I do not own Yuugiou. And I also want to make it very clear before this chapter: Anzu is not a bitch. She may be perceived that way because much of this story is from Yuugi's point of view, and when dealing with situations like what Yuugi has been, perceptions can be skewed.

Work and Play
By Halys

If you only once would let me,
Only just one time,
Then be happy with the consequence
With whatever's going to happen tonight.
Don't think we're not serious.
When's it ever not?
The love we make, is give and it's take.
I'm game to play along.

Can't say I was never wrong,
But some blame rests on you.
Work and play, they're never ok to mix
The way we do.

All I can say, I shouldn't say.
Can we take a ride?
Get out of this place while we still have time
Work © Jimmy Eat World

Nightmares plagued Yuugi that night. Fears he wanted to avoid showed up in his dreams. He dreamt of a broken family—his own. He dreamt of a lonely man seeking, searching for someone—Atemu. When he awoke, he found himself alone, in an unfamiliar bed, and with a cold sweat on his brow. Yuugi reached out blindly for the man he had spent the night with. When he could not find Atemu, he pulled the blankets away from his nude body. He found a dark maroon, silk robe draped around the end of the wooden bed frame. Yuugi quickly put it on and left the room.

As soon as he stepped into the hallway, Yuugi heard the faint sound of someone opening and closing a door. Yuugi hurried to the front room where he found Atemu holding two full bags of groceries.

"Masa el' khir, habibi aay'i…" Atemu said softly, smiling. Yuugi followed Atemu as he walked into the kitchen.

"What does that mean?" he inquired as he watched Atemu pull out items from the brown paper bags and put them away. Many of the things were fruits and herbs that Yuugi had never seen before.

Atemu continued to smile at Yuugi. "You look good in that robe. I had hoped you would like it."

Yuugi's eyes widened. "A gift?"


Slipping his arms around Atemu, Yuugi kissed him softly. "Thank you…"

Atemu turned from his chore and embraced Yuugi. "Anything you want, you can have, habibi…" They held each other for a moment before they broke apart. Yuugi coughed nervously and Atemu broke his gaze with him.

"So…what is all this stuff?" Yuugi asked. He ignored the close proximity Atemu kept with him and held up a small brownish object which resembled a type of fruit. "And you didn't answer my first question."

Atemu took the object from Yuugi's fingers. "This is a date. It is a common fruit in my homeland." He pulled out a decorative tin from inside one of the bags and set it next to a new (1) bottle of wine. He opened the tin to reveal small morsels covered with either chopped nuts or powdered sugar. "These are baklava. It is a dessert. I thought it would be nice for us to enjoy with another bottle of wine as we sit in front of the fire. Does that not sound fun?"

Yuugi nodded and watched as the other items were brought forth from the bag. They included eggs and a fresh loaf of bread, along with a bag of coffee beans. The man next to him slipped an arm around Yuugi's waist and pressed his nose into the crook of Yuugi's neck. He returned the gesture by slipping his arms around Atemu. "I had thought to make you breakfast in bed, but you had awoken too early…" Atemu murmured. Yuugi laughed softly.

"You could always tuck me back into bed and still make me breakfast. Or, we could eat it in the front room. Either way, I'm sure your food will be exquisite." As he was held by Atemu, Yuugi began to feel the fears from his dreams melt away. He sighed contently, and leaned into the other man. Atemu only held Yuugi tighter.

Suddenly, Yuugi found himself sitting on Atemu's kitchen counter, having been hoisted up by the darker man. Because of his diminutive stature, he was nearly able to look eye to eye with Atemu. Atemu leaned forward and captured Yuugi's lips, encouraging them to move in a slow, seductive dance. He even invited Yuugi's small, pink tongue to join the activity by coaxing it into his mouth.

They kissed for several moments, and then broke for air. Yuugi's eyes were glazed slightly, his cheeks a healthy rosy color. As usual, Yuugi enjoyed the kiss far more than he would have liked to have admitted it. He leaned his forehead against Atemu's lightly, and they simply gazed at each other for moment, basking in an early morning afterglow they had missed after they had first made love. Yuugi felt himself wrapped in a cocoon of comfort as Atemu's hands rested on his thighs, massaging gently. Atemu murmured soft words of affection in his native language, and though Yuugi did not understand, he felt comforted, despite the growing pain in his heart.

Today would be Yuugi's last day in Domino. His flight was scheduled to leave early the next day, and Yuugi did not want to think of its fast approach. All he wanted was to bask in the unnamed emotion he felt every time he was with Atemu.

