Dare my Ass!

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Kagome and Inuyasha and gang are different ages. U noe…not the usual 15 year old Kagome. Yeah so I hope you'll get my point.

Chapter 1: This is Miroku's dare.

Kagome Higurashi is going to be 18 years old soon. She and her friends decided to celebrate it for her. Over at Sango's place. Sango's house was huge, she had 6 air-conditions, 4 bathrooms and toilets, 5 bedrooms and a very large living room and kitchen. One word: Massive!

Unfortunately for her, Inuyasha Tashio, a 20 year old hanyou, who is apparently the hottest guy in town and has his own fangirls club…It's his birthday too. Kagome and Inuyasha didn't like each other that much. Kagome thought that Inuyasha would take in any girl who hangs around him for pleasure. Well apparently Inuyasha IS the world today. True, them two have been friends before but things have changed.

Saturday Afternoon In Sango's pool:

"Sango? What should I wear? Is it better with the red or blue?" I asked. (Referring to Kagome.) While showing Sango the materials of my dress.

"Ummm…I think the red would look nice with you hair. But blue does look ok." Sango said unsure of her friend's question.

"Ok I'll go with the red then. Oh and we are gonna go swimming right?" I asked.

"Yeah. We're gonna play Truth or Dare tonight!" Sango squealed excitedly.

"We are gonna do WHAT! Sango you know I'm always the one who gets the bad dare. You won't do THIS on my birthday would you!" I pleaded like a lost kitten on the road.

"Of cause I am! That's why I love you as a friend Kagome. Even if it's your birthday!" Sango smiled a cheeky smile while I glared at her meanly.

"So. Have we made the list yet?" Sango asked.

"Yeah. I have invited 11 people, including us."

"Ok. Who then."

"Let's see, Me, you, Miroku, Kouga, Ayame, Ayami, Eri, Yuka, Ginta and Hakkaku." I said while thinking and counting.

"Ok! Wait, what about Inuyasha?" Sango asked.

"Yeah? What about him? I'm not inviting him! He's been a bitch to me." I said fisting my hands.

"Just invite him. For the past years when you WERE friends. And it's his birthday too. We can even play a trick on him with Truth or Dare! Any who, you guys never speak any more." Sango said…I was persuaded.

"And besides he IS the hottest guy in town-" Sango started.

"Stop saying that! That's all I've ever hear for the past few weeks!" I hated Inuyasha these days. It's true, we barely speak at all to each other and we use to be best friends. Until Kikyo came…

I hated him for loving her! I use to like…love Inuyasha when we were smaller, maybe around me 15 and him 17 but now…it's all a mess.

The Birthday Party:

Saturday night at 6 pm everyone came to party. Then Sango said that the cake had to be shared with Kagome and Inuyasha. And the music was pumping!

"What! What do you MEAN I HAVE to share a cake with him!" I shouted.

"You CAN'T be serious right!" Inuyasha shout louder than Kagome over the pumping music.

"Yes I'm serious you two. Can't you just get along?" Sango said.

""NO!"" We both yelled.

In the Pool:

"How do we play Truth or Dare in a pool?" Kouga asked dumbly.

"Kagome, would you like to explain?" Sango said.

"Yes. Ok firstly we don't have everything out yet so ya have to be patient. 2ndly there will be a floating bottle which will be put in the middle of the pool. 3rdly We all must participate, so no chickening out on this. 4thly Miroku can't say his words. Which are, 'Could you please bear my children.' Got it Miroku? If you refuse, then you have to kiss the person on the LIPS for 20 seconds. And yeah that's basically it." I finished off and got the things and jumped in to the pool.

"Ok everyone! Who would like to start?" Sango said.

"Why not let the birthday GIRL start." Hojo said.

"What! Why not me? It's also MY birthday!" Inuyasha said not knowing that nobody wanted to actually start.

"Ok then, Inuyasha YOU can go first." Kagome insisted.

Inuyasha spun the plastic bottle and ended up getting Kouga.

"Ok Kouga. Truth or Dare?" Inuyasha asked.


