Yu-Gi-Oh! Avatar: Final Battle

Hello, everyone. Well, new year, new story arc of the Avatar saga. And this one is bound to be shock and awe you. I know what some of you might be thinking. Some of you are probably expecting this to be just like the canon show with an occasional comment from Harold or Amara. Well… you're 95 percent right. While this will follow the canon show for the most part, I am going to throw in a twist, a twist that will probably take everything you know about the Avatar world, and throw it right out the window. Yup, a surprise so shocking, it will make you want to read twice, maybe even three times, to make sure your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. This surprise will be revealed during Kaiba's and Yugi's duel. But you know what, I am so excited about this that I am willing to give you guys a sneak peak now. So sit back and get ready for a shocker!

Yami-Yugi and Kaiba watched as Avatar did battle with the priest. The Armlet versus the Millennium Rod, each seeming to wield vast amounts of power. With their magical artifacts, Avatar and the Priest seemed to be evenly matched.

"This could go on all night if we fight like this," Avatar said.

"Agreed," the Priest replied. "We can not decide this contest with magical artifacts but with our Shadow Monsters! Beast of Talwar, come forth!" A humanoid demon with bat wings and horns appeared holding a sword.

"I call forth my own guardian… Wingweaver!" A purple-haired angel with six wings and a gold dress appeared.

"That's Harold's favorite monster!" Yami-Yugi realized.

"Just one of Ishizu's tricks," Kaiba dismissed but there was a hint of doubt in his voice.

"Wingweaver, attack with Light Spark!" The two monsters clashed which resulted in an explosion that forced both monsters back. Wingweaver flew around Beast of Talwar and attacked from the side. Beast of Talwar raised its sword and sliced downward at Wingweaver.

"Wingweaver, counterattack with Lumis Crescent!" Wingweaver sliced her hand across Beast of Talwar's stomach and destroyed the monster. The Priest fell to both knees. "You have been tainted by the powers of evil. But I guarantee you my light will overcome the darkness."

"You are mistaken, Avatar, the true power of evil… is sitting on the throne behind you!" The Priest pointed to the Pharaoh behind Avatar. "He is a murderer who seeks to subject Egypt!"

Avatar stared at the Pharaoh before turning back to the Priest. "How sad, you lose one monster and you start throwing around blame."

"I don't care about losing that pathetic monster. I have a better one waiting, one that's more powerful than the Egyptian Gods!" The Pharaoh gasped.

"Maybe this monster was the one that fossilized the God Monsters," Yami-Yugi figured.

Beast of Talwar and Duos appeared. "Now, I sacrifice these two Shadow Monsters!" The monsters disappeared. The tablets shattered showing that the monsters were gone forever. "So I can summon my ultimate creature!" The Priest's body started to glow. Energy formed a dragon-shape. "Come forth, Blue-Eyes White Dragon!" The two Duelists along with Avatar and the Pharaoh all gasped as the familiar dragon rose. "She has returned, Pharaoh, and she is angry, angry that you caused her death."

"Why would the priest refer to the Blue-Eyes in the feminine sense?" Yugi asked.

"I'm not sure," Yami replied.

"Blue-Eyes, destroy Wingweaver with White Lightning!" The white dragon launched a blue energy blast. Wingweaver actually screamed in pain as she was destroyed. "Now attack Avatar directly!"

"No!" The Pharaoh cried.

Avatar quickly put up a shield but somehow the White Lightning Blast destroyed it and struck Avatar head-on. Avatar let out a scream as the cape and hood disintegrated.

"It can't be! It isn't possible!" Yami-Yugi and Kaiba heard the Pharaoh cry out.

The Priest smirked, "How ironic, an eye for an eye."

Yami-Yugi couldn't see what had the Pharaoh so spooked. The Blue-Eyes White Dragon was blocking his view. Yami-Yugi started to fly around the giant beast.

"Yugi, what are you doing?" Kaiba asked.

"I have to see who Harold's predecessor was."

"It's just an illusion," Kaiba argued then followed.

No, it's not an illusion. A piece of my memory is unlocking, Yami thought. As Yami-Yugi came around to the front of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, he saw the Pharaoh kneeling down by Avatar.

"Why?" The Pharaoh asked. "Why did it have to be you?"

Yami-Yugi then saw Avatar's face.

And what he saw almost blew his mind. "No, this can't be possible!"

I think that's enough of a hint for now. Sorry, but if I revealed the shock now, you guys wouldn't want to read on. And you WILL have to read on to find out what could make the King of Games recoil like that. And while I doubt you can figure it out, you can certainly go ahead and make guess. Who knows, maybe you will figure it out. I left enough clues in Battle City. Well, anywho, enjoy!

Oh yeah, before I forget, Yu-Gi-Oh! and its characters and products were created by Kazuki Takahashi and are under the license of 4-Kids Entertainment, FUNimation, and Shonen Jump (The most popular manga in the world.) Harold and Amara are my own creation. The character of Kevin Hunter is created by Blue-Eyes White Knight (a.k.a. BEWK)