Yuugi pressed his lips against Atemu's again and delighted in the soft moan that escaped him. He felt himself picked up again and he was carried back down the hall of Atemu's home, towards Atemu's bedroom.

Once inside, Atemu laid Yuugi down on the bed, though the sheets beneath Yuugi were not as well kept as they had been the night before. "Shall I make love to you again, habibi?" Atemu whispered in Yuugi's ear, making the smaller man shiver.


Atemu nodded, and they began the slow removal of clothing once more. They took their time, exploring each other's bodies. Long, gentle fingers ran their way down Yuugi's frame, pausing over sensitive areas. Atemu delighted in the sound of Yuugi's soft laughter when he discovered ticklish spots. As things progressed, Atemu was urged on by Yuugi's moans and cries of pleasure. Unlike their other times together, they came in unison, reveling in their shared ecstasy.

As they held each other tightly, gasping for air, Atemu brushed the sweat soaked bangs from Yuugi's eyes. "Ahiboki jidan, daa'iman yi, habibi aay'i... (2)" Atemu whispered, a soft tone of longing in his voice.

"Hmm…." Yuugi mumbled in return, basking in Atemu's gentle touches. He opened his eyes to look up at the man above him, and smiled sadly. "I don't know how you do it… I… I've never felt this way before, and I know it's wrong… But I can't stop feeling this way…"

"Daa'iman yi …" Atemu said, and kissed him softly.

"We can't keep this up, Atemu… I … I'll have to go home… I still have a wife and children…" Yuugi's voice became slightly panicked. Pain filled his eyes. Atemu closed his eyes, brow furrowing. When he opened his them again, he gazed down at Yuugi and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead.

"Stay here and I shall make you breakfast…" he said softly, pulling himself off of Yuugi. Yuugi nodded, and watched Atemu leave the room. Yuugi let his eyes close slowly, and his breathing became calm. Soon, he was asleep.

A gentle touch to his lips awoke Yuugi. Atemu was kissing him gently to wake him. Yuugi stretched and sat up, just in time for Atemu to set a tray on his lap and sit by his side. A plate of food that gave the most delicious aroma to his nose, sat on the tray. Atemu brought a pinch of the food up from the plate and to Yuugi's lips. The smaller man opened his mouth and accepted the dish, 'hmm'ing in response as a delectable flavor filled his mouth.

"This is amazing!" Yuugi smiled at Atemu, who smirked in return. He finished the meal quickly, much to Atemu's joy. When the plate was clean, Atemu set it aside. He leaned in, threading his fingers through Yuugi's hair.

"You are so beautiful…" he said softly.

Cheeks flushing, Yuugi shook his head. "Why do you say that? It's not true…" His fingers moved up to run over the lines in the corners of his eyes and to the graying strands in his hair. "I'm just… normal. I'm nothing special, Atemu. I don't understand what it is you see in me."

Atemu crawled over Yuugi again and pressed his lips to his temple. "You are beautiful, habibi… Your eyes… they are like openings… windows to your soul. And it is a beautiful soul. Age does not take away from your beauty, but is like a fine wine. Seldom do beautiful people become like you, only becoming more gorgeous with time."

Never once, in his entire life, had Yuugi been told something of that nature. He stared at Atemu, speechless. Atemu leaned back to take in Yuugi's full features and smiled. "Ahiboki jidan…" he murmured and leaned forward again, capturing Yuugi's lips in a soft, slow kiss. Then, his lips traveled down Yuugi's chin and neck. A sigh escaped Yuugi's lips and his fingers tangled themselves in Atemu's hair.

"Is this all I am to you?" he asked softly, afraid of his own words. Atemu paused in his journey down Yuugi's body and looked up at him.

"I... I do not understand?" Confusion covered Atemu's features as he spoke.

"This… what we're doing here… I… Is this just for the sex? Or... or something more?" Yuugi bit his lip and regretted his words as soon as they had fallen from his tongue. He frowned.

"Do you think that we are not serious?" Atemu asked softly, and frowned as well. His face was a mask of controlled anger. "When we make love, it is… a partnership. We give and take, and yet you think we are not serious?" He took a deep breath and shook his head. "Habibi aay'i… you are everything to me. Ahiboki jidan…"

Yuugi's grip tightened in Atemu's hair. "What does that mean? I am everything? Why? But, I'm married, Atemu! I have a wife and children! I… what are you saying in that language of yours?"

Pulling himself away from Yuugi, Atemu sat up. "You are everything!" he growled. "Everything you are to me and you should be mine! How can that woman of yours bring you as much pleasure as I do? Does she make you feel as I can make you feel? Does she bring you as much happiness?"

