Title: Steal My Breath Away

Pairing: Dark x Daisuke

Summary: How can you be with the one you love if you never actually saw them face-to-face? Dark has strong feelings for his host, but he can't do anything because…he shares the same body with Daisuke. When he gets a chance to be given his own body will he have the courage to tell Daisuke how he feels? DarkDai

Warning: Okay, this is a Yaoi story, which means it's two boys kissing, hugging, and doing other things. If you get uncomfortable about things like this, then please leave. Reviews are welcomed with open arms, and flames will be laughed at. Enjoy!

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Chapter One: Forbidden

The Phantom Thief, Dark Mousy, watched intently through the eyes of his host as Daisuke spent yet another day at school. The same routine as always, Daisuke struggles to act like a normal fourteen year old, Dark watches as all the events in his school and home unfold, his mother sending out warning letters for the police to notify of Dark's next artistic victim, after a night of thieving and dodging Satoshi Hiwatari, and the occasional Krad, the whole sequence looped. Even though Daisuke knows almost every detail and quirk about Dark, but there was always one thing that Dark kept hidden from him. Despite the interest he shows in Risa Harada, and every other girl that came to cross his path, that was all cosmetic. He was only interested in one person, whom he would've never expected. His host body and dear friend, Daisuke.

Dark would never want to reveal his feelings or even give the slightest hint about them to the boy. Surely if he told him, he would be rejected or probably even hated. But…even so, he is always with the boy, as Daisuke was always with him, how could he be with a host who hated him? Especially if he had strong feelings for them. Refusing to let things come to that, Dark forced himself to act like the way he usually does; teasing Daisuke every chance he got, showing great interest in Risa, the way everyone expected him to act.

Daisuke turned his head in the middle of class to stare outside the window next to him, Dark, of course, followed. Staring into the clear glass, he saw a faint reflection of Daisuke. He smiled when he saw it, how much he wanted to hold that young boy. But…he could never do that; the two have never actually been able to even meet one another, face to face. Only in the past, literally, during that incident with Daisuke being trapped in the past by that blasted violin. But…he didn't even know he had feelings for him, then. He continued to stare at the reflection, musing over each of Daisuke's traits. His large, reddish-brown eyes made him look so innocent, spiky, red hair that always stayed messy, his small, lithe figure that he longed to just hold onto, soft lips he desired to kiss so…the list goes on.

Whenever the boy was at school, the days dragged on. Not only for him, but it seemed to be for Daisuke, too. The red head sighed softly; today seems to be even more boring. Daisuke continued to let his eyes wander around the room, resting them on the younger Harada twin. Dark felt the boy smile when he saw the girl, but jerk his head back when she almost caught him staring. Being joined with the boy gave Dark the ability to feel whatever the boy does, if Daisuke smiles, he would know. It seems now that the younger boy was very tired. Daisuke yawned and rested his head upon his crossed arms on his desk. His eyes didn't close, though. Instead, he tried to have a conversation with the violet haired thief.

"Hey…Dark?" His inner voice had a small ring of concern in it. Him calling Dark snapped him back into reality.

"Yeah? Do you need something Daisuke?" He was able to hear the concern in the red head's voice. He was curious, what could he possibly have to be concerned about right now? His mother hadn't sent out another warning letter yet, Risa hadn't treated him unusually today, and Dark knows that the boy can't read his thoughts, he can't know about his feelings for him.

"You've…been acting kind of strangely for a few days now, I was just curious if something was troubling you." Daisuke turned his head slightly to look out the window again, still resting on his arms. His eyes stayed open, the sound of the chalk tapping on the chalkboard deafening in the silent classroom. Dark hesitated, of course there was something troubling him. But…he couldn't tell Daisuke…

"No…nothing's wrong at all. Heh, were you worried?" He replied, with fake cheeriness. Daisuke shrugged slightly, his eyes traveling up to the ceiling.

