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At tops this was the highest point in Sasuke's life. The whole church went silent as a vision in white walked down the isle. Sasuke could feel himself shake, he'd never admit it but, Sakura took his breath away. Her gown was a simple white color, no sleeves. Her bare back was glimpsed under her veil. She all but floated to him and he had to remind himself that people were watching him; he was not suppose to gawk and drool when his bride was coming down the isle to him.

The priest, an old friend of Sasuke's (one of his true few) coughed slightly. Giving Sakura a quick leer. Sasuke had to bite his tongue so he wouldn't curse though he swore, friend or priest or not, Genma was going down.

"We gather here today, in the presence of God to bring this man," he pointed at Sasuke, "And this woman," he pointed at Sakura, "In holy matrimony." He glanced down at them closely for a moment as if trying to remember what else he had to say. "Do you, teme..err..I mean…" Genma flushed. Sasuke glared, in the back the howls of Naruto's laughter were heard. And quickly subsided with a yelp when the people around Naruto slapped him smartly upside the head. "I mean, do you Uchiha Sasuke take this woman as your wife? To hold and to love and to cherish for all the days of your life? To take care of in good, bad, or sickly times?"

Narrowing his eyes without any doubt Sasuke spoke loudly and confidently. "I do."

Genma nodded and turned to Sakura. "Do you, Haruno Sakura take this man to be you're your husband? To hold and to love and to cherish for all the days of your life? To care for in the good, bad, or sickly times?"

Sakura nodded, and her eyes glittering. (Because yes, the wrap that had been around her head and covering her eyes in the last chap was gone now.) She spoke loudly and with confidence."

Genma looked ready to choke, his eyes going wide in shock. "You do? Are you for real? Sasuke in the most coldest, jerkiest, son of a bit-" A loud cough erupted him. He found himself looking into the shocked eyes of one Sakura and the glares of the many other guest (groom included). He gulped. "Um, ok then. Moving on. If anyone had reason as to why these two should not be wed speak now or forever hold your peace." His sweat dropped as Sasuke, Orochimaru, and Zabuza's ever faithful gangs glared at anyone as if to say 'object and you die'. "Ok then. By the power vested in me I-"

"WAITTTTT!!!!!" Naruto cried out dramatically. Everyone snapped their heads around to look at him in shock.

Hinata blinked in total surprise at Naruto, whispering slowly "Naruto, what in the world are you doing?"

Naruto blinked before shrugging. "I… have no clue. It just seemed like a cool thing to shout." Everyone's sweat dropped. Hinata, who stood there twitching did something she had never done before. She whacked her boyfriend upside the head so hard he was knocked out. Behind her Neji and Ino grinned proudly. Sakura gaped, Sasuke smirked.

Again Genma's sweat dropped. "Then with no further objections I-" Another loud 'WAITTTTT!!' interrupted him. This time by Orochimaru.

"We want to marry Haku at the same time you join those two weirdo's!!" Orochimaru shouted, Zabuza nodding his agreement beside him.

Haku twitched a few times before smartly knocking them out yelling. "I TOLD YOU!!! THERE IS NO WAY I AM MARRYING YOU, EVER!!! SO SHUT THE HELL UP, QUIT ASKING, AND STOP INTERRUPTING THE WEDDING!!!" Haku huffed, rasping for air. Taking a deep breath he gave a warm look at the gaping crowd before him. "Sorry about that, folks. Please continue."

"I don't even want to know.." Genma muttered. "Ok then without any furthur objections I-" Again he was interrupted by a loud 'WAITT!!' Genma slammed his bible shut and grumbled in irritation and exasperation. "For the love of Pete.." he muttered.

"I CAN'T BELIVE YOU'D EVEN THINK ABOUT MARRYING WITHOUT US HERE!!!" A beautiful raven haired woman with dark eyes burst through the doors and down the wedding isles. Two impassive but good looking men in tow. "UCHIHA SASUKE HOW DARE YOU TRY TO GET MARRIED WITHOUT ME HERE TO WITNESS IT!!"

Genma felt a rather large headache coming on. "Miss.. who are you and why must you yell? We hear you loud and clear!"

Clearly offended the woman huffed. "I am Uchiha Mikoto, Sasuke's mom. Behind me is his father Uchiha Fugaku. And beside him is Sasuke's older brother, Uchiha Itachi. We're his family."

Genma blinked a few times before glancing at Sasuke for comfirmation. Sasuke just a grunted, a slight smirk on his face. "Good of you to come mother."

"No problem!" Mikoto chirped cheerfully forgetting her anger. "Now please continue!"

Genma snorted, "Finally. By the power vested in me by the church I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride!" Sasuke was already french kissing Sakura before the words 'kiss the bride' had escaped Genma's lips. The crowd cheered and clapped as Sasuke let go of Sakura in a rush. Then he did something shocking. "Oh my God…" Naruto breathed, having waking up from being unconciece. "Is he.. is the teme.. is he really smiling?" The entire crowd gasped. Naruto had to sit down or risk falling down.

