Diplomatic Mission
A Stargate: SG-1 / MacGyver Crossover
By Teri

Summary: A delicate negotiation requires MacGyver's special touch. Unfortunately, MacGyver is out of touch and the parties won't proceed without him. If the negotiations fail, it will lead to war. Is there another option? Can Jack fill-in for MacGyver? (MacGyver-Stargate Crossover)

Author's Note: Many of the MacGyver/Stargate crossovers that actually portray Jack and Mac as two different people use the idea that MacGyver needs to pretend to be Jack for various reasons, well I started wondering what if it were the other way around? What is Jack had to fill-in for MacGyver? Could he do it?

I decided I really wanted to post something for my birthday, so I went through my un-posted stories. I've been working on this one for a while, but had not posted it here. It was partially posted on the MacGyver on-line forum (a long time ago), but thanks to comments from Thyla it has been largely rewritten. Thanks Thyla!

Disclaimer: As always, I am in no way associated with the owners or creators of either show (although since it is my birthday, I am hoping they will be mine soon.)

Man's greatest achievement is his ability to adapt to new and different situations. To accomplish today, what yesterday he would never have dreamed of trying. It is the kind of adventure I've enjoyed most of my life, but sometimes life has other plans and it tends to involve other people . . .

"This is unacceptable!"

"This, I am afraid, is the one thing for which I will agree," the second person affirmed.

"Gentlemen," Pete Thornton, special negotiator and former director of the Phoenix Foundation, tried to calm down the participants of a special peace negotiation. The peace of an entire region was at stake, "if we can just sit down, I know we can work this out."

"No, Mr. Thornton, I will not proceed with these negotiations without MacGyver," the first delegate declared as he pushed his chair away from table and began to stand. "These talks will progress no further." The delegate ignored the attempts of the Phoenix Foundation representatives to convince him to stay and left the room.

Pete slumped down into his chair, turning his head to where he knew the other delegate was seated, "I'm sorry."

"It is not your fault, Mr. Thornton, but I would recommend if you want these discussions to make progress you make every effort to find MacGyver," the second delegate nodded towards Pete and stood.

"Please, Sir," one of the other Phoenix representatives implored.

"No, Mr. Bannister. We are wasting our time," he left the room as well.

Pete could only close his eyes and lean back into his chair. He knew that something needed to be done. Perhaps he could get a hold of MacGyver, but then he knew that Mac was doing important work and it wouldn't be easy to get him here. Did he have any other choice but to contact Mac?

"Pete, I just don't see how we can find MacGyver in time. Last I heard, he was somewhere in Ecuador working with a group on rain forest preservation," Craig Bannister, current acting director of the Phoenix Foundation, did not bother to hide his exasperation.

"Hasn't he ever heard of leaving an emergency contact number?" Another voice complained, "I mean really Dad, what if you needed him? He should have left a number."

Pete sigh he really hated this; he really did, "he did leave one, Michael. The problem is that they don't know where he is and he isn't expected back to base camp for another week."

"So what are we going to do," Craig wondered.

"I don't know it seems that without MacGyver's presence neither party is willing to even make an effort," Michael stated. "We have to find him."

"I've asked Sam to go down to see if he could pick-up his father's trail."

Michael heard in Craig's tone what he didn't seem willing to say aloud, "but you don't think it will be in time, do you Craig?"


"Well," Pete hesitated coming to a decision, "there might be a way."

Both his son and Bannister looked at him wondering what on Earth he could mean.

"I knew a guy once who looked a heck of a lot like Mac. Maybe . . ."

"Maybe, he could fill in for Mac?" Craig wondered if it could work. "Neither of the delegates have seen him in the last 15 years since the last negotiation in Geneva. Right?"

"So Dad, who is this guy and where do we find him?"

"Well, I haven't seen him in years. Last I heard about him, was during Proven Force. He was running an Air Wing out of Incerlik. At the time he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force."

"You expect an Air Force Officer to be able to fill in for Mac?"

"Do we have a choice?"

" " My Grandpa Harry always said that 'our lives are full of choices,
but it's our decisions that make things interesting . . . ""

Jack was sitting at home, beer in hand, with Daniel next to him on the couch. Carter was seated in her own chair and all were watching the hockey game. They were on stand down while Teal'c was visiting his son. Things didn't get much better than this. It should have been his first clue that something was about to happen, but it wasn't; so, when the phone rang, he was merely annoyed not worried.

"O'Neill," he barked into the phone irritated at the interruption as he and Daniel watched as his team prepared to make the penalty shot. It was an important shot not only for his team, but because he and Carter had a large bet riding on the outcome of this game and he had this annoying habit of being right.

"Jack O'Neill, please."


"My name is Michael Thornton, I am the deputy director of the Phoenix Foundation and we need your help."

"Not interested," he mumbled as he groaned when the goalie caught the puck.

"You should know this is a personal request from my father, Pete Thornton."

Pete? That name finally brought Jack's attention to the conversation and away from the hockey game, "Colonel Thornton?"

"Yes," Michael answered after a moment not use to hearing his father addressed by his former rank. To Michael it seemed like his Dad had been with the Foundation forever, it was hard to remember that he started his career in the Air Force and the DXS.

Jack took a deep breath. There was no way he could say no. You don't say no to a man like Pete, especially considering how much he owed and respected the man. Too, much has passed between them for Jack to deny him, besides he knew damn well that he wouldn't have called unless it was important, "tell me what you need."

Jack listened and he felt his heart drop into his stomach. This was so not going to be good. Not good at all.

Jack listened to the details and catalogued the things he needed to know still very unhappy with the whole situation. After only a brief conversation, Jack hung-up the phone.

"Jack? Everything okay?"

"Yeah, Sir. It didn't look like it was good news."

Jack didn't want to lie to his team-his family, but he couldn't exactly tell them the truth now could he? So, he settled for vague, "an old friend is calling in a favor. Shouldn't take long, but I do have to fly out tonight."

"I can be ready to go in a half-of-an-hour, Sir."

"Ah, yeah me too, Jack."

"Thanks kids," Jack couldn't help but smile slightly. He was a fortunate man to have such good friends, "but it isn't needed.

"But, you could use back-up, Sir."

"Or moral support?"

"Not that kind of favor, but thanks."

"If you need us, Sir . . . ." Carter let the sentence go, but the thought was implied. If you need us, Sir, we'll be there.

"Just call us, Jack," Daniel added.

Within the hour, Jack had arranged leave, packed his gear, and was on his way to Los Angeles. The whole time he traveled he couldn't escape the thought that this whole trip was going to be a mistake. He just knew it.

Hooked yet? Hope so.

January 3, 2006