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- Hermione Granger -

It was the first Hogsmeade weekend and I could barely contain my excitement.

My nose, as always, was buried in the Daily Prophet. My bushy mess was pulled back into a loose ponytail. A small pamphlet that didn't look like it belonged suddenly dropped out of the paper. Setting my paper down, I picked the pamphlet up and began to casually peruse it.

I scowled. This had to be the merchandise of two Weasley brothers by the names of Fred and George. Some of their products looked to be just on the border of being illegal. It was proof of their genius. NO one could ever say that the two were short of intelligence.

Taking my last sip of pumpkin juice, I stole out of the great hall to meet my friends.

Filch stood like a sentry at the door with his evil cat, Mrs. Norris, circling his feet and rubbing on his ankles. He carefully marked names off as students left and sent the younger students back.

Harry and Ron came bounding down the stairs toward me.

"Slow down boys. You are going to fall," I cautioned them but I might as well have preached my sermon to one of the enchanted walls pretending to be a door for all the attention they paid me.

BAM! CRASH! They tumbled to the floor at my feet.

I positioned my hands on my hips and adopted a very clear I-told-you-so stance.

"Herms…Luna and I are going out for a date today. So you and Harry are on your own…" Ron said grinning in a sheepish way.

I nodded. Luna had very definitely been wanting time alone with Ron and the look she gave me was most un-lunaish.

Ron turned bright red as his girlfriend claimed her place on his arm to lead him away to what I can only assume was a private carriage. He tossed his sloppy grin over his shoulder to me.

"Hermione…" Harry began as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

Oh yes. Harry's date with Oliver Wood was today.

"Today is your date with Oliver. Isn't it?" I asked grinning at him.

I was happy for Harry. Ever since the defeat of Voldemort Harry had loosened up and it had become apparent who the love of his life was. Ron was still a bit uncomfortable with Harry's sexual orientation but I had taken it as a fly would take honey. I had a friend to talk about girl stuff with. He and Oliver had been a couple in the eyes of the wizarding world since the fall of Voldemort. I thought them a lovely couple and with quidditch training they rarely had time to get together.

Harry nodded. "Are you sure you will be alright without me?"

I nodded.

"I will be fine Harry."

I sighed after he sauntered off to where Oliver stood with a broom waving to him. I watched them. As soon as Harry was in front of Oliver, Oliver grabbed his hip in his empty hand and jerked him close to press his lips firmly over Harry's. I smiled.

I moved to the end of the line and climbed into an empty carriage. At least I would not be hurried through the book store.

-Severus Snape-

I was pissed. No one could miss it. Tiny first years skittered from my presence as I walked in all of my billowing glory to the great front doors. They burst open banging harshly back.

The new headmistress and ex-head of house for Gryffindorks had seen fit to bestow upon me the responsibility of going to Hogsmeade to supervise children. As if I wanted to waste my time on my Saturday watching a bunch of asinine, hormone driven dunderheads. Dense WOMAN!

I exited the castle allowing my cloak to swish about my person in my typical dramatic fashion. I glanced, with a very unlovely sneer plastered to my face, up and down the row of thestral drawn carriages before walking to one at the end.

My lips curled up and my throat gave a growl of annoyance as I saw every carriage I passed was nearly overflowing with a cornucopia of love and happiness and unresolved sexual tension. It was one of the most reviling displays I had ever witnessed. There were only two worse. One was when Hogwarts used to celebrate the feast of Aphrodite. The second was Lockhart's Valentine's Day. Their lack of control was repellent.

My face grew even less pleasant and less attractive as I passed each carriage. FINALLY! It looked as if I had found my haven from the abominations that most of the professors have christened children.

My eyes sparkled in acrimony as I saw everyone's "favorite student," the head-girl, Granger. I put forth an effort to steady my breathing through my hooked nose so she would not know I was livid and therefore would not question me as to the cause.

