One shot. This is just what I think Moody might say to Auror trainees.

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To Be an Auror

Forget emotion. Forget anger. Forget vengence. They cloud your mind, destroy your equilibrium. They make you vunerable. Find that place inside yourself where they do not exist, where all is calm. Rest in this calm, and let yourself flow with the rhythms of the fight. You will be afraid. All living things feel fear when faced with death. This is natural, and it is right. Your fear gives you caution, and caution will help you survive. Be aware of your fear. Let it shimmer on the edges of your calm. It will serve you well, but it must not be allowed to control you. Do not react in haste. Haste destroys intent. Haste, as well as your emotions, is your enemy. The battle is a dance, and your partner is death. To survive to dance the next dance, you must learn the steps, master the rhythm, understand the music. Let it flow around you, let it enter you, let yourself become one with it inside your calm. It is all, it is everything. Until it is over, and you either live or are dead. Either way, there will be peace. Always, inside yourself, let there be peace, and no matter what happens to you, you cannot fail. Live, fight, die. Birth, death, rebirth. Each cycle continues. Find your place within them, and greet existence with all your heart. Live in peace, fight in peace, die in peace, and you will be content.

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