Shadow the Hedgehog: On A Mission

Rabbit: Hummm…heh heh heh. Ah-hoy there, maties! It is I, Ai-White-Rabbit once again, with yet another story. Apparently I'm going through some stages, and right now I'm in the Sonic Stage. I just got the game "Shadow the Hedgehog" for Christmas and I knew that I had to write a fanfic! I've always loved Shadow but he never appeared much in Sonic X. Plus, I haven't played any other sonic games but the first one, the second, and Sonic & Knuckles (all for Sega Genesis). So, (shrugs) whatever. But I've done some research on my beloved Shadow, so there's nothing to worry about.

Fritz (12 oz. Mouse): Great, another romance fic.

Rabbit: (glares at him wide-eyed) Where'd you come from?

Fritz: I can't tell you. (pulls out a pistol)

Rabbit: (stares wide-eyed with a threatening look).

Fritz: (a beer bottle pops out of the pistol) Mmm…oh yeah. (drinks)

Rabbit: (stares) Sooo…where's Skillet?

Fritz: I don't know…because…I'm drunk…but it's all good…(long silence) I need a drink.

Rabbit: More power to ya'. AhhShadow, c'mere! (snuggles Shadow) I love you!

Shadow: (chuckles)

Rabbit: Btw, I don't own any of the Sonic Team characters; except Shadow, he's mine. Just kidding, I wish he was. (rubs her cheek against Shadow's) Mmmmmm!

Shadow: (smiles) She's crazy about me.

Chapter 1: Down the Dark Path

It was yet another dull day for Shadow the Hedgehog. He aimlessly wandered the streets of Westopolis, trying to find something to do with his life. But what could he do? He didn't have any money, no friends, no family, and almost everyone was his enemy. None of the humans trusted him and the Sonic Team always accused him of something. Shadow had his own reasons for doing things; so what if a few people got hurt? Besides, no one ever cared about him for a change. He felt like such an outcast in this human-infested city. With the sun already setting, and nothing to do, Shadow sat under a tree in a grassy field to watch the sun disappear behind the city's office buildings. He then plunged himself into a deep state of thought. The same questions replayed over and over in his head: "Who am I? Where did I come from? What is my purpose? Why can't I remember anything…and who is Maria?" All of these questions gave him a headache if he dwelled on them for too long. He heaved a big sigh, "I hate this place." Shadow looked out at the giant city buildings. Lights were blinking on in the dark windows. He knew that most humans were mindless zombies at night; then again, he figured that they were like that all the time. When night falls, humans would go to clubs and bars, to party and get stupidly drunk. Or, they'd probably rape a helpless victim on the streets. Shadow hated humans, and perceived them to be unintelligent creatures that only follow what "the majority" did. However, there was only one human he ever cared for- or at least, he think he did. Maria: the sapphire-eyed girl with golden hair. The image of her young face stuck in his mind ever since he could remember…and that gruesome image. She lied on the floor with a bullet wound in her chest. The scarlet red blood ruined her lovely blue dress. "Those soldiers, they're the ones who shot her. Who were they?"

The clear, rainbow-colored sky was suddenly shrouded in menacing red clouds. Dark aliens descended from the sky and into the city. Cars crashing, screaming, explosions, and gunshots were heard. Shadow stood on top of a hill and spotted black smoke rising into the air. At first, he had the urge to help the citizens, but he turned his back.

"Hmph, look at how pitiful they are. I don't have time for these humans." Just as he started to walk away, he heard a voice from behind him call his name. He turned around and came face to face with a tall creature from out of this world. "Shadow…As you can see, the day of reckoning will soon be here. Find the seven Chaos Emeralds and bring them to me as promised." The black hedgehog was taken aback by this sudden command. The nerve of this alien, giving orders to someone who doesn't even know him!

"Who are you and how do you know I'm Shadow…and what are you talking about?"

"Hmm…It would seem that you do not remember anything about yourself."

