Sakura and Haku met up in the front and ran to the back door. "Hey Yui, whats the status?" A girl wearing short honey brown hair, jeans, and a flannel shirt whipped around and smiled. "Hey Sakura! Haku!" She high fived them. "Follow me." The 3 of them tiptoed across the hall to the janitor closet that was crowded with at least 6 other kids. "Yo!" The kids all raised their hands in silent greetings. "The front hallway and the route past the gym is crowded with gang members so we'll have to take the route in the back portables. Haku groaned, "We're going to be late." Sakura and the others nodded and sighed. Quietly, after checking the hall way they ran silently across the yard.

For every good, normal kid at Anbu Academy, school is a nightmare. The school has the toughest fighters in Konoha so the fights there are deadly. If your caught by a nin (fighter) student they usually want to fight you and that usually means that you'll go home half dead. The toughest fighters were the group known as Akatsuki. That was the group that had not just the toughest but the richest nin students. They were the most feared, silent and deadly. No one wanted to mess with them. The boys in that group were Gaara, Naruto, Neji, Lee, Chouji, and Shikamaru. The girls in the group were also their girlfriends. Tenten(Neji's girl) , Hinata (Naruto's girl), Ino (Shiakamaru's girl), and Temari (currently a girlfriend of a guy not in the school). The toughest guy though who had no girlfriend, was the heartthrob of the school, Uchiha Sasuke. A major bad ass. Sakura and Haku never went near those kids. All the good/ normal kids would run around with them and avoid the nins. All of them following one rule, never get noticed by the nins, stay invisible. If they followed that rule they stayed safe.

The bell rang and they all ran. Sakura dropped her bag and stayed behind, Haku waited for her when all the sudden they heard voices. "Let's see how tough you are now!" They peered around the corner and saw the Akatsuki girls facing off a group of nins. They stared in awe. On eof the nins pulled out a knife and lunged at the girl known as Hinata. Sakura noticed this and noticed that Hinata was unaware of the knife. That means that Hinata would get hurt and the Akatsuki members would go berserk. She ran without thinking to Hinata, images of blood whirling in her head. As the guy came she grabbed his hand and did a karate move she had learned along time ago. Silently thanking her mother for making her take defense classes she twisted the guys wrist just as it was about to pierce a shocked Hinata. The guy howled in pain and dropped the knife. Sakura smirked until she heard another guy move to her. Haku jumped in the way this time and kicked the guy in his private part. Haku smirked and did a high five with Sakura until they both noticed what they had done. They broke the rule. Sakura looked at Hianata, mentally checking for wounds. Haku grabbed her arm, "C'mon!" Sakura nodded and they ran off completely dazed. What had they done?

Ino and the girls walked into the class late and headed straight for the guys. Naruto instantly snuggled his girlfriend and asked if she was ok. "Yea I'm fine but…. This girl…she came out of no where and saved me! She even checked to see if I was ok!" All the girls nodded, the guys stared silently. "I think we should thank her, the knife was headed straight for Hinata's heart!" Tenten implied. Naruto hugged Hinata close thinking about her near mishap. Sasuke sat up and walked to the window nearby, "We'll deal with those punks and we'll find this girl. I want to meet her myself." They all nodded their agreement.

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