A/N: Hello! I feel really bad doing this, but I've been putting it off for a while, now.

For those who've been sticking around to reach Steal My Breath Away since it started, do understand that I totally appreciate you sticking by me. I really didn't even expect the amount of reviews I got, but what do you know? I just lost a lot of my interest in writing this fic. I don't like where I'm going with it and after re-reading the chapters I wrote, last year, I really just don't like how I rushed it.

I know, I know, I can always revise it, but I'm a little swamped with my schoolwork, some PS projects, and some other thingsā€¦plus I'm really way too lazy to do that. However, I'm not gonna quit writing fics all together. In fact, I'm planning on working on a few new fics, which will be (hopefully) much more enjoyable to read now that I've gotten much better at writing.

In any case, I apologize for my lagging and having to do this, but I hope everyone understands.