Shadow stared at him, waiting for some kind of explanation.

"If you do as I say, then I'll tell you about your past, and your creator."

Before Shadow could protest, the alien disappeared. "If he knows the truth about who I am…then like it or not, I have to believe him. The only way I'm going to get the secrets to my past is to get those Chaos Emeralds!" Without a second thought, Shadow jetted off on his hover shoes. He made his way into the city and immediately found himself in the center of a war zone. Soldiers from the G.U.N Federation were trying to overthrow the aliens- known as the Black Arms- but they were out numbered. Shadow walked up to an injured soldier and pick up his pistol, "I'll be needing this" he said, and ran off. The soldier sat there, confused.

Shadow ran through the city for almost 20 minutes, trying to avoid flying bullets and blasts from alien weapons. "Where's that damned emerald…and where the hell am I going!" He rounded a corner and found himself at a dead end. He growled in anger.

"There you are, Shadow" came a strange voice. Shadow turned around and saw a freakish purple starfish shaped creature floating a few inches above the ground. Its big yellow, cat-like eye stared into Shadow's ruby red eyes. "What the hell?" he thought. The creature spoke again, "I am Doom's Eye; Black Doom has sent me to monitor your actions."

Shadow said nothing.

"Now, follow me. I shall lead you to the Chaos Emerald." Shadow rolled his eyes and followed the alien. They were suddenly confronted by a group of G.U.N soldiers down the street. "Where do you think you're going!" one shouted. "Get out of my way," Shadow said plainly as he tried to pass them up. One man fired a shot, which nearly scrapped Shadow's right ear. "Damn humans!" Shadow fired his gun at the men, killing two and injuring the rest. He took off as fast as he could so no one could follow him. More soldiers appeared further down, and Shadow shot every one that tried to stop him.

"That's right, Shadow; get rid of the humans. Crush all who stand in your way," Doom's Eye whispered in his ear.

"Hey, are we getting closer to the emerald?"

"Yes, its in the center of the city."

"Wait, there it is!" Shadow sped up as he came near his goal. The emerald was perched on top of a lion statue. Many soldiers were trying to fight off the aliens from retrieving it. When Shadow came upon the commotion, he simply shot everyone. "Do NOT attack our soldiers!" Doom's Eye exclaimed. "Whatever," the hedgehog replied. He jumped onto the statue and grabbed the Chaos Emerald. Shadow smirked as he stared at the glimmering jewel. He was startled when a bullet chipped off a piece of the statue. He faced the man who had fired the gun and gave him a threatening look. "Hand over the emerald! Hand it over now, or I'll shoot!" Before the soldier could make a move, Shadow shot the gun out of his hand and then shot him in the arm.

"Shadow, you should leave this area. You don't want to be annihilated with the humans. Our soldiers are planning to destroy this city by midnight," Doom's Eye advised.

Shadow nodded and went on his way to find a safe place to keep the emerald until he obtained the other six. Unfortunately, he ran into another group of soldiers. "There he is, that's the black hedgehog!"

"Not again. They're so damn persistent." Shadow tried to fire his gun, but he was out of ammo. "Oh, Shit," he cursed. The soldiers fired a bunch of rounds. Shadow managed to scrape by, but not without a few wounds. He encountered another G.U.N soldier who tried to stop him. He jumped into the air, curled into a ball, and hit the man hard on his skull. He finally lost the soldiers while running at top speed through the wreckage in the city.

Shadow sat once again under the tree in the field with the emerald in his hands. He was pretty bruised and had a bullet wound in his right shoulder.

"Well done, Shadow. Now, it would be wise to leave this place. Black Doom will let you know when your next mission is. Until then…" The alien disappeared into the dark abyss.

