Title: Happy New Year
Summary: Joan contemplates how she counts the years.
Author's Notes: For Fanfic100 on LiveJournal. Feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!

Five. Four. Three. Two. One. It was a new year. Of course, Joan never truly paid attention to this anymore. Her 'new year' began on The Anniversary. The anniversary of the day He showed up. Her years began and ended on this day. No longer did she count down to January first. She wasn't aware of a conscious decision to do this. It just happened. One day she found herself studying the calendar, realizing that it had been a year, then two, three, and on. It had been years this way and it was how she thought of things now. She never told anyone, went through the motions as expected, but if she was asked to work late on New Year's Eve, she never complained as her other coworkers did. She still occasionally questioned and doubted Him, but she believed.

She sighed and sat down on the front porch. It was a cold night. Snow coated the ground, glistening like diamonds in the moonlight. Her parents were at a party, Luke was away at school and Kevin was somewhere. She'd been spending winter break with her parents but had decided not to accompany them to the party. Snow started to fall lightly and she continued to look at the stars. Joan turned, hearing footsteps on the pavement that was swiftly being covered.

"Happy New Year, Joan."

Joan gave a small smile, "Hi…Have a suggestion for me? Start the New Year out right?"

God, in the form of the tan jacket-clad young man smiled and chuckled softly, "No. No suggestion…"

She nodded, not saying anything. He paused, meeting her gaze for a moment before continuing down the sidewalk. Joan watched Him until He disappeared into the night. Happy New Year.