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-Hermione Granger-

When I woke up, I was dressed in a long wine red medieval style dress. I reached up and touched my hair. A circle of braids wound around the rest of my bushy hair holding it back in a ponytail.

I rose to look at where I found myself. A large clearing surrounded me. A full moon and hundreds of tiny stars lit the land. Beautiful, wild flowers bloomed by the dozens all around me. I tilted one to look at it. It was wolfsbane. The entire field was nothing but wolfsbane. Wolfsbane was so rare and here was an entire field of it. I lifted my skirts and walked through the flowers towards where I could hear water trickling over stones.

I paused at the edge of the woods. Woods weren't safe on a night such as this. But what choice did I have? I would be no safer in the field than I would be in the woods. I would be safer if I kept moving at the very least. I entered with wide eyes. I looked everywhere. One couldn't be too cautious when it was a full moon.

I walked about a hundred feet into the forest when I came to a bubbling brook. A stepping stone path would allow one to cross safely. I sat down. I was so thirsty. Cupping my hands I scooped a handful of the cold, clear water. It ran down my dry throat feeling like the first rainfall of the year in a desert.

I looked up at the cliffs in the distance. A very handsome, grand, old castle stood at the top.


I jumped up and spun at the unmistakable sound of the howl of the werewolf. My eyes widened as a huge, burly grey werewolf made his presence known as he stepped from behind the large oak tree in front of me. Drool dripped from his lips. He looked as if dinner was just about to be served.

I turned and fled across the stepping stone path. I took no notice of the hem of my skirt trailing in the water. I just ran. My feet hit the ground hard as I ducked around trees and broke through the undergrowth. I could hear the poor beast chasing me. His footfalls were equally heavy and I could hear his heavy panting through his hateful snarls.

"HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME! PLEASE HELP ME!" I screamed into the forest. I had searched for my wand. I knew just the spell to aid me in my current crisis but no wand was to be found.

"FORWARD!" a strong, masculine voice called from ahead of me in the woods.

A giant black hippogriff burst forth from the thick foliage with a tall, dark rider brandishing a wand.

"Lycaon Amitto!" the man shouted flicking his wand emphatically at the werewolf.

A sparkling electric blue spell shot out the end of the wand hitting the werewolf square in the chest.

The tall, dark rider directed his hippogriff back to me. He wore a thick black hooded cloak that hid his face from almost all view. I could see the end of his long, hooked nose in the moonlight as well as two tiny pinpricks of light that had to be his eyes.

I bowed to the handsome hippogriff. He blinked his large, ice blue eyes at me before sinking into a soft bow. He dipped his majestic, noble head.

"Please come with me, Miss." The voice was dark and smooth. If velvet or chocolate moose had a voice, it would sound like him.

With one fluid movement he offered a long-fingered, gloved hand to me.

I stared at him.

"Please mademoiselle, there are many werewolves in this forest and it will be better if we go to my castle. There is a repelling charm on it to keep the werewolves off the grounds."

I bit my lip and placed my hand in his. He helped me up to sit on back of the hippogriff. I sat on him as if I was riding side saddle.

"Wrap your arms around my waist and hold on tight."

I draped my arms around his midsection. I rested my head in between his shoulders. His cloak was made of very soft velvet.

"Let's go!" The sound of a kick on a hippogriff sounded and the hippogriff reared before running ten strides and leaping into the air.

"EEEK!" I screeched like a banshee pressing tighter into his back and my arms tightened into a death grip around his waist.

"Calm down. We'll land in just a minute."

The landing was relatively smooth.

I released his waist as he slid off.

"May I help you?" he asked offering me his hand.

I took his hand softly in mine. Slowly his other hand slipped onto my hip. I pressed my hand to his shoulder. I slid from the hippogriff and into his arms.


I was situated safely on the ground when he called the name out.

"Yes master," the tiny blue eyed elf asked bowing to him.

"Take this lady to the library and give her anything she asks for," the voice was cold and demanding.

The turning his attention to me he spoke.

"Feel free to ask Dolly for anything you want. I will be in shortly. I have to take care of Theseus first."

He stoked the feathers of the beast's shoulder.

I nodded and followed Dolly to the library.

"Please take a seat Miss. What might Dolly gets for you?" Dolly asked. Her blue eyes were bright and wet.

"May I please have a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows?" I asked her politely smiling at her nervousness. I hoped it would help calm her.

Seconds later a mug of steaming chocolate with mini marshmallows appeared on the coffee table in front of me.

"Good evening Mademoiselle…"

I looked over as I picked up my mug.

Tall, dark, and mysterious had just come in. He smiled as he walked over. His teeth weren't the prettiest. There was a yellowish coffee/beer stained look to them and they rested crooked in his mouth. My parents would love to get their hands on him. It would be more fun for them as the dentists than him as the patient. I reckon he would have about as much fun as Buckbeak had had being chained behind Hagrid's hut at the end of our third year.

I could just see them shining in the light as his face was still mostly covered in shadows.

"May I ask what happened to bring you to my woods on such a night?" he asked walking forward to sit on the couch.

He had put his hood back up so I was unable to see his face.

I put that out of my mind. No sense in wondering. I had no right to question my rescuer.

"I woke in the middle of the field and, seeing your castle, I decided to try to get here because I have no idea where I am, nor how I got here."

"You are near the muggle village Snape in a hidden castle. I t has muggle repelling charms on it as well as werewolf repelling charms. I must insist you stay the night. It is far too dangerous to travel tonight."

"Thank you for your hospitality sir and I beg your forgiveness for my intruding.

"It is nothing at all. Nothing at all. I am rather lonely. I am glad of the company."


We both looked at the clock on the mantle shelf. A small clock with roman numerals on the face sat there reading the time of eleven o'clock.

