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"Now the most obvious problem is the lack of unity," Ibzan began, addressing the Order in its entirety.

An outraged Tonks quickly interrupted him. "Lack of unity?" she demanded. "The order of the Phoenix is a UNITY!"

Lupin put a quieting hand on her shoulder. Pyralis nodded gratefully at him, this was going to be hard enough without angry witches hurling abuse at them.

Ibzan didn't bat an eyelid instead stared at her relentlessly with a stoic face. The air turned chilly.

"Ibzan…" Pyralis said warningly.

Ibzan ignored her and continued to focus on Tonks. He tilted his head and her eyes widened. She gave a gasp and the breath was misted from the sudden cold in the room.

Harry watched the exchange. He resisted the urge to gasp when he heard Ibzans voice in his head.

"You, Harry Potter, are essentially the leader of this order and to truly lead you must be willing to do it by all means. Love, respect and if necessary fear. This one has no need to respect me and she certainly doesn't love me so if I am to teach her she must fear me."

Harry wasn't quite sure how to respond so he just thought very hard about his answer. "So you are inside her head, gathering secrets?"

"I'm sorry," Tonks stuttered at that moment.

"Yes," Ibzan answered Harry's question out loud.

Pyralis shifted uncomfortably. The cold mages were politicians to be certain but she often thought their cruelties were not required. Even Ibzan, whom she liked, had a nasty streak.

"If I might continue?" Ibzan's voice was even but he made the request a mockery. McGonagal, tight lipped and stern, nodded.

"The cold mages are linked by mind and the heat mages share the bind of blood but you are all very independent," he said it with a tone that left no room to argue.

Realising that Ibzan's arrogance and assumption had probably offended everyone in the room, especially Moody and his Aurors Pyralis smoothly intercepted.

"What I'm sure Ibzan is trying to say is that the dark wizards will be expecting a one on one battle which is traditional. Separate duals etc. What we want to teach you is how to think as one. The Heat mages fight in teams of three… it's different for the cold mages."

Ibzan held up four fingers.

"I know what they mean," Arthur Weasley said. Pyralis breathed a sigh of relief. The wild mages were honour bound to offer support as Harry had won it but the wizards could make it difficult on them. They were all still over coming centuries of prejudice.

"Fine," Moody grumbled. "If this is what they can offer us the might as well accept. But how do you know it's effective. You are both hail from isolated origins."

"We have fought our fair share," Ibzan said.

"Well he has," Pyralis gave an embarrassed smile.

"So you have not fought?" Moody made it a loaded question. "How can your opinion be considered more valuable than others?"

"Because I'm damn good!" Pyralis snapped, her anger flaring. "You will do what we demand!"

Ibzan smirked at the chastised wizard. "It is not considered wise to antagonise a person who could roast the flesh off you with a mere thought. And the Wild Mages are quick to anger."

"And the cold Mages are also?"

Ibzan stared at Moody. "No. But we are not as quick to forgive as the heat."

Ibzan let the man free of his stare and sighed inside. All this glaring was giving him a headache. These people had exiled him at birth and, unlike Pyralis, he would never have the hope of finding his family. Despite only being in his twenties he felt much, much older than anyone in this room. Pyralis had integrated easily, being a teenager and warm but he was an outsider. The cold mages were natural loners but they hated true isolation. Pyralis was his only ally.

Which wasn't the most positive thought. To be sure he cared about her. He had thought he loved her once but distance had made him see that folly. If they had been raised in normal society, with their special gifts, things may have been different. Or maybe they wouldn't have. Their age difference would not have been acceptable.

However in this situation Pyralis could too easily let emotions override her. She looked ashamed of her outburst now that her rage was cooling. He had needed that explosion, it had helped but the self-regret that followed afterwards was not as welcome. There was no middle ground in wild mages, they were simply extremes.

Lupin watched the conflicting emotions on Pyralis face and sighed. They were both too young to be in this war. Ibzan's nature made him apt for such conflict, Pyralis didn't like the complications. The young warrior wanted the enemy placed in front of her so she could attack. This waiting, training and hiding was driving her mad. Lupin felt the flame mouse stir in his pocket. It had become somewhat of a pet, occasionally squeaking to be patted. He knew that in actuality it was simply manipulated flame but he couldn't help treating it like a living thing.

Harry was also watching Pyralis. She was shifting agitated and obviously conflicted. He wanted to soothe her fears. He knew what it was like to be put on display, expected to perform. She was doing fine but how to reassure her?