Shadow was very tired and a bit confused. Would this really get him what he wanted? Will Black Doom keep his word? He couldn't think of it too much at that moment. His body ached and the wound in his shoulder was bleeding pretty badly. "What have I gotten myself into?" he asked. "…Stupid humans…" was all he could manage to say. "I'd better take heed to that alien's word and get out of here." The black hedgehog rose to his feet and sped off to the next closest city: Tryopolis.

He didn't get very far into the new city, for he was too weak- even though he hated to admit it. He jumped over a metal fence a fell onto a soft bed of grass behind a big Chinese tallow tree. He didn't realize that he was lying in someone's backyard. Shadow looked at the emerald in his left hand and said, "This is all your fault." He didn't know why he had said that, but he needed to blame someone for his pain. He chuckled at his silly comment, but his laughter quickly changed to groans of pain. The bullet was stuck in his flesh and the pain throbbed throughout his entire body. To make matters worse, he had a terrible headache.

There was the sound of the backyard door squeaking open, followed by a girl's voice, "…Wait, I'll be right back. I gotta take this out first." The girl walked down the concrete steps with a filled trash bag in her hands. "Crap!" Shadow exclaimed as he saw the human's figure pass under the porch light. She couldn't hear Shadow's slight cries due to the rustling of discarded items in the bag and the flopping sounds of her black flip-flop shoes. "There!" she sighed as she shoved the plastic bag into the garbage bin. Shadow let out a loud groan of pain and the girl jumped. "Who's there?" she called. The hedgehog bit his lip to fight back his screams of pain; he didn't want to be discovered, not in this state, especially not by a human. "Who's there?" the girl called again in a slightly shaky voice. If there were some kind of predator hiding in the darkness, the girl would be ready to attack. She came closer to the Chinese Tallow and peeked around it. She gasped when she saw the black hedgehog lying in the grass, injured.

"Oh my God!" she clasped her hands over her mouth, "Are you- let me help you!" She reached down and grabbed him by the shoulders, which made poor Shadow cry out again. "NO!" he shouted when the girl touched his wound; he also didn't want any help. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" she screamed in a hushed tone. "Here, let me, um…" this time, she scooped him up and held him in her arms like a baby. Shadow still held onto the green Chaos Emerald. The girl ran inside and nearly bumped into her big brother in the kitchen.

"What the shicky is that!" he asked, surprised.

"Who cares, he's hurt! Get a towel or something!" Her brother grabbed a towel from a closet and followed his sister to her room. He laid out the towel on top of his sister's bed and she placed Shadow down on it. "Go get a cold wet hand towel, a bottle of water, and the first aid kit." Her brother nodded and went to retrieve the items. Shadow was sweating and his breathing was unstable. "You poor thing," the girl whispered as she wiped perspiration from the black hedgehog's forehead. Her brother returned with the stuff and kneeled down next to his sister to get a look at the hedgehog.

"Man, he's messed up…Look, he's got a bullet in his shoulder."

"Oh yeah. I have to pull it out," the girl immediately dove into the first aid kit and pulled out tweezers. "Be careful," said the brother. "I will," she said as she lowered the tweezers to its target. Shadow braced himself for pain. The girl pulled the bullet out quickly; luckily it wasn't in too deep. Shadow yelped at the excruciating pain. "Sorry," the girl whispered. She handed the bullet to her brother, who wrapped it in a paper towel and disposed of it.

"I got it from here, thanks Dan."

"Okay, if you need anything, call me. Man, I wonder what Mom and Dad are gonna say when they get home…" he exited the room.

The girl placed the cold towel on Shadow's forehead to cool him down. His eyes were squinted shut from being in pain. The girl tapped out two Tylenol pills into her hand and twisted the water bottle open. "You should take these, they'll make the pain subside for a while." Shadow wondered if simple human pills would do him any good, but he had no other choice. He sat up and swallowed the pills with a big gulp of water. About six minutes passed and the medicine had taken effect – it felt like an hour to Shadow. By then, his shoulder was bandaged and other cuts were tended too. He began to feel tired and before he knew it, was sound asleep.

End of chapter 1

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