Poisoned Cherry Blossom
Did you ever know that you can be poisoned by a Cherry Blossom?
Only by a special one of course.
Which one?
The one with the name 'Sakura'

Ah, my first Naruto fic ever oO.. And it turned out to be ItachixSakura, my favorite pairing (if you got an ItaxSaku story, send a review and tell me so!)

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So... Here we go...

Just so you know, Sakura is 16 in this fic. :)

(This chapter is re-written.)

"Sakura-chan!" a boyish voice called. Sakura turned to see a familiar blond-haired boy running towards her, waving like an idiot.

She stopped up and smiled back at him, waving at him slightly.

"Sakura-chan! I've been looking everywhere for you, Sasuke and Kakashi sensei have also been looking for you, where have you been?" he asked worried.

Sakura shook her head, trying to clear her mind. They were setting up their tents, and she had decided to take a small walk…

"I was only walking a bit, why are you so worried?" she asked with questioning eyes.

"You've been gone for two hours!" he answered back.

Sakura's eyes widened; two hours? That could not be right! Had the time gone that fast? It seemed like a minute ago when she informed Kakashi that she was only going to look a bit around.

Of course, once again, she had been thinking of Sasuke. That boy was about to mentally kill her! She could never seem to think of anything else. Even though she was half-way over him, she still couldn't stop thinking about him.

Sakura came out of her Sasuke-trance. There it was again! She was gone in her own world where Sasuke was in the middle.

"Oh, two hours? I've been thinking of so much I completely lost the track of time!" she answered.

"Well, time to go back! Come, the food is ready!" he said and sat up his boyish smile.

On the way back to the camp, Sakura once again was thinking about Sasuke, and could not even seem to focus on the way, something Naruto noticed.

"So, what are you thinking of, it must be something big since you are always thinking of it!" he asked her, smiling.

Sakura looked at Naruto and down again "Everything and nothing.. The future, my family, everything.." she lied.

Naruto nodded, even though he didn't believe a word she said. Something was bothering her, but he didn't want to ask more.

As soon as they entered the camp, Sakura headed to her tent, she needed a little relaxing before eating. Kakashi had told her that the food wasn't finished quite yet.

When she reached her tent, she looked around, someone was there.
Her heart beat paced a little up, but it went back to normal when she realized who it was.

Sasuke was leaning towards a tree, looking at him with an annoyed expression. He was probably angry that they had to use time to look after her.

She looked back at him, it annoyed her so much that he had to be like that.

She wanted him to love her back, even though she knew it would never happen, a little hope was stilling living in her heart.

She had tried to push her love for him away, which was easy when he wasn't around, but when he saw his face, the raven hair and the black eyes again, the love jumped up.

It took all of her willpower not to fall down and cry. 'Why can't he love me in return? Is it because I'm weak?' she asked herself, her self esteem shrinking even more, however that was possible.

"Ah, Sakura, I see Naruto found you" Kakashi's voice pulled Sakura out of her thoughts, and she turned to look at her sensei.

"Hai! Sensei! I did! I am the hero! Ahh!" Naruto jumped out from nowhere and screamed out in pride.

Sakura had to smile at him.


She turned her head to Sasuke which was looking at them, and her smile fainted.

Why did he have to do this against her? Wasn't she allowed happiness? When she finally smiles, he can ruin it by a word, no, a sound, 'hn'.

"See that Sasuke! I found her! Haha, I'm better than you!" Naruto loudly exclaimed.

Sasuke didn't even bother to comment that, he only raised his eyebrow at the kyuubi container.

Sasuke and Sakura looked right into each other eyes. Sakura only found emptiness and hate behind those eyes, the eyes which that her dreams.

Sasuke saw struggle in her eyes, she was fighting to hold her tears back. She was always so weak, she always began to cry.

They stood like that for about two minutes, simply looking into each others eyes.

"The fish is ready, let's eat!" Kakashi said to break the silence.

They looked at each other for some seconds more before they both went to the fire.