"Truth! You coward! Fine. What will you ask if Kagome asked you to sleep with her?" Inuyasha said.

"Hey!" I shouted.

"Hmm…I would ask her to strip!" Kouga said proudly.

"Kouga!" Ayame slapped him.

"Kouga you sick perverted dick head!" I shouted slapping him harder.

"Oh my god Kouga you would do that? Now if I get you again I know exactly what to do!" Inuyasha said with a smirk on his face. That smirk is never good.

"Ok! Now my turn." Kouga said rubbing his hands together.


"Ok Miroku, truth or Dare?" Kouga asked.


"Ok…I dare you to…"

"Please make it Sango, Sango, Sango! " Miroku whispered.

"Ok. I dare you to grope every one here except me and Kagome, because she's my woman." Kouga said now receiving an underwater kick from Ayame.

"Oh yeah! My life time job. Thank you Kouga!" Miroku started to grope everyone's butt but mine and Kouga's. We were laughing our heads off. He either received a kick a punch or a slap from every one.

We also noticed that he was touching Sango's the most. Isn't that obvious.

"Miroku spin." Kouga said.


"Oh not again! Ok Inuyasha truth or-"

"I choose dare. I ALWAYS choose dare." Inuyasha said.

"Ok dare…I dare you to kiss Kagome on the…" Miroku the sick minded bastard started.

"Not the lips!" Inuyasha demanded.

"…the lips!" Miroku finished.

"Wait! For 10 seconds." He said.

"What the Fuck! No way!" Inuyasha and I said together.

"Ok then do it for 20 seconds. That's the punishment." Miroku teased.

"Fine." Inuyasha said. I felt myself blushing at his appearance. He was coming closer and closer though the midnight water.

"Oh I forgot Inuyasha, you have to hold her to your chest." Miroku laughed.

"What!" I screamed.

He grabbed me gently and pulled me closer. I felt his strong chest upon mine. My heart was beating so fast and unsecured. Finally our lips met, I shut my eyes feeling this weird feeling all over me and we held on for 10 seconds. At least I thought if was 10 seconds. It was over 20 seconds and we didn't even notice.

We heard clapping and cheering and then reality came back to us. We open our eyes and saw each other. Both staring deeply into each others eyes.

"Oh sorry! I thought…" I started. I was backing way but SOMEONE 'ahem!' Sango tripped me and I fell forwards into Inuyasha's arms once again.

Inuyasha's POV:

I caught her as she fell. I guess she was too shock to move for that moment but then the silence was filled with weird emotions towards her. I look down at her as she looked up and I embraced her like she was the love of my life.

"Awwww…." Every seems to be looking but we didn't move. We just stood there feeling the body heat surrounding us at the time.

Kagome's POV:

Just being there with him. I didn't wanna move. I guess neither did he. It felt so right with his arms wrapped around me tight. So strong yet so soft.

"Inuyasha…" I accidentally blurted out.

"Yes Kagome?" Inuyasha replied thinking it was a question.

"I wanna stay like this forever…" 'Oh no! I did not just say that aloud did I? He's gonna kill me for that.' I thought. Shit.

"Same." Inuyasha said sounding surprised at himself.

Everyone clapped as we separated.

"Well things are going well between you two huh?" Sango asked.

"Hee hee…yeah…" I said.

So later when we finished our chit chat we got ready for the giant cake that Sango bought for us.

"Happy birthday to yous, happy birthday to yous, happy birthday dear Kagome and Inuyasha…Happy birthday to yous!" Everyone sang.

We both got our cheers and both cut the cake. Fortunately for us, we both touched the bottom of the cake so we had to kiss the nearest girl/boy. That also meant that we got to kiss again! Yay for us!

We both shared our birthday kiss from each other and everyone ate cake. Miroku started to grope again and Sango whacked him hard in the face and he fell into the cold swimming pool.

We also had a night partly…or disco as I say.


Authors Notes: That was so damn random. I so swear I'll NEVER do this story again, unless you people want me to. Ok bye. Hee hee I will update others soon. (Running away.)