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Note: I haven't posted anything in a really long time. Anybody miss me? My little JoA marathon over the holiday break kind of influenced meto comeback.

Anyway, I've often wondered what would have happened if Joan hadn't found out about Bonnie in Trial and Error. I kind of got the inspiration for this from the movie Sliding Doors, in which there are two storylines based on whether or not the main character makes her train. So, I'm beginning this story by altering the hallway scene, and we'll see where it goes from there. But I don't want this story to be entirely about Adam's affair with Bonnie. Joan has a secret relationship of her own, with God, and that will definitely factor in as the story continues.

Joan, Adam, and Grace are standing around the refreshment table during a break in the mock trial, talking and eating. Adam happened to look up and saw Bonnie walking towards them, with her eyes trained on him. She looked like she was about to confront him right then and there in front of Joan, and he panicked. He did the only thing he could think of – he suddenly grabbed Joan into his arms and kissed her like he had the previous night at the bookstore. When she recovered from her initial shock and pulled away slightly in surprise, he saw Bonnie standing nearby out of the corner of his eye, so he pulled Joan closer and kissed her again, longer and deeper than before. He nearly released a sigh of relief when Joan relaxed into the kiss and he noticed Bonnie turn and retreat the way she had come.

Grace really did exhale forcefully in relief when Bonnie walked away. Normally, a PDA like she was currently witnessing would have made her want to hurl, but right now she was incredibly grateful for it. She had noticed Bonnie approach at about the same time Adam did and she felt her heart skip a beat, thinking everything was about to go to hell. Adam's quick reaction had prevented World War Three. At least for today.

Needing air, Adam and Joan finally broke apart.

"Wow. Where did that come from?" Joan asked breathlessly. "Are you trying to soften me up so I'll go easy on you in my cross examination or something?"

"Yeah", Adam replied. It was definitely the "or something" he thought.

At that moment, the bailiff entered the hall and announced that court was back in session.

"Well, that kiss won't get you anywhere on the witness stand, mister." Joan leaned in to whisper in his ear, "But it might later." She winked at him before heading back into the "courtroom".


Adam turned to Grace, but didn't say anything.

"That was really close Rove. I thought you said things were over?"

"They are."

"Does Bonnie know that? You might wanna make sure, because you might not be so lucky the next time."

Grace headed back to the classroom, and Adam followed slowly.

Joan hadn't been kidding when she said that the prosecution was locked and loaded. She had come up with a pretty convincing case against "Jack" and was relentless in her cross examination. It didn't help Adam that he was distracted from the event that had just occurred in the hall, but Joan was so well prepared that it might not have mattered if he had been fully on the ball. Grace's objections were overruled one by one, and in the end, Jack was convicted by the jury.

"I told you that you were guilty!" Joan gloated to Adam after the verdict was read.

"You have no idea", Adam thought, but he just nodded his head in response.

"I'm impressed, Joan", Luke said. "You put together a sound, logical case. I didn't know you had it in you. Maybe we do have more in common than DNA."

Joan gave her brother a light shove at that remark, but smiled. "Thanks, dork. But don't you wish now that you'd worked with me instead of Grace? Then you could have been on the winning side."

Grace had gathered up her notes and came to stand near Luke. "Careful how you answer that. A wrong answer might result in certain privileges of yours getting revoked."

Luke's eyes went wide and he opened and closed his mouth a couple of times while trying to formulate an appropriate response.

"Don't hurt yourself, dude. Come on, let's go get some coffee." Grace then led Luke from the room.

Joan laughed as she watched them go. "He is so whipped."

"Unchallenged", Adam replied, with a chuckle of his own as he and Joan walked into the hallway.

"Well now, my little felon, if you're not too upset with me for nailing your ass to the wall in there, you wanna go get some coffee or something too?"

"Sure", Adam replied. He was all too eager to get out of the building, in case Bonnie was still there somewhere.

Joan took his hand and smiled at him, sweetly oblivious. The verdict from a few minutes ago echoed through his mind as they walked out of the school and into the spring evening. Guilty, guilty, guilty, …