Albus Dumbledore was indeed dead. There was not much that could be done about that despite the terrible travesty it was within the wizarding community. His death at the hands of Severus Snape was something not even the great man could have predicted. He trusted him without doubt, and not without reason, and his betrayal was something that he could neither reflect nor ponder upon because Dumbledore was dead. But just because Dumbledore didn't foresee his death did not mean he didn't have a contingency plan. At Dumbledore's age he no longer cared about himself he had done enough living and seen enough of life's wonders to be content. His only regret was leaving Harry alone in a time of such tribulation without a suitable tutor and mentor. He had friends and support aplenty but facing Voldemort required so much more than that. He needed all the aid he could get. So Dumbledore did something no wizard had done in the last century. He sought out the wild mages. Elementals, controllers of the natural realm, had been separated from the rest of the wizard community because of their temporal natures. If a weather mage was born to a wizarding family they were sent to special institutes and were never seen again. Dumbledore sought their allegiance and alliance. They were to answer the call of the phoenix if ever Dumbledore required.

It is a mystery as to how Dumbledore persuaded them to join his cause against Voldemort. Many wondered what he possibly could have offered to the elusive warlocks and witches, it was just assumed that they understood that whilst they had freedom now, Voldemort would most certainly try and bring them in because of the power that they possessed. No body except Dumbledore and the mages know for sure and Dumbledore was dead. And that presented certain complication for Harry Potters life.

"He what?" Harry cried staring at the letter dangling from McGonagall's hands. Ron and Hermione were both staring at the professor with similar expressions.

"It is expressed very clearly in his final letter," The professor's severe expression did not change. Harry's eyes darted from McGonagall's face to that of Lupin, Mrs Weasley and even Tonks. To his horror they all seemed to be nodding their heads in agreement.

"I'm 17 I do NOT need a body guard," he spluttered.

"Not a body guard, Mr Potter. The wild mages are joining the ranks of the battle but Dumbledore has clearly expressed his wishes that if you refuse to rejoin Hogwarts for the final year," She eyed him carefully and Hermione squirmed, "Then you will accept a select presence of the mages."

"I don't know," Moody murmured, "How can we trust these wild mages."

"Dumbledore trusted them," Lupin pointed out.

"He also trusted Snape," Harry stated cruelly. All within the room narrowed their eyes at the mention of the former potions master.

"The wild mages are different. They have no association with he who must not be named," McGonagal began.

"So because they didn't follow Voldemort that automatically means we should fling open the doors of the order of the phoenix?" Harry demanded relentlessly. Ron nodded encouraging.

"This is getting no where," Mr Weasly said, speaking for the first time.

"Arthur's quite right," Mrs Weasly claimed standing up. "We should continue this discussion tomorrow."

Harry didn't want to continue the conversation. He wanted to finish it now. He wanted to know about these wild mages and what McGonagal meant when she said a select group. But it didn't seem profitable to argue the point right now and besides Hermione was giving him strange looks and casting her eyes upwards.

When Ron and Harry were finally in bed and they were sure that the adults were back down stairs they appararated into Hermione's room. She gave a quite shriek.

"You were expecting us weren't you?" Harry asked.

"Well yes but I was still startled," She defended herself and flipped a page in the book on her lap as Ron rolled his eyes.

"So Hermione, should I accept this glorified version of a baby sitter?" Harry asked rhetorically and contemptuously.

"Yes," Hermione answered without looking up from the book.

"Are you bonkers?" Ron started, "How's Harry going to hunt down You-know-who and Snape with the mages tailing?"

"He can hunt Voldemort easily," Hermione said. She sighed at their stunned expressions. "Don't you two read ever?"

She held the book up so that Harry could read the title 'wild Mages.'

Harry sat down, "fine. Give us the lecture."

"Wild mages are born to wizarding families of course, there have been no muggle born. When they first displayed their powers wizards treated them similarly as wizards were treated in Salem. Out casted. They still are. Wild mages are sent to special institutions and rarely have any contact with their families. It's really quite sad and backwards."

"Ok and how will they protect Harry better than a member of the order?" Ron wanted to know.

"They can control the elements," Hermione said dramatically.

"So they are wind, water, earth, rain sort of witches?"

"Not exactly. They are broken up into 2 categories. Heat and cold," Hermione stated.

"So what between them they can give you-know-who a fever and cold flushes?" Ron asked sarcastically. Hermione turned up her nose at him and, not for the first time, Harry wondered if they pair were compatible enough to have a romance.

"It is more complex than that. Wild Mages are extremely dangerous and temperamental when it comes to wizards.'

"Still not getting why they are dangerous Hermione," Harry felt a bit daft. Like he was missing a very important clue.

"Think Harry! Heat and cold. Every thing has either heat or cold and most have both," Hermione was clearly frustrated.

"Back to the dangerous thing?'

Hermione snapped, "Cold mages could freeze your insides solid and Heat mages could remove ever drop of heat from you're body and blood. Heat mages are the worst though. All elements of magic contain a certain amount of warmth. Even dark spells. If the wild mages remove that…. Well you can see why Voldemort wouldn't want them as an enemy."

"Or why the wizarding community evicted them," Ron said.

"They have a sovereign and a champion for both branches."

"So it's a good decision to agree to them?" Harry pressed.

"Well it doesn't say much about the heat mages but apparently the cold champion Ibzan is the most powerful they have seen in a hundred years," Hermione was making her thoughts on the situation clear with her admiring tone, "They really are a fascinating people."

"We get the point Hermione," Ron told her.

"I've got to sleep on it," Harry declared but he knew he was going to accept the offer of protection. Dumbledore had obviously thought this was the best for him and he would honour him. So with that thought he and Ron said goodnight to Hermione and Apparated back to there rooms…. Where Professor McGonagall was standing expectantly.

Both boys jumped in surprise and Ron exclaimed, "bloody hell."

"Language, Weasly," McGonagall said sternly, "So Potter what's your decision?"

So much for being given time Harry thought, "Fine."

"I thought as much. We leave tomorrow to get the heat mage champion," McGonagall made to exit the room.

"Leave? Leave to where?" Harry asked.

'Burundi. Country in Africa. That's where the heat mages are situated. Now get a good night sleep," and she was gone.

"Why do I feel like I really had no choice t all in this?" he asked turning to Ron.

Ron shrugged as he got into bed, "I don't know mate. Probably because you don't!"

AN: this is sorta the prologue. Umm I don't know if any of you will like it but I have this crazy plot idea in my mind that I just had to write. I'd love it if you liked it but if you don't I don't mind! Let me know your thoughts. Oh and if any one who reads my other stories they will all be updated in the next three days. First time I've had time in ages.