"Well, no…not necessarily worried, but I was just curious. You haven't been really acting like yourself, or at least…it seems so to me." He stared blankly at the, what seemed to be interesting, ceiling.

'Dammit…' Dark cursed to himself, he thought he did a good job acting. Or…maybe it only worked on everyone else. Daisuke was with him, and sometimes talking to him, all the time. He should've known that he can't hide anything from the younger boy for very long. "Not like myself? What's not like myself?" He chuckled nervously.

Daisuke looked back towards the chalkboard and began to copy down what his teacher had written in his notebook. After writing the last word down, he stopped and began to chew on the end of his eraser a bit. "Well, you've been really…distant."

His voice echoed in his head as he quickly looked over what he wrote to make sure he didn't make any mistakes. Had he seemed distant? Sure, Dark sometimes got lost in his thoughts, but he thought he only did that when Daisuke wouldn't notice. This was one of the many problems about having to share a body with someone. You could never get time to yourself to think…

"Yeah, maybe a little. I've been curious about our next artwork we're gonna have to go and steal. That's all." He still had that tone of nervousness within his fake optimism. Dark wanted him to drop this subject; he was afraid he might end up slipping and give off some sort of vibe about his feelings towards Daisuke. Luckily, the bell rang. With that, Daisuke got surrounded by the Harada twins, as usual, and had to drop his conversation with Dark. Even though he was happy to drop that subject, the young thief still couldn't help feeling a prang of jealousy when he stopped talking to him to talk to the two young girls. Pushing that away, he quietly observed the conversation that went on between the three before the redhead decided to go home.

The fourteen year old walked along the sidewalk, watching as the trees and everything else in his surroundings slowing stain orange from the setting sun. His gaze moved towards the sky, staring deeply at the array of colors that were there. After a few minutes, he quickened his pace so he could get home sooner to meet his mother and grandfather in time to eat. The sound of his shoes pounding against the sidewalk stopped almost abruptly when Daisuke tripped over a random rock. Catching his balance before landing on his face, he slowed down a few blocks before his house. Thinking for a moment, he decided to see how Dark was doing. 'He's been really quiet ever since the twins interrupted us earlier…'

"Dark?" Silence… Daisuke put his hands behind his head, with his schoolbag hanging down, lightly touching his shoulder blades and neck.

'Didn't he hear me?' He thought to himself, confused. His large eyes continued to stare up at the colors in the sky, admiring the oranges and reds that he saw. After about a minute of still no answer from Dark, he decided to try again.

"Dark?" Yet again, the same silence as before. Daisuke scowled, looking to the back as if he could direct that scowl to the older teen.

"Hey, Dark!" He mentally yelled at Dark.

"Huh? What is it?" A slightly surprised response came finally. He sounded like he was preoccupied before he finally heard Daisuke calling him. Daisuke's eyes looked towards where he was walking and noticed his house slowly getting larger and larger as he got closer and closer.

"Are you okay? It sounds like there is something bothering you…" His eyebrows furrowed when he asked the question. He was truly worried about him, but didn't want to say it, fear that the dark haired thief would make fun of him if he said so. Despite what he said earlier, Daisuke seriously doubted that he was thinking this hard about what their next target is going to be. He just had a strong feeling that it had to be something else and plenty more important.

Without realizing it, Dark had been thinking or daydreaming about Daisuke for well over an hour. This was beginning to get out of hand, he shouldn't keep doing this. Thinking about the boy while still locked away is one thing, but if it ends up getting in the way of when he's stealing, it can prove dangerous. And that'll be the last thing he'll do, he'd never want to put Daisuke in any sort of danger. He mentally sighed.

