing! Just playing around!" He answered with a smile saying I'm-totally-innocent-and-was-not-just-crying-out-loud-for-someone's-blood.

Raising an eyebrow, Sarutobi just ignored it. "Anyways, I have someone very special that I want you to meet. He's going to look after you for awhile. Trust me Naruto he's not….like her."

Naruto confused had no idea what the hell he was talking about. What the hell is he talking about?

Fool. Did you forget already? When you were six you had a nanny that tried to kill you.

Oh, right HER. shudders That was a scary time.

Just like the other times other people tried to get you killed? Or was this one significant from the other ones?

Shut up, this is why I hated being a kid at least when I went into academy they stopped…

A little bit

Naruto's eyes went a little dead as he remembered all those times people had tried to kill him. They sent TRAINED ASSASSINS for him. I've only been pretending that I wasn't as strong as I really am. Because no one ever cared or bothered to look at my achievements, so people wouldn't think I was dangerous. But that's all going to change…this time around.

It better. I didn't train you for nothing, you know you could repay me by REALSING ME.

"Naruto? Naruto, are you alright?" Sarutobi asked in concern. That look in his eyes…

Naruto was brought out of his musing, by another knock on the door. "I'll get it!" He ran over to the door and opened it to reveal…

"Ero-sennin?" Naruto asked confused. Beside him stood a laughing Tsunade.

"Ahahahahaha! Such a fitting name!" Tsunade said through her laughs.

"What're you talking about kid?" jairyia(sp?)

"HE'S going to look after ME?" Naruto asked uncertainly.

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