Sighing, and not without a growl, I climbed up to sit in the carriage. At least Granger was a guaranteed kill-joy not unlike myself. I prayed to all the Gods, Goddesses, saints, and my lucky stars that she would not attempt to converse with me, though, if I had to converse with anyone at the school who was not a colleague, Granger would be the only acceptable choice. Though, that was not saying anything and one could not call that a comment just the brutal, cold truth.

-Hermione Granger-

I turned my head when I felt someone step up into the carriage. Instantly I averted my eyes. Professor Snape sat down opposite me. His expression was the one that typically graced his harsh features. Surly. He crossed his thin arms over his chest and glared down his large nose at me.

"Miss Granger, don't you have friends to sit with? Obviously not…regardless…I do not wish to hear your annoying, grating voice this whole trip," he said giving me his steeliest look.

"I beg your pardon sir, but why are you going?" I asked looking up into his eyes.

While I looked into his eyes, I made sure to keep my gaze purely curious and displaying no challenge.

"Do you have even less brains than the other teachers credit you for?" Professor Snape ground out as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

After that I did not expect to receive an answer, which is why my jaw nearly dropped when I heard him continue.

"The headmistress seems to think that I'm spending too much time locked away in my dungeons. She thinks I need to spend time in the sun. Damn bitch."

I had to bite my lip to restrain my grin at the trenchant tone of the most feared and abhorred professor to ever slink through the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When the snarls and sarcasm were directed at parties other then myself and my friends, he was quite humorous.

Professor Snape proceeded to brush imaginary dust off his pristine, well cut robes.

I decided then that it would be best to keep my mouth shut to avoid any point deductions. I reached into my bag then to get my book that I got for my birthday some weeks prior by owl post. I opened the tome in my lap and flipped through the first few pages before lifting it up to use as a shield for my face.

-Severus Snape-

I glanced over at her at the sound of pages being flipped. Miss Granger didn't know she was in the presence of a fellow bibliophile. I didn't intend to share the fact with her either. None of her business anyhow.

WHAT? What was she doing with that?

I caught myself before my jaw fell open. Regrettably I was unable to ebb the flow of blood to my cheeks.

She seemed to sense my eyes peering intently at her though she seemed utterly at peace under the scrutiny that laced my look.

"Miss Granger, I hesitate to ask but why are you reading my book?" I asked. I cursed myself for the gentility of my tone and the spark of curiosity that had made its presence in my voice.

She lowered her book to her lap and stared up into my ebony eyes.

-Hermione Granger-

I stared into eyes that were darker than midnight at the new moon. I respected him. I always had. I had kept up with his trial with the greatest amount of interest. I had been owled to testify on his behalf.

He saved my life and the lives of my muggle parents. I suppose my fondness for him had been sparked by this. He had proven himself to be a good man at heart.

I am still embarrassed around him at the best of times. The ardency and vehemence with which I had defended him to the ministry had been in his presence.

It had been proven that in killing Dumbledore Snape had had no choice because in order to prevent the jeopardizing his position in the Order he had been forced to take an Unbreakable Vow and his choice had not been his own in that time. It also hadn't hurt that Bellatrix Lestrange had denounced him as a "traitorous, back-stabbing piece of Dumbledore loving scum." That thought of her as she said that still makes me smile.

"Sir, I consider you to be one of the most highly intelligent people I know and Potions has always been one of my favorite classes while you were teaching it. I was most interested in reading a book written by you."

He raised one of his thin eyebrows at me.

"A Gryffindor is praising the most reviled men to ever walk the halls of Hogwarts?" he asked in a soft tone he normally reserved for his most deadly tempers.

"Yes sir."

"I am shocked and that doesn't happen often."

Had I just received the first ever brownie points from Professor Snape?

"Sir…" I began but faltered.

He raised his brow.

"I wanted to thank you again. Thank you so much for saving my parents and me. I can never repay the kindness you have done to me."

