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"Lord Sesshomaru..." the priest whispered as the dog demon's golden orbs turned slightly to stare into his dark black ones. "What do you want with me?" the demon's voice asked smoothly.

"Nothing of course, great lord, just that I am glad that you have come today. Your father wasn't as organized or ever on time," the priest answered as Sesshomaru looked him slightly over, slightly stopping at the green beads around the priests left wrist.

"I see you're interested in my scared beads, my lord," the priest observed as he moved his blue kimono sleeve over them cutting Sesshomaru's concentration. "Your father was too, at the time I met him. It's nothing of importance really, just a little charm I received from a friend's son. But that's besides the point, you're most likely wondering why I brought you here," the priest continued before moving to look out the small window of the high story condo.

Sesshomaru merely stood watching the priest, waiting silently for him to continue. The priest rubbed the tip of his beard between his index finger and thumb, "I have heard great tales of your power, and I wanted to see if all of it were true. I have a challenge for you," he stated, his brown eyes turning back to the dog demon.

Sesshomaru's silver brows just barely narrowed on his impassive face, but he continued to stay silent. "I want you to kill a girl for me, but it may take some time," the priest stated as Sesshomaru narrowed his golden eyes. Was this priest questioning his power? He obviously didn't know just how powerful he really was.

"I thought as a priest you would have only love for your people," Sesshomaru merely stated in return as the priest smirked. "Yes that is true, but this girl is someone who isn't loved by her people. You see, she was in with a group who destroyed my church years ago which sent my followers and I to jail. We were part of an old religion that most people of this day don't believe in, almost call it barbaric. Now I want her dead. Her friends are already targeted by other hunters," the priest explained.

"And you assign me a human? Do you think me incapable of killing off a simple mortal?" Sesshomaru asked his voice leveled, but the priest could see the distaste in his ice cold eyes.

"Yes. I told the other hunters, my lord, that you were going to take on a challenge that would prove your true power," the priest answered, "because I will make you human," the priest continued as he waved his left wrist and others around the condo appeared. All dressed in deep blue kimono Sesshomaru heard chanting as two others grabbed both his arms, and wrapped a white soft string around them, holding him still.

"You foolish mortals," Sesshomaru growled as he called upon his power deep within, and the white strands glowing gold as the priest saw the string beginning to tear. "Now!" he called as all the priests yelled out the last of the chat in union. A dark blue symbol of the last word appeared and wound around Sesshomaru's waist as the demon growled.

"Yes,more power. Give it all," the priest egged on in a murmur, watching the demon's teeth grow and his eyes turn a dark red.

Sesshomaru felt his power growing as he howled and let his hands move around, his claws scratching blindly for the strands that were now multiplying and crawling like snakes around his body.

"There is nothing you can do now," the priest stated as the demon began to stop moving, the strands taking over his body as his power started draining into the blue symbol around his waist.

Sesshomaru spotted movement as one priest from the circle stepped forward, his hands separated as Sesshomaru noticed power flowing into his hands. His power was draining and he already knew that it was too late to stop it, but he let his demon appearance grow as he fought with the priests' power. He wouldn't let humans know of his doubt, never would humans see him afraid.

"Don't fight it Lord Sesshomaru," the man stated as he moved his hand in a spiral fashion, a deep blue glow appearing on his finger. Sesshomaru let out an angry growl as he felt pain, fresh and hot on his body, something he never felt before as his legs began to shake.

"Now its happening. Take it Halo, take his demonic power now," the main priest cried in triumph as Sesshomaru turned his blood red eyes to him and growled as his power lengthened and his hand cracked, his claws growing along with his body. "You will take nothing!" the demon cried as his body grew and his fangs reached his lower lips. He got on all fours and lunged for the main priest nicking his neck as the priest fell back.

"He broke the strands!" Sesshomaru heard one of the followers cry in disbelief as he turned and lunged for that man, letting his fangs dig deep into his neckuntil they ran against each other.

"Beast!" another cried, digging his staff into Sesshomaru's back as he cringed for the first time in his life. He tore the staff out and clawed at the man, swiping his head clean off with his claws.

His body was now the size of a horse, his fur had grown out but the power was still draining from him, making his transformation very slow. With another howl Sesshomaru turned to the rest of the men who were in a corner by the door shivering and holding each other. With a small smirk of pleasure Sesshomaru slowly and smoothly walked over to them baring his fangs.

"No one will overcome me," Sesshomaru growled as he let his claws scratch a man's pant leg seeing the flesh cut open. The man whimpered and Sesshomaru could smell his fear but before he could lunge at his neck a strange white rope wound around his neck pulling him back.

"No more movements dog," he heard the main priest say as Sesshomaru rolled onto his stomach and looked at the man with the rope. Baring his blood drenched fangs Sesshomaru noted that the man didn't even flinch.

"You don't scare me, monster," Sesshomaru growled again his anger surprisingly high and visible on his face. Dropping the rope the priest again put his hands out, his fingers glowing blue. Getting up to lunge at the stupid priest Sesshomaru howled as his neck turned gold and the rope cut deep into his flesh, pain bright and hot.

