It was finally time for Kara's audition and her body trembled behind the curtains where the judges of the Opera House sat in the red audience chairs. She wore a white body suit and tutu, which had white feathers outlining the v-cut shape body suit, and two bundled wings at each side of her hips to symbolize the swan. Her brown hair pulled back into a bun, while a small silver crown was placed on top of her head, with a crown of white feathers also placed upon her head. She wore stage makeup to enhance her character, and she even wore her new Pointe shoes that she could now fully work and dance in. Kara placed a hand on her heart and remembered the Phantom's promise that if she needed him, he would be there.

"Please watch over me Phantom…"

The judges were ready for her to begin, and the piano player motioned her to come out on stage and hit the opening pose. Her heart was beating so fast, she didn't know if she could dance over the beat. The piano played, and she danced the role of the dying swan.

She lifted her arms high in the air and danced on the tips of her toes, while her face showed an expression of despair and sadness. When she moved her arms up and down to motion wings, they seemed to turn into wings themselves, and when she leaped, she look like a swan that took flight. The Phantom was in box 5 hidden from view as her watched her audition. She seemed more focused than she had in weeks before this day. Her foot work defiantly was the most major improvement, no longer did she stumble when she fell, no longer did she bleed through the toes, no longer did she give up, she to him, was a true dancer. Kara danced slowly as if the swan herself was struggling to continue with her heart broken, from the betrayal of her love who promised that he would set her free, but made the wrong vow to an impersonation of the young swan, and now she was dying. She had always loved Swan Lake and this part near the end because it was one of the hardest roles to play. She placed one foot under her, and slid down so that she was sitting on the foot under her, and had one leg straight in front of her, while she placed her chest forward and her arms stretched out behind her as if her arms looked like a swans when they stretch them. The last piano note hit, and she was done, her dance was done, and now it was up to the judges to decide her fate; could she stay as a dancer in the Opera? Or was she to leave it at once and find a new place to live? Kara got up from her final pose and stood there as Madame Giry had told her too when she practiced, waiting for a response.

"Well that was very moving Kara, well done." One of them said, but the light was too bright that she couldn't see any faces.

"It was very well posed and I can tell that you practiced for a long time, and it was remarkable." Said another. Kara blushed, she wasn't used to all this praise!

"However, some of your foot work needs work, but that all comes with years of training and practice. I don't see why you cannot stay here and train to become a dancer here at the Opera Popular."


She couldn't believe it she had done it! All those days of pain and work finally paid off! She was going to be dancer at the Opera Popular!

"Thank you! Thank you so much!" she said as she gave a little curtsy and left the stage where Meg and Madame Giry were waiting for her.

"I did it Madame! I can stay and train with you!" Kara said, tears of happiness falling down her cheeks, and she hugged them.

"We knew you could do it Kara!" said Meg just as happy and thrilled as Kara was.

"Yes my dear you were beautiful, and we are not the only ones who think so too." Madame Giry said, as she pulled out a white rose with a black ribbon and a note outlined in black, with a red skull stamp. Looking down at what Madame Giry had given her; she decided to think upon it later.

"Where is Christine? I was hoping she would be here…" Kara said with a little disappointment.

"She wanted to be here, but she went to visit her fathers grave to ask for his guidance and to ask him to give you luck."

Kara knew how important Christine's father was to her, so she understood when she wanted to go visit him.

"I will have to thank her when she returns, but I would like to get out of this costume." Kara laughed. They walked to her dressing room where she was to change and then come with the Giry's out for dinner where they were to celebrate her victory and employment at the Opera House.

She took off most her makeup while keep just eyeliner and mascara on. She removed the headpieces and smiled at the tiara, it was small and beautiful and she wished she could keep it. After she removed all her ballet clothing, she slipped into a dark purple dress with a red corset. She must be the only girl who loved such clothes, for most ballet dancers hated wearing a corset, but due to her tiny waist, it felt more of an accessory instead of clothing. When she was ready, Kara remembered the letter that Madame Giry had given her. Sitting on the little stool in front of the large mirror, she opened it and read:

Miss. Kara,

Congratulations on a magnificent performance tonight, you danced like a true swan. I am looking forward to seeing you in other performances and to be working with you.

Yours Truly,


It was a beautiful letter and she was happy that the Opera Ghost, or the Phantom was pleased with her, but what did he mean that he was going to be working with her? Looking and feeling confused after reading the letter she looked into the mirror, only to see a mask behind it staring down at her.

"Oh my god!" she said nearly falling off her chair. The mask just floated there in mid air with no sign of anyone wearing it. She moved back from the mirror and backed up towards the door.

"Kara I didn't mean to scare you." It was he! The Phantom. Putting a hand to her chest she stammered to him.

"Next time tell when you plan to visit!"

"I wouldn't be much of a ghost would I if I planned to tell people when I planned to make myself known." He said with amusement. "I wanted to tell you in person how happy I am that you are staying here."

Feeling a little calmer she responded,

"Thank you very much, I'm happy that you did think I could do it. Oh, thank you for the white rose, it was beautiful."

"White seems to suit you my dear."

"Thank you again," she said blushing slightly "but Madame Giry, Meg and Christine are waiting for me, I'm afraid I have to go."

Behind the mirror, he felt a twinge of jealously that she was able to go out in public with Christine.

"I will not keep you waiting then." He said rather quietly, and the mask behind the mirror disappeared.

Feeling shocked at his sudden attitude, she placed the letter on the table and didn't look back at the mirror this time, but she could feel a cold breeze past her, almost as if it was a ghost running past her, but there was no one…