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On Angel's Wings:


Memories flooded into Sasuke's brain as he gazed at the boy who almost took his life, the boy who was so close to being the murderer of the last of the Uchiha. How his body acted on it's own to save the stupid blonde idiot, how the needles seared into his skin and bit into his muscle and flesh, how the pain was so agonizing that he was pleading silently for death while laying on the cold hard ground…

…And then waking up, feeling the warm teardrops of the girl who was probably dumber than Naruto, and realizing that he was alive and his would-be murderer was dead…had died doing the same thing he had done: protecting someone important to him.

But oddly enough, Sasuke wasn't angry at this boy.

'We're both dead,' he thought, standing still on the wet sidewalk. 'I guess that's one thing we have in common: we couldn't escape death, no matter how strong we were.'

The other angel laughed quietly, his back still to Sasuke. "So I guess you didn't make it either, huh?"

Sasuke jumped slightly, surprised that he was even aware that he was there. "Y-yeah," he said rather sheepishly.

Haku stood up and faced him, the daisy held tightly in his hand. "I take it your ward saw you too?"

The Uchiha raised his brow. "How did you know?"

Haku shrugged nonchalantly. "Happened to me too."

Sasuke stepped towards him hesitantly. "So you didn't make it into heaven?"

The other angel shook his head. "Nope. I mean…" He chuckled. "I attempted to murder someone."

Sasuke frowned. "Yeah, thanks a lot, douche-bag."

Haku ignored the comment. "But since I died for a noble cause, they kept me in purgatory. I accidentally showed myself to my ward, and was sent down here. But you know…" He held the daisy up to his nose and inhaled deeply. "I'm not even trying to protect them. I don't care too much about getting into heaven."

Sasuke's jaw dropped. "You're shitting me, right? You wanna stay here forever? Wouldn't you rather be in paradise with your family? Your loved ones?"

Haku smiled sadly. "The only one I love is unfortunately in hell…"

Sasuke couldn't help but feel like more of an asshole with each passing second he was talking to this kid. "O-Oh…my bad…"

The other angel sighed and grinned. "So you can see why I'd much rather stay here. I mean, I love the flowers and animals that inhabit Earth! And that girl in purgatory…well, she is rather trying on my nerves…"

"You can say that again," Sasuke muttered.

Haku tilted his head. "So you want to get into heaven?"

The raven-haired boy nodded resolutely. "More than anything. Earth…" He wrinkled his nose. "Earth was just so…shitty for me. I lost my family at a young age and grew up full of hate and spite. The ones who truly made me happy were my family, and I'll complete this gay-ass mission and see them, be with them, forever."

Haku smiled knowingly. "I can't say earth was great for me either. But…" he started to gently tug off the petals of the daisy, dropping them on the wet ground one by one, and started to walk away from Sasuke. "I suppose it's our job to make Earth less, ah, shitty for our wards, right?" He turned around and waved before he continued to stroll down the empty streets of Konoha. "Good luck. I'm sure you'll succeed."

Sasuke didn't respond, but stared intently at the daisy petals, which were starting to sink in a muddy puddle, and pondered the other angel's words.

The night sky was slowly starting to lighten as Sasuke sat on the edge of Hinata's bed, staring at the fitfully sleeping girl. Was she dreaming of him? Some how, the thought comforted him.

"People move on," Sasuke whispered. "People will eventually start to forget me and move on."

His ward groaned and rolled over, and he couldn't help but smile. This girl…she was just so…fragile. Sasuke squinted as he started at her sleeping form.

"In the end, you're just made up of pieces of meat and bones," he said. "You could die just so easily."

He reached out to touch her cheek, not surprised that he couldn't feel the warmness and softness of her skin. At the moment, he felt oddly lonely. She was so different from him now. He was now just a whisp in the wind, a light touch, a second thought. Hinata was a beautiful, healthy, living girl…a girl who was, according to Nuriko, in danger. And Sasuke was the only one who could save her.

He looked down at the floor, where a diary with a blue cover and matching pen lay. He picked up the book and pen, opened to a blank page, and thought for a moment, gazing at Hinata, before writing in big loopy letters: