LEOMONaid on a hot day

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WARNING LEMON AND HEAVY LAGUEDG Eragon had been walking in the roal gardens with the queen for some time now, he had came to the gardens with the queen with on simple task. His confesions, He had chosen a spot clear of the citie where they could have there own conversation without interupions.

"I love Araya and would like to court her," Eragon said almost to quickly for his own brain to register. The queen gave a small laugh witch ended up puzziling Eragon more than his own words. "I don't really see what is so funny?" Eragon said with a raised eyebrow. "Don't be alarmed Eragon its just I now know what the raven was buging me about during my breakfast, you see he knew about you and Arya I knew that this would happen to its just really all quite amusing to me now. Eragon as Arya's mother I give you permission to court my daughter." Eragon was over come with joy he could barly stand to keep him self from picking up the queen in a monsterus hug. Eragon stood up and bowed low to the queen "thank you your majestie" he said puting his fingers to his lips.

Arya was still in the tree house except now see was siting on the bed in on of Eragons shirts witch went half way down her thais her hair was still wet from the bath she had just taken and was now pollishing her bow waiting for Eragon to come home. 'You seem a little jumpie today Arya' said contacting her threw her minde. " Just want Eragon to hurry his ass up and get home so that I can see him befor he gose to the sparing fields". Saphira gave a small laugh and went off to hunt for her breakfast.Arya sighed and went back to her mindless task not reallising the Eragon had snuck up behind her.

----------lemonie activite if you don't like it then tuff-
Eragon sat on the bed behind her and started to gently nip the tips of her ears. Arya gave out a small moan quickly biteing her lower lip trying to keep it from escapeing causeing a little trickle of blood fall down her lip. Eragon wraped his arms around her stomack and layed down pulling her ontop of his chest. Arya quickly turned over so that she was laying on her stomack.

Eragon smiled down at her slowly kissing down her neck, Arya gave a sharp sigh as she tryed to hold back a moan biteing the same spot on her lower lip makeing more blood escape from the small cut. Eragon stoped kissing her neck and lightly kissed her lips licking the blood from her lower lip asking for entrance. Arya hesitently opened her moth and let Eragons tounge explore her moist cavern.

Arya gave a small muffled moan and soon found her hands exploring his cheast from under his shirt. Eragon quickly got rid of his shirt so that it would be more inviteing to her hands. Arya broke the kiss almost gasping for air, "Eragon umm have you ever done this befor cause I'm just kinda scared," Eragon looked down at her and smiled giveing her a small kiss. "Dont worry I'll stop if you want me to." Eragon said while nuzzling her neck, "no Eragon I want this I really do," Arya said giveing him a look that was nothing but pure love. "Arya are you sure you want this? there is no going back from this". Arya couldn't speak half the reason being that she was so scared the other was because of her pure anticipation.

Eragon layed down lower makeing there bodies basicly touch, Arya pulled him down into another kiss imedietly there tounges where locked into a combat of there own. Arya gave a sharp intake of breath when she notced the hard not to mention long and thick object presing between her thiaghs. Arya looked down to see a larg more of a hill then a lump in Eragons pants. All Arya could do was stair at his manhood in wonder, He was still clothed and she could already see that it was huge.

---------------NAUGHTY ACTIVITE AHEAD----------------

Arya put both of her hands on Eragons belt pulling him even closer befor she decied to finally just get rid of his pants all together. Eragon could not believe it he had fallin in love with her so deeply that he had let her get the beter of him by geting his cloths off bfor hers. Eragon grabed the top of the shirt that she was wereing and riped it down the middle. Eragon was stuned to the point that all he could do was stair at the beutie no angle that layed at his mercei.

Arya thinking that he was actually disapointed in the way she looked started to cover her self up with the riped shirt. "No.." Eragon wispered in her ear while reamoveing the shirt the reast of the way and leting his hand trail down her bodie makeing her arch into his bodie at the slightest touch. "Your beautifull and I dont ever want you to know that I will never be ashamed in you", Eragon said while he trailed butterflie kisses down her bodie. Eragon stoped at her entrence and looked up at her giveing her a small smirk. Arya had just realised what he was about to do when all the sudon she felt his wet toung lick her opening causeing her to give out a moan. Eragon not being satified slowly let his tounge glide into her savering the taste of her hot fluids.

Eragon started to flick his tounge around inside of her When she felt her self tighten around his tounge and with a cum to him. Eragon laped up her fluids savering every tast of her spicey yet sweet fluids. Eragon pulled his tounge out from inside her and noticed that she now was sweeting and geting hard niples from the cold wether.

Eragon quickly took her left niple between his index and forefinger gently rubing it. Aryas eyes got wider as she felt his touch on her bodie. Eragon noticed her reaction to his touch and the need for it and decied to torcher her some befor he gave her what she wanted. Arya could hardly believe it when she felt his lips close around her niple and lightly suck on it flicking it with his tounge.

"Eragon please stop just come inside me please no more playing around please," Arya said half out of breath. ERagon was half shocked at her words and how mutch she seemed to want it. "Arya you know that you could end up pregnant right? and its going to hurt a litlle bit right?" Eragon said with a litlle bit of consern. Arya gently put a hand on his cheek so that he was only looking in her eyes, "Eragon I know that I could end up pregnant but you have to understand that it would be a wunderfull thing for me to carry your children," Arya said while bringing her face closer to his for one more kiss.

Eragon hold no longer hold him self back and what she had just said meant a great deal to him. So he broke the kiss and posioned his member over her entrance, Arya nodded giveing him her silent permision to take her for his own forever.

Eragon gently and slowly pushed his member into her moist cavern trying to keep his own need to thrust faster under controll so that she wouldn't be in very mutch pain. Arya felt as thogh she was burning on the in side and she would split in two, she felt tears run down her face she thoaght she would die or be driven insane from all the pain that she was feeling. Eragon saw her tears and knew there was nothing he could do but try and ease it so he caught her in a heated kiss.
Arya felt no longer felt the same tear sheding pain and was starting to feel the pain disapear, and in place of the pain she felt her self get weter and close around Eragons member. "Faster Eragon please I need you to go faster," Eragon had almost lost all sanity by not being able to go as fast as he had wanted to at first but now he was more then willing to do as she asked. Eragon drew his member out about half way just to slam it into her agin.

Eragon suddonly noticed that she was growing really wet and tight so he went faster and faster untill they where both rocking at an almost eyeblureing pace. Arya held it in for as long as she could but know she felt as if she would explode, "ERAGON!" was all that she could say befor she had finnaly cumto. Eragon could feel her juces on his member as he finally came to only mustering the voice to be able to whisper her name, the name of the woman he loved.

-----------------END OF LEMON-
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