"I… o-of course she does! I… I love Anzu!" Yuugi's eyes widened and he pulled the bed linens to cover more of his body.

"You stutter," Atemu said shortly. "You are not certain."

"O-of course I am! A-and what makes you think you can give me what she can't?" Yuugi replied heatedly. In his mind, however, he began to wonder. Was he really happy with Anzu?

Again, Atemu crawled over him. He grabbed Yuugi's arms away from the sheets and forced them above his head. Straddling Yuugi's body and grinding against him, Atemu leaned down and kissed him passionately. Immediately, Yuugi's body began to respond to Atemu.

The darker man broke the kiss, leaving Yuugi panting and wanting more. "I can give you that! Do not tell me you did not enjoy it, for we both know that would be a lie. If you are happy with this woman you speak of, then you would not so easily have stayed with me."

Yuugi wrenched his arms against Atemu's hold, trying to break free, but the man above him was stronger. "You can't put the blame on me! This is your fault! If you hadn't… hadn't seduced me in the first place none of it would've happened! And now I've cheated on my wife! I…. I…. I love her!"

"You lie!" Atemu growled, grinding his body against Yuugi's again. "You cannot possibly love her!"

"She loves me!" Yuugi cried, tears forming in his eyes as he struggled against Atemu.

"Not as much as I do!" Atemu shouted down at Yuugi, glaring. Yuugi froze and stared at him, eyes wide as he gasped.

"You… you what?" He asked, his indigo eyes searching for the truth in Atemu's. The grip on his hands loosened, and Atemu slumped against him. Atemu buried his face in Yuugi's hair, and trying as much as he could to not cry.

"Ahiboki jidan, daa'iman yi, habibi aay'i…" he whispered forlornly. "I love you forever, my beautiful beloved…"

Yuugi gasped again, unable to move, unable to think. "I have loved you since I first knew of you. When Seto told me about you, and showed me a picture, I knew. I knew because I could see your heart and soul in your eyes…" Atemu's tears rolled down his cheeks and moistened Yuugi's hair.

"I knew that you could not be happy. It was in your eyes… always there…"

"You… you planned this whole thing, didn't you?" Yuugi asked softly.

Atemu sat up and stared down at Yuugi despairingly. "I had to be with you! I had to have you! You were supposed to be mine!"

"So… the car? Jounouchi-kun? The restaurant, watch, and robe? Not to mention the empty halls at Kaiba Corp.? That was all you?"


Bile rose in Yuugi's throat, and he pushed Atemu off of his body. He scrambled out of the bed and reached for his clothes. "I… I can't believe you! You think you can just…. Just disrupt someone's life so you can have your own fun? What kind of sick… that's just…Ugh! Unbelievable!"

He hurriedly pulled his clothes on as Atemu rushed to him. "No! Please! Habibi! I just... Please! Do notdo this to me!" The man fell to his knees in front of Yuugi, clinging to him. "I love you… please… you must understand."

Wrenching himself away from Atemu, Yuugi glared at him. "No, Atemu. I do not understand. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a wife and children I should be returning to." He left the room, leaving a crying Atemu behind. Yuugi quickly grabbed the remainder of his belongings and headed out the front door. He ran down the steps but not without looking back. Tears coursed down his cheeks as he hailed a taxi. When one pulled to the side, Yuugi got in, giving the address for his hotel. The car took off, and as it did, Atemu stood on the porch of his home and waved goodbye.

Once the man walked back into his home and into his kitchen, he grabbed the bottle of wine from the counter and threw it at the wall as hard as he could. It shattered, sending the red drink and shards of glass though the air and on the floor. Atemu slid down the counter to sit on the floor and buried his face in his hands.

Yuugi was in no better state. He shook as he tried to hold back his tears. His heart ached and he felt cold inside and out. Gazing out the window of his taxi, Yuugi could see snow beginning to pile up on the streets and sidewalks. As the car arrived at his hotel, Yuugi paid the man and hurried out. He didn't bother to greet the lady at the lobby counter, and headed quickly to the elevator. A shaky hand reached out to push the button. It soon dinged and the doors slid open. After pressing the button for his floor, Yuugi stepped inside and allowed his figure to slump against the elevator wall. The lift traveled up a few floors and then stopped, doors opening to reveal the two boys Yuugi had seen earlier during his trip.

Long, shaggy, white hair covered the boys' heads. One, Yuugi noticed, had a scar on his left cheek. The smaller boy walked up to him as the scarred boy pressed a button.