Ignoring everyone Sasuke picked Sakura up and rushed out the church leaving everyone stupefied.

By mid reception it was hard to tell who was more irritated; Neji, Sasuke, or Hinata.

By mid reception Naruto and Lee had managed to get roaring drunk and were currently confessing every secret about themselves and others. Neji and Sasuke sat twitching while Lee and Naruto to spill their guts out to the crowd.

"And then there was that time where we all thought Sasuke and Neji were gay, remember that Lee?" Naruto poured himself another glass of sake.

"Yup! I remember! I thought there youth was spoiled!" Lee sighed dramatically. "And as I recall, didn't you use to believe that Sasuke had a crush on you?"

Naruto nodded hiccupping. "But then I can't blame the guy. I've always been one hot, freakin-" He was cut off when Hinata shoved an apple into this mouth. Neji and Sasuke smirked, everyone else laughed.

While everyone proceeded to poke fun at Naruto and Lee, Haku and Sakura walked outside for a moment.

Neither of them said a thing while they gazed out at the stars, a slight smile on their faces. They glanced at each other and grinned. Words didn't have to be said. They knew exactly what was on each others minds. "I'm happy for you Sakura."

"And I'm happy for you too Haku." Sakura felt her lips twitch into a smirk. "You've got many admirers now."

Haku growled, "Shut up!" Sakura chuckled.

"Did you ever even imagine that things would end up like this?"

Haku snorted sarcastically, "Oh yes. I always imagined that I'd be stalked by two gay gangsters and that my best friend would be killed then brought back to life and married to one of the most dangerous man alive. Oh yes, things turned out exactly as I pictured it." Sakura laughed, Haku glanced at her with a soft look. "You know what Sakura? I'm glad your back."

Sakura smiled, "Yea me too."

"Though if you ever leave me like that again, I'll kick your ass next time we meet."

Sakura chuckled, "Don't I know it." She shook her head, "I don't think I could leave you now anyway. Sasuke won't let me."

"Yea, that's true." Haku grinned. "He's a possessive dude isn't he? But he's a good guy. I think your in good hands with him."

"Yea, me too."

"And your right, he won't let you go, which is a good thing. I thought I would go out of my mind when I thought you were dead. I felt so lonely and OI never want to feel that way again!"

Sakura's eyes, dimmed. Her smile saddened. "Oh Haku I'm-"

"HAKKKKKUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!" Orochimaru and Zabuza popped out of nowhere, clutching Haku to death. "Fear not my love!!! You will never be lonely with us around." Haku slipped out of their deadly clutches with a loud rasp. Orochimaru and Zabuza beamed with tears in their eyes. "We will never leave you alone!"

"Oh God…" Haku groaned. Sakura giggled.

"Your happy now aren't you?! Yes, of course, for we have your backs we will never-"

"HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO BE HAPPY ABOUT THAT??!!!" Haku went red face, throwing a glare at Sakura who fell to her knees laughing. "THIS IS NOT FUNNY!!"

"Yes it is.." Sakura choked out.

"But darling-" Zabuza reached out to Haku.


"The sweetie-"


"Pumpkin pie?"


"Peanut butter?"




"Love of my life?"


"Ronald McDonald?"



"NO!!! I SAID NO!!"

"So I can't call you by your name?"


"Then what can I call you?"


"But that's what I just-"


Orochimaru and Zabuza flushed like school girls, swaying. "Aw.. we're crazy about you too Haku!"

Haku looked up at the sky's frowning. "Why me?"

Sakura held her stomach as she laughed herself into tears. Yelping when strong arms wrapped around her waist. "S-Sasuke!"

Sasuke smirked, "Ohayo.." He glanced at Haku who was currently glaring whole into the love sick Oroacochimaru and Zabuza. His sweat dropped. "It's hard to belive they're feared gang leaders huh?"

Sakura giggled, "Yea, but it's cute seeing them that way."

Sasuke eyes her knowingly. "You mean it's funny."

Sakura giggled again. "Yea that too." She smiled at him. "I'm happy I'm with you again."

"Yea me too."

He held her close, the both of them grinning as they listened to their friends and family squabble and shout at each other. Their grins widened. "Eh, Sasuke. I'm glad we're all together again."

Sasuke glanced back at Naruto with a frown. Naruto was currently talking about Sasuke's toddler day and his weird obsession with tomatoes. Too much info. "I'm not."

Sakura chuckled. "Yea, and they love you too."

"Do you?"


"Me too."

Sakura pulled back with wide eyes. "You love yourself?"

"No.." Sasuke sighed. "I… love you.." Sakura's eyes all but popped out. Sasuke grunted. "But don't you ever tell the dope that!"

Sakura laughed. "Don't worry I won't." She hugged him closer. Her life at school may have been a nightmare, her saving Hinata may have made things worse. But never would she regret it. "I'm glad I saved Hinata that day."

"Yea.. me too."

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