I stared up at him with my big brown eyes. He was a good man who had not always made the best decisions but he had turned those poor decisions around and for the better.

"Miss Granger, if I find you repeat what I am about to say to ANYONE, especially one of your insignificant friends, I will not only deny it but I promise your life will be a living hell and you children's children will still be serving your detention sentence. Gryffindor House will be in the negative points for centuries. Has this message sunk into your thick Gryffindor skull?" he asked leaning forward to give me a piercingly fierce look.

I closed my eyes in the event that he was attempting to use legilimency against me. I didn't dare doubt the very real threat of the powerful, dangerous wizard before me. I nodded mutely, meekly.

Snape nodded in return and sat back.

"I'm afraid I am far overdue in extending," he paused to gulp and steel himself for his next words, "my gratitude to you for the generous work you did on my behalf of freeing me from Azkaban. I want to say…thank…you." Professor Snape faltered on the words thank you and he appeared a bit nervous during the whole exchange. It was a pleasant change. At last he was the one uncomfortable and not making others uncomfortable.

I managed to control my jaw and not to gape at him.

"Of course sir, regardless of what anyone would say, if I had the choice to make over again, I would do the same," I said and whatever influenced me to do what I did next I will never know. Without pausing to give it a second thought, I displayed exactly what the sorting hat had seen to cause it to put me in Gryffindor house. I reached out and touched his hand.

Professor Snape jerked back as if I had just tried to cast an unforgivable on him. He sat watching me through bright suspicious eyes.

That was when the carriage stopped.

"I'm sorry sir," I said and I fled the carriage in fear.


I slipped into the bookshop, my haven. I moved with great haste to hide my face behind a transfiguration book.

My brain began to berate me instantly. 'Hermione Jane Granger you are an imbecile!' My brain continued on in this insulting manner for at least ten minutes.

-Severus Snape-

What nerve? I thank her and she thinks she can touch me!

I was disgusted beyond belief. The best thing would be to find some quiet place to hide where she wouldn't find me. I didn't want to see her…well ever again to be honest…but I would settle for being away from her for remainder of the weekend.

The insolence! The intrepidity! The impertinence! The impudence!

I was shocked partially by how not shocked I was. In the deepest, darkest, tiniest little bit of my heart I knew I hadn't jerked away to shun human contact or because I found her touch loathsome. Her skin had been warm and soft against the damp clamminess of my own slender digits.

DAMN HER! She would never care for me beyond that that anyone would feel for some who saved their life. She wouldn't love me for me. She would only love me for having rescued her. She didn't care for me as a man. That was what I wanted. I wanted someone who would love me for me. Me and all my bad temper. I seemed doomed to be alone though. I didn't want the touch of someone who would not love me.

My hand was still tingling from the sensation of her alluring touch. I sighed. It had been too long since I had had a woman. I swiped the hand nervously on my robes to hopefully wipe the memory of her touch from my mind. I reworked the shock into malcontent and stepped down from the carriage and walked to the book store.

The book I had ordered was here. I would never admit to enjoying muggle novels ever. But I still enjoyed reading Shakespeare and Austen and Brontë. Sense and Sensibility had arrived. It was the only one I hadn't read and didn't own.

"Professor Snape, the two books you ordered have arrived," the keeper of the store said bustling into the backroom and returning with two books.

I kept myself from smiling. I had an image to maintain. It grew more difficult when I saw Macbeth had also arrived. I had the greatest desire to read that play.

I pulled out the money for my books and passed the exact amount across the counter before tucking the books into a pocket inside my cloak to protect them from the weather should it turn nasty and, looking at the rain clouds, it might.

Right after I spun to leave and felt a petit body collide with me.

I reached out and snatched a brightly burning Hermione Granger to keep her from falling to the floor of the shop.

She yelped in shock. What was wrong with the saucy girl now?

OH! This was unusual.