"What's wrong, sir?" the young boy asked softly. A British accent colored the tone of his voice.

"Ryou! Leave him alone! Father told us not to talk to strangers. Especially cry-babies!" the other boy said gruffly.

"But Touzu (3), he seems sad…"

"I'm fine," Yuugi interrupted, giving a small smile to the two.

"You see? He's fine, c'mon Ryou."

Ryou ignored his brother and turned back to Yuugi. He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and offered it to Yuugi. "It looks like someone you loved broke your heart…" he said softly. "I hope it mends…"

The elevator doors rang, and the taller boy pulled his brother out of the lift. Ryou waved slightly as they dashed off down a hallway. Then, the doors slid closed again, and Yuugi was left to his thoughts.

Love. That what this had come down to, hadn't it? What it was and how it applied to him and Anzu; how it applied to him and Atemu. Anzu loved him, he was sure of it. So did Atemu. And that meant he would have to choose.

The elevator slowed to a stop and Yuugi stepped out. He walked slowly to his room, opened the door and walked inside. The bed linens were still tangled and served a reminder of his first night with Atemu. Yuugi began to gather his things. In the bathroom, he adjusted his suit and tie, ensuring he looked presentable. His plane wasn't going to take off until the next morning, but he would try and get an earlier flight. He needed to get home desperately and think about things.

Once his belongings were together, packed, and ready to go, Yuugi grabbed his suitcase, attaché case, and left the room. His mind did not register much of the elevator ride down, aside from his being alone. Yuugi left his key at the front counter and walked out the two doors. A sleek black car waited at the curb, with a familiar tow-headed individual leaning against it. He was bundled in a heavy coat and scarf, smoking a cigarette.

"Yo!" Jounouchi called out to Yuugi, who nodded. "You be needing another ride?"

"To the airport," Yuugi replied.

"Can do…" Jounouchi threw his cigarette on the ground and toed it out. He climbed into the car and waited until Yuugi was inside before taking off.

"So… didja find who gave you that watch? Sure was a nice thing!" Jounouchi asked conversationally. Yuugi snorted softly and rolled up his coat sleeve, revealing the timepiece. It gleamed slightly in the grey light of the cloudy day.

"It is very nice…" he murmured, and slid his sleeve back down.

"Man… must've been some person to give you something like that! They must really care 'bout you! Is it from a significant other? A love interest, p'raps?" Guffawing at his own joke, Jounouchi turned to wink at Yuugi. "You be taking care of that person, now. Love don't come around too often these days. 'Specially the real deal. Getting more and more rare, you know?"

Yuugi glared at Jounouchi. "Indeed, I do know," he said coldly. "I'm very happily married."

"Ah, gotcha. Must be a great girl then! Well, here's you stop, bud. Safe flight and all that."

Nodding, Yuugi stepped out of the car and entered the airport without looking back. Inside, however, Yuugi's heart ached more. His mind continued to go over the conversations with Ryou and Jounouchi. Yuugi walked slowly up to the flight counter and handed them his ticket, but he was preoccupied, his thoughts else where.

"Sir?" Yuugi was jostled out of his thoughts suddenly by the man at the counter. "You want to catch an earlier flight? Is that it?"

"Yes, if that's possible. Thank you."

"Certainly. It'll be just a moment while I check to see if there are any available seats. You may sit, if you'd like."

Yuugi nodded and turned to sit on a bench adjacent to the counter. A few moments later, the man called him up again and handed him his new ticket for a flight to be leaving in twenty minutes. "Thank you…" he muttered and sat back down.

Several hours later, as Yuugi pulled his car into the car garage beneath his apartment complex, his thoughts swirled around the three days. He stumbled up the stairs to his flat, pulled out his keys and opened the door.

"I'm home!" he called, and three young children poked their heads out of a nearby room.

"Daddy!" the youngest girl cried, leaping into Yuugi's arms. He caught her and held her close, trying as much as he could to hold back the tears. Glancing down at his other two children, he smiled softly. "Where's your mother?"

The oldest boy frowned, a dark look gracing his features. It concerned Yuugi, and he led them into the front room. He called out Anzu's name but when he received no response, he sat down on the couch, with his daughter on his knee.

"Raito? Where is your mother at?" Yuugi asked his older son. The thirteen year old frowned again and looked up at his father. Their features were so alike aside from one thing. Raito did not have his father's indigo eyes, but eyes the shade of his mother's: blue.

"She's not here, daddy. I think… She's out with… well… Honda-san."

