A Nathan and Haley Fan Fiction

Sequel to All I Want For Christmas Is You

By: S.M.N.

ONE: This Wasn't Supposed to Happen Now

"Haley!" Brooke Davis pulled open the door of her same little apartment in Tree Hill, North Carolina and smiled at her visitor. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in late January, nearly a month after a very unforgettable winter break.

"Hi," Haley James-Scott gave a small smile. She was hugging herself tightly and looked like she might throw up.

Brooke didn't seem to notice this. She took Haley by the wrist and led her inside.

"So," Brooke grinned once she and Haley were situated on the couch.

"So…?" Haley flashed a fleeting cheerless smile.

"How are, 'ya know, things?" Brooke giggled.

"Brooke," Haley hid her face in her hands.

"Well, I have a right to know how things with you and your husband are!" Brooke laughed, playfully nudging Haley's knee with her own. "I am the one who forced you back together and rekindled your romance after all."

"Brooke--," Haley tried again.

"And may I say that it is too perfect that you and Nathan are in an apartment just down the hall from this one? I miss you living here, so having you and your hubby just a few doors down is the next very best thing."

"Where's Peyton?" Haley sighed. Maybe she'd be able to get a word in edgewise with her other best friend.

"Where do you think?" Brooke snorted. "Ever since your little stunt on New Year's, she's spent every second of every day with Jake. That's partly why I'm so glad to see you. The only companionship I've had since Jake's been back in town is Lucas. Now, don't get me wrong, he's the most amazing guy on the planet---well, to me anyway, but… I miss just being able to have some girl time, 'ya know?"

"Look, Brooke, I---."

"So," Brooke cut Haley off again with an eager smile. "What'll it be? Manicures? Shopping? Both?"

That was when Haley started to cry.

Brooke's face fell. "Honey, what is it?" she cooed, putting a hand on her friend's shuddering shoulder. "Is it Nathan? What did he do to you? I'll make sure he talks like Alvin the Chipmunk for the rest of his life if he--!"

"No, no Brooke!" Haley sniffled. She wiped at her eyes and shook her head. "Nathan's been wonderful."

"Then what's wrong?" Brooke moved closer to Haley and rubbed her back.

Haley completely broke down. Putting her head in her hands, she could only sob.

"Haley," Brooke began to cry too. Seeing her friend in so much distress was heartbreaking. "Talk to me."

"I m—missed a---a p—period," Haley stammered as she gasped for breath.

Brooke could feel all the blood drain from her face. She tried to say something, but no words would come.

"H—how could I d—do this?" Haley hiccupped.

"Haley." Brooke pulled the shivering girl into her arms. "You don't know for sure. Missing a period doesn't automatically mean that you're pregnant, okay?"

"Yeah. Yeah, okay. I know. Oh, how could I have been so stupid?" Brooke's kind embrace only helped Haley find a modicum of composure.

"Have you told Nathan?"

Haley's eyes bulged. She shook her head vigorously.

"Where is he right now? Is he at the apartment?"

"No," Haley shook her head and did her best to dry her eyes. "He's at the river court with Lucas."

"All right, then. Let's not jump to conclusions here. We'll go down to the grocery store and pick up one of those home pregnancy tests and just… go from there."


Brooke and Haley twitched and their eyes turned to the front door.

Peyton Sawyer, who had just returned from a lunch date with her boyfriend Jake Jaglieski, was gaping at them.

Haley started to cry again, so Brooke filled Peyton in on the situation.

Peyton rushed to hug Haley. "It's okay," she murmured comfortingly. "We'll all go together, okay? You don't have to do this alone."

"Thank you," Haley sniffled as Brooke wrapped her arms around both of them so that they were all tangled in a tight group hug. "I honestly don't know what I'd do without you guys."

"So, uh, how're things with the wife?" Lucas Scott grinned. He tossed the ball up in a lazy lay-up and grinned again when he heard the swish of the net.

Nathan Scott laughed at his half-brother and grabbed the ball on the bounce. He dribbled it between his legs and charged at the hoop, jumping up to do a flashy slam-dunk.