"I asked for their aid," He said impulsively, "And will accept what advice they have to offer."

Pyralis smiled gratefully.

"Well led Harry," Ibzan approved silently.

"Let's do this then," Ron said standing.

"What are you doing, Ronald?" Mrs Weasley all but screeched.

"You don't think I'm letting Harry go into battle by himself do you?" Ron demanded.

"Yes! We not letting Harry fight and not help," Hermione added.

"Yeah," The Weasley twins yelled and Ginny was grinning.

"This is outrageous. Not a chance," Mrs Weasley stammered.

"Pyralis is fighting. She's our age." Ron pointed out the heat mage whose eyes widened as Mrs Weasley's crazed eyes swooped onto her.

"Well she wouldn't be if I had any power over her. She'd still be at home with her family."

"What family?" Pyralis asked. She was baiting Molly.

"I meant with the Heat mages," Molly dismissed.

"The wizarding community is a family. We are in this together," Mr Weasley said softly.

Everyone in the room nodded.

"Much as I'm loathe to admit this," McGonagall stated, "But without the children we are too short on numbers."

'That's another problem," Ibzan observed softly, "You may want to consider increasing your ranks. Professors at this school of yours, any friends, more students."

Molly squeaked in protest.

"Purely voluntary but only sixth and seventh years. They are almost adults and old enough to be useful." Lupin sided with Ibzan.

"This is crazy!" Molly spoke loudly.

"Enough mum," the oldest Weasley boy spoke and Fleur clutched at his hand. He had mostly kept silent through this ordeal but now he spoke. His scars were still red and fresh.

"Zee French will 'elp!" Fleur offered. She was not the best liked but she was talented magically, the triwizard tournament had proved that.

Ibzans eyes strayed over the blond lingering a little bit longer than was necessary as the Veela in her called to him but he quickly averted his eyes. His icy demeanour allowed him to hide any alteration of feelings.

"Now until we have the complete numbers we cannot set people into the threes that they will eventually fight with but we can practice drills," Ibzan said.

"Well Hermione and me are with Harry," Ron said as if it were already settled.

It wasn't. "No you aren't. He's with Pyralis and myself." Ibzan did not even look at the boy when he said it.

"What?" Ron cried. Hermione looked aghast.

"We were brought in as his body guards. We would be poor ones if we did not look after him in the greatest battle."

"So all the years of friendship don't count?" Ron pushed.

"Even if we were not the best fighters and hadn't promised to be his personal guard I would still not put you three together. If he is going to get close enough to Voldemort he's going to need the best and it may mean that one or both of the trio must lay down their life. He would never allow his best friends to die." Ibzan explained this coolly.

Ron looked to Pyralis for support but she knew that Ibzan spoke the truth. "The heat mages already have trios and we would ideally like one wild mage in each trio so they are going to have to adapt." She ignored Ron's angry look.

"McGonagall you said you were to teach some defensive spells now," Ibzan said. "And Lupin you're going to get some numbers. Hermione…"

The witch jumped when the man addressed her. "You were the organiser of the DA, 'Dumbledore's Army,' were you not?" His lips quirked into a smile at the name.

"Yes." She answered suspiciously, she was angry with the wild mage, like Ron.

"I want the ones still loyal to have the option of joining."

"All of them?"

Ibzan shook his head. "Only the ones you think would serve us well."

Hermione looked proud that it was her judgement that counted. Ibzan did know how to manoeuvre people.

"Harry you're with us," Pyralis said.

Harry followed them into the large, magically made training room.

He stared at the wild Mages. He had only known then for a brief time and only spent any real time with Pyralis but now their lives depended on each other. Pyralis stared back but Ibzan was clearly oblivious, or uninterested.

"I'm going to call in all the Cold mages," Ibzan said.

"Really?" Harry asked.

"Yes. I thought we would have more numbers and that the ones we did would be compliant but we need the cold mages communication skills and any fighters that we have."

Ibzan looked like he had gone into deep thought when in actuality he was sending his thoughts across countries. It meant defying the queen but Voldemort was the most pressing problem.

"He is really powerful," Harry muttered to Pyralis.

"Yes. Yes he is! That's why we follow him."

"But you are shujaa in your own right!"

"But he has more experience. Right now he is more powerful than I am," Pyralis admitted.

This concession from the proud heat mage put things into perspective. Put Ibzan into perspective.

Ibzan turned back, missing the previous exchange to Pyralis' relief. His ego did not need to grow any.

"Well let the lesson begin," He said spreading his hands.

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