Yuugi blinked upon hearing this pronouncement. Honda had been a friend of theirs from high school, though a closer friend to Anzu than Yuugi. "I see," he said calmly. "Did they decide to get together for lunch or something?"

"No... daddy… she's… she's been gone with him a lot. And… she's been, well… dressing up."

Just then, the door opened down the hall, announcing another person. The person giggled, and said something indistinguishable to another who sounded vaguely male. Yuugi picked up his daughter and set her down, whispering to her to remain still. He snuck down the hall and hid behind a corner to listen in on the conversation.

"Honda-kun! Stop that… Oh… that's… oooh… shh! I have to go! The children are beginning to be suspicious!" Yuugi recognized the voice as Anzu's immediately. Pain struck him as the conversation continued.

"Aw… why can't you just leave them. Mouto will be home tomorrow and they can take care of themselves! Besides, if you come live with me, you can get all of this if you want!"

A soft moan fell from Anzu's lips, and tears welled in Yuugi's eyes. He stepped into the hall so he could be seen. "Anzu-chan..." he said softly, and the two in the doorway spun around.

"Yuugi! I! What are you doing here?"

"I… I came home early… And… You…" He swallowed hard, watching the remainder of his marriage crumbling to pieces while Anzu stayed in Honda's arms. "Honda-kun…" he said, nodding to the other man. Both figures continued to stare at him.

He coughed, and pulled the door open wider. His eyes traveled to the floor and he spoke softly, "Anzu-chan, what are you doing? Why…"

"Yuugi…" she murmured, finally leaving Honda's arms. She walked close to him, yet did not touch him. Yuugi refused to look at her. "I'm so sorry… But… You and I… It just wasn't enough…"

Yuugi's brow furrowed, and he frowned, but he kept his turbulent emotions in check. Inside, he understood completely. She was right, it had never been enough…

"No, Anzu-chan... it wasn't... You don't have to apologize. I know... I know that we're both sorry. We... no, what matters is that our children are taken care of."

"They will stay with me, of course?" Anzu asked, a slight chill in her tone.

"We shall see. I will want to be with my children as well." Yuugi said. He kept his voice level, not wanting to make a scene in front of his kids. But he was certain that he would not let go of them without a fight.

"Will you be alright?" she asked.

"I'll… I'll be fine… I am not unloved…" he said the last part more to himself than out loud.

"Partial custody is fine, then…We'll… discuss it later…" Anzu said, glancing between Yuugi and Honda. He nodded, and she turned to leave. "I'll… I'll be by sometime later to gather my things... I'll be talking to my lawyers."

"Of course…"

It surprised Yuugi how easily it all fell apart. He should've known, really. For a while, Anzu had been traveling outside the home more often, leaving the children unattended more and more. It had concerned Yuugi, but his blindness at everything, at how what they thought was love could never break, kept him from seeing the truth. He turned, and found his three children standing in the hall. Different expressions of shock covered their visages, and Yuugi knelt down with his arms open. Raito, Elsie, and Shizuka ran into his arms and he held them tight. The tears in his eyes began to fall and would not stop.

"No matter what happens," he said, sniffing softly. "I want you to know that I love you. All three of you with everything I have. I will take care of you by myself if I have to…"

"Daddy…" the smallest girl asked. "Is mommy going away…? Will you be going away again?"

Yuugi's lower lip trembled. "I'm not going anywhere… Mommy is going to live with Honda-san now, and you'll stay with me… I won't let you three go. You're my children and I love you so much…"

He held them close, refusing to let them go. That night, he explained to them that he and their mommy would be getting a divorce. Yuugi was determined to not let anything happen to his children and let them know that. He called his lawyer and set up an appointment in his office the next morning.

When Yuugi went to bed that night, the day's events played in his mind's eye. As he fell asleep, the thought of Atemu's lips on his graced his thoughts and he dreamt of the other man. Maybe in the morning, he'd give Atemu a call, and hopefully things could be worked out.

(1) New, as in purchased. The wine and bottle are not actually new because a man like Atemu would never purchase fresh wine. Wine, like many forms of alcohol, are better aged with the best being very old.

(2) Ahiboki jidan, daa'iman yi, habibi aay'i: (Translation from Arabic) I love you forever, my beautiful beloved.

(3) Touzu: Shortened from "Touzoku-ou", i.e. "King of Thieves". Had to add my favorite characters.

(4) Once again, I emphasize that Anzu is not a horrible person. In this fic, Yuugi and Anzu' relationship fell apart on mutual terms. Keep in mind that Yuugi had an affair as well. Truthfully, I'm rather fond of Anzu and deserves much more credit than a lot of people give her.

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