"Show off," Lucas chuckled. He snatched the ball back and said, "Are you going to answer the question or not?"

Nathan shrugged with a very pleased smile. He and Lucas plopped down in the grass that surrounded the river court to chug down some water.

"A shrug is not an answer," Lucas pointed out, wiping sweat from his forehead.

"Things are… things are amazing," Nathan panted, continuing to smile. "I mean, we've got our own place, I've got a little money in the bank, and she loves me."

"Last but not least," Lucas laughed. He took another swig from his water bottle.

"Yeah," Nathan snickered.

"So, things are really okay? I mean, you guys are okay as far as finances and everything?"

"Yeah," Nathan shrugged again. "We won't be living the lifestyles of the rich and famous anytime soon, but I think we'll be all right."

"Are you thinking you're going to get an after-school job?"

Nathan nodded. "I'm going to have to. There's no way I'm going to ask my parents for help."

"Wait, are you saying you're going to try and balance school, basketball, and a job?" Lucas demanded. "All on top of your marriage?"

"You do what you have to do, right?" Nathan gulped down more water.

"What about Haley? Have you talked to her? I mean, this is going to be tough Nate." Lucas was carefully watching his brother's face for signs that the questioning had gone too far.

"I've talked to her. She wanted to keep waiting tables at your mom's café to help with everything, but I told her no."

"What!" Lucas exclaimed. "Why would you tell her no?"

"I'm her husband. I'm going to provide for her, not the other way around, even if it kills me. Besides, this is senior year, 'ya know? I don't want her to have to worry about anything but school. She's too smart Lucas. She's too smart to be waiting tables. I want her to be able to really enjoy her last year of high school and then go on to a good university."

"What about you?" Lucas asked quietly. "You're smart too Nathan."

"Not like her," Nathan shook his head. "I'm all set anyway. Basketball will get me into any school I want." He shoved to his feet and grabbed the ball, tucking it under his arm. "Are we going to get back to the game or what?"

Lucas got to his feet also. "Yeah, let's play. I think we were tied, right?" he smiled.

"Not for long," Nathan laughed, sprinting back on to the court.

"I can't take this!" Brooke whisper-shouted. She squirmed for the millionth time in five minutes. "What could possibly be taking so long in there?"

Peyton, who was sitting beside Brooke on the couch in their apartment, offered no reply. They were both staring at the closed bathroom door.

Brooke raked her fingers through her long brunette hair. "Haley?" she called gently. "Is everything okay?"

Peyton swatted at Brooke's shoulder. "Don't rush her!" she softly scolded.

"I'm not rushing her!" Brooke whisper-shouted again. "I'm just trying to ask her if everything's---!" The creak of the bathroom door opening silenced Brooke. Both she and Peyton shot to their feet.

Haley slowly emerged from the bathroom. She looked very fragile, stunned and scared.

Brooke sent Peyton an anxious glance.

"Haley?" Peyton asked carefully.

"I'm pregnant." Haley started to laugh a little bit and frightened tears flooded her cheeks.

Peyton and Brooke put their hands to their mouths and gasped. They each walked slowly up to Haley and wrapped their arms around her.

"How am I going to tell him?" Haley wept, clinging to her two best friends for all she was worth.

"He's your husband," Brooke murmured, giving Haley's back a comforting rub. "You're having a baby together. It's a wonderful thing."

"It would be if this was about five years from now. We're not even graduated from high school yet. What about college?"

"You will both go to college," Peyton said with certainty.

"How?" Haley demanded tearfully. "He--- I don't want to take anything away from him. There's so much that he wants to do, that I want him to be able to do. All the work he's done, everything his father has put him through for that stupid game…. I won't let it all be for nothing."

"It won't be for nothing," Brooke and Peyton said in soft unison.

"I don't know how I'm going to do this. I love him so much and I just---. This wasn't supposed to happen now!

"What about his parents?" she gasped, her eyes swelling with new fear. "Dan is going to---."

"Don't think about them right now," Peyton cut in.

"Yeah," Brooke agreed. "This isn't about them. This is about you and Nathan. You need to tell him first Haley."