"You cannot move now," the priest observed as another priest got up from behind Sesshomaru to smirk his hopes refreshed as the older man called upon another spell. Sesshomaru could feel that his full power was now gone, he was as weak as a half-breed.

His dog form now faded with a bright flash as his other form appeared but his hair was black and he held no dog ears atop his head. "Take all of it!" a priest ordered as the older one cringed and Sesshomaru noted weakness in his soul.

Grabbing the rope, even as it bit into his palm, Sesshomaru grasped all of his strength and let it go into the rope as it flew up from the ground to hit the priest. He cried out as his hold lessened and Sesshomaru's hair returned to its silvery glow.

"No...Not this time," the older priest cried as his power tightened and called upon the rest of Sesshomaru's power as the demon cringed in pain.

"Grab him!" the older one ordered as the others hiding in the corner bounced up and two took his one arm the other two took the other. "Now I shall take it all," the main priest stated as his hands filled with power for a third time, but just as he began to drain, the older man fell to the ground and his body began to shiver.

Sesshomaru fell back as well, his body exhausted. His entire body was shaking from the experience as one priest that had his arm took out a sharp pocket knife and pulled it up to then stake it deep into Sesshomaru's chest as the demon howled in agony his body feeling so much pain that he nearly fell into blackness.

"No! Don't touch him!" the older one screamed as the man took out the knife, "He has a mission to complete. Now Sesshomaru, you have one thing to do: you must get the girl here to us, and once she is here you get all your power back," the priest explained his breathing heavy.

Sesshomaru could barely stand, yet get up, with all the power drained from his body. He felt his weakness, he had to be no more powerful then a baby demon. "Get him up," the main priest ordered as the men took him up to his feet and Sesshomaru felt his whole world spin.

"Until then, Sesshomaru," the main priest stated as he waved his left wrist again and the men dragged the former demon out. With little gentleness the men threw him into the elevator his head smacking the wall as he cursed. "You're lucky that our boss didn't tell us to kill you, or we would. You deserve to die after killing those followers back there," one man spat as the others agreed. The man who spat took him by his black collar and shook his aching body as Sesshomaru felt his body screaming.

"You should get what you deserve," he whispered angrily, pushing Sesshomaru roughly against the wall. Sesshomaru shook with fury, but was too weak to do anything to the despicable humans.

"You monster," another stated as he elbowed Sesshomaru's stomach making the demon/man cringe in pain. "You will die before anything is achieved, it's below zero out there and you're bleeding a lot. You'll be lucky if a car runs you down," the man whispered his nose touching Sesshomaru's as the demon/man growled back, but did nothing, because his body still trying to recover.

"You should watch what you say," Sesshomaru growled in warning even angrier than before at hearing the emotion in his voice. "What will happen then monster? You going to beat all of us with your human powers? Ooh so scary," the man holding his collar teased as Sesshomaru bared his teeth but remembered his fangs were gone.

All of the men erupted into laughter as another punched Sesshomaru's face causing his lip to bleed as the elevator came to a stop. "Here we are," the men whispered as the door opened and they dragged Sesshomaru out.

They threw Sesshomaru's body into the snow, and he shivered at the sheer coldness of the substance. His front body hit the snow gently, but he was aching all over. When the men were gone he rubbed his jaw and noted it was still full of blood. His chest was still bleeding profusely, and when he finally got up he saw the snow covered in blood.

Crossing his arms, he rubbed them feeling slightly warmer as he began to walk. He felt his lip to see if there were blood there too, but noted that the wound was already closed. He smirked slightly, so it seemed not all of his power had been taken.


"Halo, what's the matter?" Nakuto asked, looking over to the older priest as Halo poured the recent power into the sound proofed room next to the one they had just had the fight with Sesshomaru in.

"That demon hurt me...his power was so great, and yet I know that there is still some left. It might not be much, but it's enough to keep him from being completely human," Halo answered as he watched the large ball of power grow every time he put more power in.

The demon was indeed powerful. The room was originally a ballroom, and the entire space was almost filled to its capacity.

"He does indeed take after his father, but what scares me the most is that I could take down his father with the power I used today. Maybe even make his father lose his power that keeps him eternally young. But here, his son still has power left over even after all that I have taken..." the priest whispered more in awe than fear.

"So do you think he could come back when he's healed and kill us?" Nakuto asked as his eyes grew huge with fear. "Of course, he still has the strength of his full demon inside him, not the demonic energy, but just plain strength. He, I'm sure, could break us like paper if he had us cornered and was angry enough. I still believe he has a little of his demonic power in him, but it won't be easily called on like before. Now he'd have to be very angry before the power kicks in, but I'm sure if it ever did he would be more powerful then all of us," The priest stated with a small smirk.

"Why are you smiling! He could very well come and hunt us all down!" Nakuto cried as Halo looked over to him with a smile. "Because now I have answered his father's wish, he asked me to make Sesshomaru human. He saw it as the only way that Sesshomaru would ever feel compassion for the human race. Now that Sesshomaru is alone and nearly human, his emotion will for sure be going crazy since he has hidden them so long. Now we shall see if his father's wish was in vain..." the man whispered the last sentence as his hand fell, all of Sesshomaru's power that was collected held within by a powerful barrier.

But for how long?