Chapter 1-A New Beginning

Disclaimer: I do NOT own the Phantom of the Opera or any of the characters, except Kara who of course is my own character. I do NOT own any of the songs from ALW, this is my first fan fiction writing so please be kind.

It was a cold and rainy mid spring day when it all happened. Paris was all in a glow, the street lamps bringing light while the stars above gave beauty, truly Pairs is the city of magic and love. The citizens of Paris were busy hurrying home as the rain became more heavy and more violent. As for one girl, it was a horrible time to be out lost, and has no idea where to go. She ran through the streets trying to find a place to hide her shivering body from the unrelenting storm.

"There has to be a place where I can find refuge for the night." She thought. The girl was a mere 15 years old and out on her own. As she ran through the streets, she came upon a grand building. It was none other than…. the Paris Opera House. The large and grand structure towered down above her; it almost seemed to call her in. The stone angels seemed to be dancing a top the roof tops, their stone smiles smiling for God.

She quickly ran into the Opera house shutting the large, gold doors behind her. It was quite; everyone was either asleep or wandering to his or her chambers. The girl was dripping wet from head to toe, her clothes were only a mere nightgown, and as she walked you could hear a spilsh and splash of her naked feet on the cold marble floors.

"Hello?" she called out.

There was no answer. She walked toward a small door to the left of her. An old wooden door as it would seem, but she couldn't be sure due to there was no light to show her. The door was easy enough to open as it gave a small creak, as if the door hinges were never opened in months.

The pathway she walked, seemed long and never ending. Her body now became so cold that her whole body started to shiver and tremble, if she didn't get warmth soon she knew that she would either die or faint. Her feet started to feel heavy as she collapsed into a heavy heap on the floor.

"Its…I'm…so…cold…" was all she could muster to say.

As if on cue, she heard music, a piano? No! It was an organ, but who would be playing music at this time in the middle of the night? Feeling new energy inside her, she struggled to get to her feet, but she did and walked to the sound of the music. The passage way seemed to head downwards now, as if almost on a sharp slope.

She came to what her eyes could see was a lake…a lake which was surrounded by carved walls with faces so menacing they seemed to be looking into her very soul. She placed her tiny foot into the cold water, for there was no other way she could get across to get to the beautiful music. The tempo of the music seemed to become faster and dramatic.

The water was icy cold, but she hardly felt it due to her body was so numb as it was. There were so many twist and turns that she felt like a mouse in a maze trying to find the hidden cheese. Finally she came to a clearing. Her eyes suddenly became wide; in front of her was the most amazing site that her eyes ever beheld. There were candles lit everywhere, a gondola was parked near a wall where she could see, but couldn't make out pictures of a lady. There were drapes draped over what seemed to be mirrors and…well she couldn't see what was behind one of the drapes but there was a dress there she could tell.

And there…was a man in front of a large organ. The organ looked very expensive for it was covered in gold and candles seemed to surround the mysterious man and his work. Then he began to sing.

"Think of me,

Think of me fondly when we say goodbye,

Remember me once in a while,

Please promise me you'll try,

When you find that once again you long to take your heart back and be free,

If you ever find a moment spare a thought for me."

It was beautiful. His words and his voice sounded so majestic, that she felt as if she were going to cry. How could a being have such an angelic voice to be hidden here in this room? Unknown to her, she was actually 7 feet below the Opera house; a place where people never knew existed.

Her body began to feel weak and numb to the point where she had no idea if she was standing of sitting. At a state of shock she knew she had to hurry and get out of the water before she did indeed freeze to death. Not wanting the man to see or hear her, she quickly began to move her body through the water, trying to find her feeling, but she fell. The ice-cold water pulled her under as she tried to swim to the surface. She managed to pull her body out when she heard an angry voice call out.

"Who's there!"

It was the mysterious man! She could hear him walking into the water. Fear and panic ran through her body faster than the speed of light, she didn't care if he hear her now all she wanted was to get as far away as she could from him.

She looked behind, there he was coming closer and closer to her.


He called to her but she wouldn't stop, she knew all to well what would happen to her if she was caught, she would be beaten…again.

Finally she reached the shore and climbed out as fast as she could.

"I'm home free now!" she thought to herself, until she felt a pull of her right foot.

It was him!

"Oh my God!" she silently screamed in her head.

He looked very upset and angry. He was wearing nothing but a white V cut shirt and black pants…and what seemed to be a white mask. He would have looked handsome if his lips were not in a tight smear, smearing at her.

He looked into her eyes and all he saw was fear. With that the poor girl collapsed and fainted.

He picked her up and looked at her.

She was young he could tell, no more than 16 or 15. She had dark brown dripping wet hair. He couldn't tell what colour her eyes were for they were closed. He happened to look down and saw that she was barley clothed and what seemed to be blood on the hem of her dress.

He looked at her face again.

"What happened to you?" he thought.

His eyes turned from hatred to concerned.

Though he was cold he picked her up and carried her through the passageway to another room. There was a large mirror in front of them, with a flick of his hand the mirror opened. He walked through carry the helpless child in his arms. He placed her in the bed, which was there. The room was deep red in colour and there was a vanity in the right side of the mirror. Paintings of a diva surrounded the walls of the room. The woman had a very stuck up face and looked very up tight as well.

The man looked at the pictures and smirked. He then covered her body with blankets to keep her warm. With that done he went to the vanity and took out a piece of paper and bottle of ink.

"Dear Madame Giry

I found this girl near my home last night I have no idea why she is here but looks as if she is in need of some help, please see after her and I will pay you for the things she needs.

Your Obedient Servant,


He looked at her one last time and left the room. He walked silently through the hall towards the ballet room. There he opened the door and placed the note on a chair and swiftly exited the room, back down to his home.

"Who is this girl?" he thought as he placed his bottom and the organ bench.