The Power of Love (Working Title…Suggestions?)

By The Senshi of Valis & CH33T4H GRL

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It was just past ten o'clock at night and Ted Olsen, the owner of Olsen's Pet Shop and grandfather of Matt Olsen, sighed as he finished watering and feeding the last puppy. There had been a lot of drop offs the last few days of unwanted puppies and kittens which had prompted Ted to offer the people the chance to get their pets fixed for free at a vet Ted knew so this wouldn't keep happening. A few of the families happily accepted which made Ted happy that he could help and keep unwanted baby animals ending up on the street without any shelter or anyone to love them.

This is what he loved to do though; he loved taking care of animals though he had to admit he was getting a little old to handle by himself. He didn't want to quit though, he was one of the best pet shops around though some people hated him and even accused him of discrimination. If discrimination was not selling a pet to somebody who seemed like they knew nothing about said pet and didn't seem to even really care about it then Ted was guilty of it. He refused to sell an animal to someone he felt might end up abusing it or throwing it out.

This big increase in pets lately though made it a little hard for him to handle it all himself and since he wasn't really feeling all too well he had called and asked Will to come help him clean and feed the pets and help watch the shop until closing. She was supposed to be there at six o'clock but she never showed up and all calls to her home and cell went unanswered.

Ted understood that Will was a teenager with friends and so many other things that she could be doing so he wasn't really angry that she may have forgotten. He was disappointed in her though as she never seemed very flakey or forgetful. In fact, Will was a very bright, smart and beautiful girl who Matt was a fool for dumping recently which could have been why she didn't show up but Ted knew she would have never agreed to come in if she didn't mean it which also led him to being a little worried as well.

Sighing as he pulled his trench coat off of the coat rack and put his hat on he turned out the lights after saying goodnight to the little ones in the store. He walked out of the front door and turned as he fished the keys out of a pocket. He looked through the keys until finding the right one and locked the door then started walking slowly to the alley a block away from the store which would pretty much take him straight to Will's home not far away from there. It would be easier to walk there than drive the van since it wasn't far and there really wasn't any parking for visitors at the apartment building. He wanted to check up on her and make sure everything was okay before heading home.

As he walked he kept a close eye out around him, while there really wasn't much crime here in Heatherfield there was still some. He always made sure to be aware of his surroundings anywhere he went even if it was daylight out. That was a habit he had for a long time, he had made a lot of enemies from the people who he deemed unworthy to sell pets too. While the most any of them ever really did was prank call the store Ted was still always careful.

Turning to go down the dark alley Ted almost had second thoughts as he thought it may have been safer going the long way instead. As he started to turn back though he noticed a bicycle that looked very familiar and it made his blood turn cold. It was Will's bike, the one she rode everywhere even though she now had a license. She always said she rather rode her bike and got the exercise than be lazy and drive everywhere she could walk to in less than ten minutes.

A soft noise drew his attention away from the bike causing him to follow carefully behind a dumpster that sat out from the wall a few feet. There was a figure lying in the shadow and it sounded like they were crying. Carefully he moved closer to the figure and wanted to wake up from the nightmare he was in. Will was laying on the ground barely moving, he could tell her clothes were in tatters and though it was hard to see he was sure he could see blood and bruises on her.

Ted pulled off his coat and pulled Will up as she struggled weakly. He carefully wrapped his coat around her and lifted her up with a little effort and he felt his heart shatter at her protest.

"Please…please don't…hurt me…please." Will cried weakly as she struggled a little more.

"Shh…" Ted said quietly though trying to sound comforting and loving as he did, "It's okay Will, it's Mister Olsen and I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to take you to the hospital, okay."

"Mister Olsen?" Will croaked out, pulling the coat tighter around her the best she could, shaking.

"Yes honey, we're going to the hospital now. Okay?" Ted said as he walked carefully while protecting his precious cargo. He was going back to his van to drive her to the hospital since it was on the other side of town. He prayed that she was okay, that she would be okay but he was very worried as tears threatened to spill when they got out of the alley and under a street light. Will had a black eye and her lip was split and bleeding.

"I'm sorry…I tried to…I tried to come…" Will cried as she buried her face into the folds of the coat trying to hide.

"Will, everything will be okay." Ted said reassuringly, squeezing her gently, "There's nothing for you too be sorry about."