My face gave way to an uncontrollable amount of blushing as I removed my hand from the firm, high buttocks of my student.

"I apologize Miss Granger. It was not my…"

She held up a hand. "I know."

I turned and walked out quickly.

-Hermione Granger-

I burned the same shade as my tie as I paid for my books.

I had made Professor Snape blush profusely. Fine! I just saw a tiny pinkish tinge his cheeks before he left.

I felt my face heat even more. It was amazing there was any blood left elsewhere in my body with how much had rushed to my face when he had grabbed my bottom and the slight pressure he had applied without realizing where his hand was.

The rest of the day became a blur of me falling over him. Every time I saw him after that my embarrassment doubled.

By the end of the day I had convinced myself that, due to the fact that every time I saw him I ended up colliding with him, and at one memorable moment ended up sprawled across his lap giving him a delicious and, no doubt, salacious view of the green thong I was wearing, a jelly legs jinx had been cast on me. There was no other explanation. I could not be that big of a social blunder. Not alone at any rate.

Oh no. The only available carriage left already contained Professor Snape reading a book.

He looked up as I climbed into the carriage. I burned under the iciness. The temperature must have dropped ten degrees when he saw me.

"Miss Granger, seeing as you caused several incidents close to being catastrophic for the points of your house and have nearly single-handedly decimated the lead Gryffindor held over Slytherin, perhaps you refrain from throwing yourself upon my lap," Professor Snape said sneering as he crossed his arms over his waist defensively and slipping his book back into his robes before I had a chance to catch the title.

I just sat down and stared at my shoes as if they were the most fascinating thing I had ever seen.

The Fates just continued to spin and weave unfavorably for me. When we arrived at school, Professor Snape stood and haughtily exited the carriage before me.

"Eek!" I squeaked out as I stepped on the hem of my robe and went crashing forward right into the back of the potions master.

-Severus Snape-

At the squawk of terror I spun and tried to catch Miss Granger. I got knocked to the ground for my trouble.

-Hermione Granger-

I lay still as a statue on top of him. My face was pressed into the thick folds of his soft robes. My hands rested lightly on his firm, solid shoulders. I took a deep breath. He didn't smell dirty or greasy or at all the way many people speculated that he smelled. He smelled like sandalwood and ginger mostly with hints of other potions ingredients. The coldness of his disposition was amply compensated for by the warmth of his body.


I was jerked from my observational trance by a rough shake and a harsh voice grinding into my brain.

"Remove yourself from my body at once! Thirty points from Gryffindor for pissing me off and knocking me to the ground and five for every moment you remain in contact with me. Five, Ten…"

I jerked away.

He rose and stomped into the school in quite a state.

I blinked back tears as I climbed to my feet. I looked down and say a book. Reaching down I scooped the book up. Sense and Sensibility was the title. Does he enjoy reading muggle novels? I shrugged and tucked it away into my bag making a mental note to return it to him after class on Monday if it was his. I couldn't embarrass myself further by asking him if this was his book. I walked quickly to my room.

As soon as I entered the common room, I was accosted by Harry.

His eyes were glowing brightly and his lips were slightly swollen from large amounts of kissing.

"Hermione!" he squeaked pitching his arms around my neck delightedly and turning us in a full circle. "Wait till you hear!"

"Hear what?"

Harry pulled away with a wild grin on his face holding out his hand to show off a gorgeous diamond and ruby engagement ring.

I snatched his hand in shock.

"HARRY! I'm so happy for you!"

He grinned nodding unrestrainedly.

"I want to tell you all about Oliver's proposal. It was so romantic!"

We talked until way past midnight.

"Hermione, don't you have a crush on anyone? I know you liked Ron last year but you seem to be over him."

"Oh I am. I have a crush on someone but I am not telling anyone who because I want to get it all sorted first. I think I am going to go to bed Harry. I'll see you tomorrow at breakfast."

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