"I'm sure you'd like to get to bed so I will lead you to your room," he said getting to his feet.

I rose. He offered me his arm. I placed my hand on it and he led me out of the library and up a beautiful polished mahogany staircase whose handrail supports were hand-carved snakes.

At the top we turned left and walked a short way down the hall. We stopped at a tall door with stain glass windows raising to the top of the door on both sides. The image on each was a silver serpent winding its way up a tree.

He opened the door.

Instantly the fireplace came to life. The torches on either side of a gorgeous cherry wood bed covered with a red comforter with the shape of a lion in gold thread sown in the middle burst up lighting the room. A window with dark green velvet curtains hanging from the top spanned the length behind the bed.

I gasped. My head-girl's room had nothing on this room.

"This room is beautiful."

"It was my mother's before she married a muggle by the name of Tobias. My grandparents severely disapproved muggles and he severely disapproved of witches and wizards. However as the only remaining descendant of the Prince bloodline I was the only person that the house could be left to."

Tobias…Tobias…where had I read that name? Then it came to me. Tobias was the name of Severus Snape's father and he said he was a descendant of the Prince bloodline as well. Eileen Prince was his mother. So Professor Snape saved me. Now I knew the identity of my rescuer.

"Professor Snape?"

He whirled back to me.

"How did you know who I was?"

"Tobias was the name of your father and your mother's name was Eileen Prince. I read a small article in an old version of the Daily Prophet."

"Yes Miss Granger. I'm…well I have nothing else much to say. I will escort you down to breakfast around 8:45 tomorrow morning."

He walked over to a lovely chest of drawers inlaid with rubies and diamonds. A mirror that went from floor to ceiling and had a silver border carved with vines and roses stood to the right of it and to the left of another door. He opened a drawer and pulled out a slinky small white silk negligee.

Holding it out to me he spoke as he lowered his hood, "You may wear this to bed tonight if you wish Miss Granger. I'm right across the hall should you need anything."

"Thank you sir," I said refusing to look into his eyes as I took the garment that he held out.

I could feel him staring at me with his deep, dark, brooding ebony eyes. I peered up at him for a second. He wasn't smiling but I had never seen him smile. Not a true smile anyway. I had seen him smirk but never smile. HE gently inclined his head before leaving and shutting the door gently behind him.

I held the negligee out and examined it. It was lovely. I changed quickly and moved to look at myself in the mirror.

The negligee hung only to my mid-thigh and that was merely the silver lace at the end. It clung to my body like a second skin. It was magic that made it hang that way, one size fits all. I touched my hair softly before walking over to the bed. Pulling the covers back I slid into the bed and tugged the covers up to my chin as I reclined back onto the soft feather pillows. The torches went out as I released the tie that held the curtains of the four poster bed back.

I fell asleep quickly but it wasn't long until strange noises woke me.

I sat up and slipped my feet from under the covers. The floor was so cold that it burned my feet. I walked to the door and stepped out into the even colder hallway. The cries were louder, more urgent in the corridor. They clearly emanated from the door in front of me and the room beyond that door.

My mouth grew dry. Professor Snape was making those sounds. Why?

I swallowed though there was nothing to swallow. I stepped forward and twisted the doorknob.

Cold air whooshed out hitting my face. The room seemed to have mist hanging in the air.

"Don't hurt mommy!" a disembodied voice called from the bed.

I felt a pang in my heart as I saw the thrashing form of a man in the bed. I moved to him swiftly and I drew the curtains back.

"Professor Snape, please wake up," I begged.

I reached out touching his arm.

Professor Snape instantly jerked awake. He snatched my arms and dragged me across his lap.

"Who are you?" his voice was menacing and malicious promising to curse into the next century if he didn't like the answer he received.

"Professor Snape please it is Hermione," I whimpered.

He released me.

"Miss Granger," he whispered. "What is going on?"

I sat up and clambered off the bed backing into the wall. It was only then that I was able to observe him.

He sat with his face buried in his hands.

My heart sobbed loudly for me to go to him. I answered the call of my heart. I could not help pitying him in that moment.

"Professor Snape," I whispered his name as I reached toward him. I touched his hair.

He jerked a bit and looked at me with wide eyes.

Slowly I slipped my arm around his chest and removed my other hand from his hair to wrap it about his shoulders. I draped my head on his shoulder.

A long, cold fingered hand closed around my arm.

I lifted my head and looked at his face.

"Would you like me to leave sir?"

"NO!" the answer was instantaneous. "Don't leave!"

"Shush. Shush. It's alright. I won't leave unless you want me to."

An arm snaked out around my waist.

"You're cold. Join me under the covers."

I felt him press his face into my neck then and sniff at me. He lifted the covers.

OH GOODNESS! He was only wearing a plain pair of black boxers.

I closed my eyes and slid under the covers to join my professor.

His arms squeezed me snuggly to his chest. I pressed my cheek to chest over his heart. I listened to the steady beat of his soft heart.

He fell back onto the soft pillows holding me close and we both fell into a deep sleep.

I didn't awake till the next morning. I awoke to soft lips kissing my neck. I awoke to strong arms around my waist. I turned in the arms of my bedmate.

I remembered whose arms I had fallen asleep in. He appeared to still be lost in dreamland.

He continued kissing my neck and soon his hips bucked forward. I gasped as I felt a bulge press into my stomach. My eyes widened in fear.

He seemed to sense my fear as his eyes popped open.

He pulled away.

"Forgive me Miss Granger. I did not mean to frighten you so. I am sorry for asking you to stay…"

Even as he uttered his soft and gentle apologies, he and all the surroundings began to fade around me.

I sat up rubbing sleep from my eyes.

Where am I?

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