Chance meeting

James and Lily had went out during their 7th year but had broken up a few weeks after school finished.

Lily's two best friends were Kara and Lucy.

Kara had went out with Sirius for a few months a Hogwarts, but they had broken up because neither of them were very good at long term realationships. But they had never really gotten over each other.


Lily, Kara and Lucy were sitting in a booth in an all night cafe. Lily and Kara were trying to cheer Lucy up, who had just gotten dumped again. She always got too involved in relationships too soon.

The three of them were completely oblivious to the fact that James Potter, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were sitting in the very next booth.

"Hey I know what will cheer you up" said Kara getting up and walking out of the cafe.

"Where is she going?" giggled Lily, "this isn't exactly the safest neighbourhood at night"

"I-I don't doesn't matter n-now that Stu's dumped me, I-I really thought he was the one" said Lucy

"Yeah, you've said that about, Ryan, Josh, Kyle, David, Sam, Mike, Richard, Lewis ..." rattled off Lily

"Yeah okay I get it" snapped Lucy, "but this time it was different"

Kara came back into the cafe carrying a bag.

"This is all you need to get over a bastard like Stu" said Kara emptying the contents of the bag onto the table.

"Okay, a dildo, blue did they run out of pink. Ooh handcuffs the good metal ones, strong. And whats that a book, what the hell?" said Lily.

"Karms Sutra, over 750 different positions to maximise pleasure." giggle Kara.

"I-I can't believe you bought those, what if someone sees" hissed Lucy.

"Well, then we'll get rid of them" said Lily picking up the dildo and throwing it over to the booth in front of her.

"What the fuck?" they heard a male voice say "ahhh what the fuck is that?"

"There's someone there" hissed Kara before dissolving into unstoppable giggles.

Lily rolled her eyes, "I'll go"

Lily got up and went over to the next booth "I'm s..." she started then she saw who it was she had hit.

"Lily" said Sirius completely shocked


"Are you responsible for this" said Sirius holding out the dildo at arms length.

"Uh yeah kinda"

"Well Ms Evans I'm shocked, I wouldn't have expected this of a former headgirl. What's the matter, not getting any?" grinned Sirius.

"I'm getting plenty thanks, Black" said Lily taking the dildo from Sirius, "Oh hi Remus, James"


"Hi" said James slightly dazed by seeing Lily, she looked amazing even better than he remembered.

"Hey Lily whats taking you so long, you better not be hiding any hot guys back there cause Lucy's need is greater than yours right now" said Kara then her head appeared over the top of the booth.

"Oh shit, Luce look who it is" said Kara.

"W-who? If its Stu I-I'm not ready to see him yet" they heard Lucy reply.

"No it's the mightly marauders" said Lily

"Really" said Lucy peeking her head over the booth, "Hi guys, wow we haven't seen you in almost a year"

"Yeah, it's been a while, what are you all up to these days?" asked Remus.

"I'm a healer" said Lucy

"Vice chairman of Chudley Cannons" said Kara.

"Wow seriously" said James


"What about you Lily?" he asked

"I'm a lawyer" she said, " and you guys?"

"Aurors" James, Remus and Sirius chorused

"I'm not even surprised" laughed Lily.

'I love her laugh" thought James become more and more infatuated with Lily again.

'James looks good, and sooooo hot' thought Lily.

Just then the waiter went past with a plate containing a massive greasy burger and was crammed with chips.

"Mmmm foods here" said Lily smacking her lips, "we'll see you later, I'm starving. Oh Sirius here you might want to keep this" she said handing him the dildo, "strap it on, then you might be able to satisfy a woman"

"Oi I can satisfy a woman perfectly on my own thanks" said Sirius outraged, "can't I Kaz?"

"Uh yeah whatever you say, the earth moved every time" said Kara sarcastically.

"See" he said truimphantly, "Oi that better not have sarcastic"

The girls just laughed and went to eat at their table.