Ted sighed as he felt Will's breathing even out as she fell asleep. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing though since he did hear a lot of things about injured people needing to stay awake. That was one thing he was starting to wish he knew more about since he never really needed to know much about human injuries much since he usually preferred spending a lot of time around his animals instead. There wasn't any senseless arguing and fighting that people always tended to fall into.

Carefully Ted opened the passenger door and sat Will up in the seat reclining it and securing the seat belt around her. He shut the door carefully then and hurried around to the driver's side and climbed in pulling the seat belt on as he did. He pulled down the sun visor and caught the keys as they fell from it and found the ignition key and tried to start the van and cursed at it silently as it refused to turn over. He tried again and sighed in relief as it not only turned over it actually started.

Putting the van in reverse he backed out of the parking space and then put in drive and stepped on the gas. He drove quickly though carefully so not to disturb his passenger as he sped to the hospital thanking his lucky stars that the one police cruiser he passed didn't pull him over for speeding. He made it to the hospital in just a few minutes and stopped just outside the emergency room and put the van in park and turned it off and pocketed the keys instead of returning them to their usual spot.

Hurrying around the van Ted pulled the door open and freed Will of the seatbelt and pulled her free of the van not bothering shutting the door behind them. He rushed into the near empty lobby and to the triage where two nurses were sitting.

"May I help you, Sir?" one of the nurses asked.

"She needs a doctor…I found her in the alley like this." Ted said, fighting for breath as the nurse stood up and leaned over the desk and pulled the coat back a little and gasped. She picked up the phone and dialed a few numbers.

"I need someone in here to pick up an unconscious girl who has been beaten severely." The nurse said then paused for a few moments before continuing. "Yes, of course, thank you."

The nurse hung up the phone as three more nurses or doctors, two men and one woman, came out of the door next to the desk. The men pushed a bed and indicated for Ted to put Will down on it. "What exactly happened to her?" the woman asked.

"I don't know…I was going home…I was going to see her and found her in an alley." Ted gasped as the men wheeled her back through the door.

"May will give you some paperwork you need to fill out while we see to her then we'll have some questions for you so make sure you don't go anywhere." The woman said, turning and following the men and Will.

Ted started to follow but the nurse behind the desk stopped him, handing him a clipboard and pen. "Sir, we need to fill this out to the best of your ability." The woman said.

"But Will." Ted said staring at the doors Will just disappeared through.

"She will be fine Sir, she'll be taken very good care off but they need room to work. She's your grand daughter?" the woman asked, Ted realized this must have been May the other woman was talking about.

"N-No…but she's close enough to be." Ted said.

"Do you have a number where her parents can be reached?" May asked.

"Yes, do you have a phone I can use then I'll start on these." Ted replied as he indicated the clipboard.

"Sure, it's over there by the magazine rack." May said pointing to the rack and small table next to it with a phone sitting there. "Just dial nine to get an outside line."

"Thank you." Ted said and walked slowly over to the phone trying to figure out what to say to Susan. This is something Ted never had to deal with but now that he did he was lost on what to do other than wanting to be there for the girl he truly did see as his grand daughter. He knew at first Will wanted to work at the pet shop partly in hopes of seeing more of Matt but then Ted and Will started forming there own special bond. Will had became the granddaughter he never had and Ted loved her dearly. She was like family to him and this was tearing him apart seeing her like that. He swore to himself as he picked up the phone that he'd make whoever did that to Will pay.

The phone rang several times before Susan finally picked up, a little bit of worry in her voice as she said, "Hello, Vandom residence."

"Susan, its me, Mister Olsen." Ted said with a sigh, "I'm calling…it's Will…"

"Will, what's wrong, where is she? Its almost eleven o'clock!" Susan said, wavering between worry and anger.

"I'm at the hospital, I found her in an alley." Ted said as he rubbed his eyes fighting back the tears that were a constant in his eyes since he found Will.

"What's wrong with her?" Susan asked with fear in her voice as Ted was sure he heard her crying. "What happened?"

"I don't know, I was coming to visit to see if she was okay when I left the shop since she didn't show up. I found her in an alley on the way there…She…She looks like someone beat her up pretty badly." Ted said, the tears no longer held back as the slowly started falling.

"I'm on my way." Susan said as she hung up the phone.

Ted fought to regain control for several minutes before concentrating on the clip board, looking over the paperwork and was surprised a little when he could answer pretty much everything on there like birthdate, a lot of the family history like her father having a heart attack, and how everything else. It took him several minutes to finish as it was hard going over how he found her. Just as he was finishing up though he saw Tom Lair walking in through the doors into the lobby.

"Hi Ted." Tom said waving at him.

"Hi." Ted said getting up and taking the clipboard with his as he walked over to greet his long time friend, the man who had been friends with Ted's son all through high school.

"What are you doing here?" Tom asked as he seemed to be waiting for the nurse to finish with something on the computer. "Are you okay?"

"I am." Ted said sadly, looking at the tiles on the floor. "But I found Will hurt badly and brought her here."

"Oh shit." Tom growled, "Wh-What happened?"

"I don't know but she was beat up pretty badly." Ted said.

"She…she is back there now…" Tom asked, fear in his eyes as he looked back to the doors leading back to the emergency rooms.

"Yeah…I brought her in not too long ago." Ted replied, looking worriedly at Tom. He must have been there to take a report of some kind because if one of one of the Lair family was in the hospital Ted was sure he would find out either by Tom himself or by Will who was friends with Irma, Tom's daughter.

"I'm here to take a report on an assault on a minor and possible…rape…" Tom said, his face going pale as Ted snapped his face up to lock eyes with the younger man.

"Oh god no…" Ted whispered, shaking his head as the tears resumed. "What kind of monster would do that to her…she never did anything to anyone…she didn't deserve for this to happen."

"I don't know Ted, but no one deserves that." Tom sighed, "I swear I'll make the piece of shit who hurt her pay for it."

"Are you finished with the papers?" May asked as she looked up at Ted. Ted nodded and handed the clipboard and pen to the woman and rubbed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. There was no way this was happening, it couldn't be/

"Thank you, Sir. If you will have a seat the doctor will be out to question you soon. Also, I'm sure Captain Lair would like to question you as well." May said indicating Tom.

"Sure." Ted said as he wearily made his way over to a seat and fell back into it. He watched as the other nurse at the desk got up and led Tom through the doors. Leaning back into the chair he tried to think of something else but couldn't, he was too worried for Will. Was she really okay? Who could have hurt her like that? Yes bad things happened in Heatherfield but this? Will didn't deserve this but Ted was beginning to think it was his fault. After all if he didn't asked her to come help out then she never have been hurt in the first place.

Ted was brought out of his thoughts when Susan rushed into the lobby and straight to the desk. Ted could hear her crying as she demanded to know where Will was and wanted to know what happened and what they was doing for her. The nurse told Susan to take a seat and the doctor would be out in a moment to talk to her. Ted watched nervously as Susan walked slowly over towards him and sat down next to him.

"Thank you for bringing Will here, Ted." Susan said, wiping her eyes as she tried to compose herself. It was easy to see how scared and worried she was for Will. Ted took her hand and squeezed it reassuringly.

"Will is a strong girl, Susan, I'm sure she'll be okay." Ted said, hoping that he was right.

"Thanks, Ted." Susan said as she tried to smile at him but it failed completely as she started crying again.

"Mrs. Vandom?" the woman doctor from earlier said as she sat down next to Susan, "I'm Doctor Smith."

"How is my daughter?" Susan asked.

"Well…" Doctor Smith said glancing around the waiting room as Ted noticed it was empty, "We are still waiting for some of the tests to come back but she seems to be physically in better shape than we first thought. She suffered several bruises, a black eye and a split lip. There is nothing broken though which we were worried about earlier and there is no serious injuries. However…she was also raped…We did a complete rape kit as well as gave her some medication to prevent her from getting pregnant."

"Can I see her?" Susan asked softly, tears falling even faster as she shook slightly.

"Not yet, but soon." Doctor Smith said, "We have samples so if she will press charges and tell us who it is we can have evidence against them. Captain Lair is going to take some and have checked out at the station for any DNA matches but without your daughter's help it can take awhile and might even come up without anything."

"Come on, I'll take you both back to see her while we wait for the tests but you need to be quiet." Doctor Smith said standing up, "Afterwards Captain Lair will want to question you both."

"Thank you." Susan said as Ted got up and helped her up. Ted was nervous as he followed Susan, he was so worried about Will and Susan. Even if Will didn't press charges if Ted found out who it was that did this he'd make sure to make them pay for it.



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