"I'm…fine…" His voice came out strange, but he didn't notice it. On the other hand, Daisuke caught it. It sounded like he's hiding something from the younger boy. But…what could he possibly hide from him? Normally, he doesn't try to hide anything, but throw it out in the open. Or maybe he was getting ahead of himself and jumping to conclusions. Daisuke shrugged; maybe he shouldn't act like he's untrustworthy. Sure, he may be a thief, but he would never lie to Daisuke, but would he have something to hide from him? As soon as he reached the door to his house, he pushed those thoughts aside. He placed his hand on the doorknob and checked to see if it was locked, when he noticed it wasn't, Daisuke quickly opened it and walked inside. He didn't even get a chance to put down his bag before his mother, Emiko, rushed in to greet him.

"Oh, Dai! There you are!" Her voice just as cheerful as ever. But normally when it seems like she was waiting all day for him, it means she sent out another warning letter. Which means, a night of stealing artwork is coming up really soon.

"You're sort of late today, you better come home BEFORE 5:00 tomorrow. I sent out another warning letter today." Her bronze eyes sparkled when she said that. She always got excited when she sends out letters, especially since she loves seeing Dark in action. Daisuke sighed exaggeratedly, he knew it.

"Okay…so what am I stealing this time…?" He asked, boredly. He never got very excited when he had to look forward to stealing artwork. Mainly because Dark would be able to do whatever he pleases after he finishes. Which he normally does, anyway.

"Your grandfather wants to talk to you about it. I guess this one seems to be a bit different than your usual jobs." She placed a finger to her lips as she looked up to the ceiling and walked off into the kitchen. Dark, who had been listening to what Emiko was saying, perked up when he heard about how this one is different.

'I thought all the artwork was different from each other, so what makes this one so special?' He thought inwardly. Daisuke happened to think the same thing, and walked down to the sitting room where his grandfather had been waiting for him.

"Ah, Daisuke. It's about time you got home." Even though what he said sounded impatient, he still gave his grandson a bright smile. He always got excited too, but not as much as Emiko. He shuffled over to Daisuke, before sitting down on the couch. Daisuke stared at him for a moment before piping up.

"Uh…mom said you wanted to tell me something about what I'm stealing tomorrow? But first of all, what is it? She didn't even tell me the name of it." He gave an awkward stare to the little old man. he spiky haired grandfather laughed at his comment.

"I guess Emiko wanted me to tell you everything about it. I'm surprised she didn't even give you the name of it." He looked around and through the many papers he had on the coffee table. Picking up one, glancing at it, and putting it back down, he looked back at the confused boy who just stood there in front of him. He smiled warmly.

"Well, you are stealing a necklace called the Pendant of Twin Snakes. It's in a small ruin near the beach and lighthouse."

Daisuke nodded. "Okay…but mom said something about it being a bit different from the others. What did she mean?"

Daiki laughed again. "Ho ho ho, yes it is a bit different, but just like all the other you've stolen. This pendant was worn by a beautiful woman a long time ago, who waited until her death for her lover to return to her. From what I know, her lover gave it to her before he left for the sea and that was his promise that he would come back to her. Well, after many years of waiting, the woman assumed he had been killed and died soon after, but not before leaving the pendant in a small temple by the beach."

"That's so sad…" Daisuke ran a hand through his red hair, then wrapping both around himself. His grandfather nodded and glanced back down at the paper on the table.

He looked back up to meet his grandson's eyes and continue. "Anyway, the pendant stayed there for many more years to come, but what I'm concerned about is the stone in the center of it."

Daisuke blinked and moved his head to the side. "The…stone? What about it?" He moved over to other couch and sat down, still looking confused.

Daiki nodded yet again. "Yes, the stone. The reason the woman's lover gave her that pendant was because of the stone. It has some very strange powers in it that concern me. It's fine if it's left intact, but if it breaks…well the result can be dangerous."

"Oh…so be careful of the stone?" Large red eyes moved from the old man to Daisuke's lap. He stared intently at the crease on one of his pant legs. Daiki shoved his hands into his sleeves and settled his back to the softness of the couch.

"Yes. You and Dark should be careful anyway, but since I don't know what'll happen if the stone breaks, I want you two to take extra caution. That pendant's powers are still very unknown and I don't want anything to happen."

Chapter End

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