Everyone sat down and began to eat. Naruto noticed how Sasuke looked around all the time, worried, and the fact that he didn't even touch his food. Kakashi was eating as his life depended on it, his face away from them of course, they had still not figured out what was under that god damn thing! On the other hand, Sakura ate one small piece at the time, very slowly.

"Hey, Sasuke, what's wrong?" he asked loudly.

"Nothing.." he said and looked behind himself..

'Stupid Sasuke, never says anything..' Naruto thought for himself.

"I'm so thirsty, do we got any water?" Sakura asked.

"No, but it's a river a bit down from here, not too far away, I can get some." Kakashi answered and got up

"Oh, no need to, I'll get it myself" she smiled at him as she watched him sit down. She got up and left the hot fire.

When she finally reached the river, she touched the water with her index finger, breaking the cold surface.

She was about to bend down when she heard a sound of a branch break behind her. She jumped up and snapped the kunai from her pocket, holding it as a defense.

She kept looking around herself for the creature that had just been there a while ago.

'Breath in Sakura, you can do this..' she told herself, trying to get calm.

But when she looked back in the forest, she noticed a pair of eyes looking right back at her.

Red, blood red, with 3 comma's around the iris.. Sharingan?

"Sasuke-kun...?" she whispered nervously..

It didn't answer, it didn't even blink. Was it an illusion of his eyes? At least it seemed so...

His eyes had often hunted her, but they were black, never red...

It seemed like she could never escape them, they were everywhere. She rubbed her eyes and looked back at the forest. The eyes were still there. Damn it! She closed her eyes and breathed deeply inn.

'I'm just imagining stuff again.. As normal.'

She opened her eyes to see that the eyes weren't there anymore. She smiled for herself and turned to the water.

A pair of sharingan was reflected in the water, which was the last thing before falling into unconsciousness.

"It's already gone 30 minutes, where is she?" Naruto asked worried.

"She should be back by now... I'll look a bit around." Kakashi said and stood up, leaving Sasuke and Naruto the camp.

"I can't just sit here waiting for him finding her, what if he looks at the wrong place?" Naruto harshly asked the air, and looked at Sasuke. He didn't seemed worried at all! His eyes were actually closed!

"Aren't you worried about Sakura-chan! What if some bad-ass-guy found her and is killing her!" he shouted out.

That seemed to grab Sasuke's attention, his eyes opened quickly.

'Oh god, my head, it hurts so much..' Sakura thought while sitting up.

She brushed the grass with her fingers and rubbed her eyes... Wait, it wasn't the grass she had been on a minute ago. She wasn't even outside! She was on a red silky couch, in a room without any windows, just one metal door.

After looking at the door for some minutes she jumped out of the bed and headed to it. Carefully she slid her fingers on the cold metal knob, and turned it.. It was locked.

"Damn it!" she shouted in anger, kicking the door.

"You are a cleaver one Sakura, why don't you try something else?" a flat voice came from the other side of the room.

Sakura's heart was beating so fast she could almost swear that it was about to pop out of her throat. She slowly turned around to see where the voice came from.

In a corner two eyes looked at her, sharingan eyes. His eyes.

'WHAT THE HELL, WHY IS THOSE EYES EVERYWHERE?' Inner Sakura screamed. It was tons of explosions in her head at that second.

Sakura was thrown out of her thoughts when she heard him chuckle a bit.

"What are you thinking of?" he asked in an extremely smooth tone.

Sakura was frozen. Who was he, how did he know her name, and why did he have sharingan eyes, didn't that belong to the Uchiha clan.. Only?

"W-who are you?" she managed to ask, still terrified. What was going on? It was so much at once, her head aching in pain.

The owner of the eyes started moving, and out of the shadow a man approached.

He saw she recognized him, no doubt in her mind.

"Uchiha Itachi.." she managed to choke out. It was the man Sasuke has used his life to hunt down, but so far he hadn't succeeded.. He was dangerous, a bloody S-class criminal, a deadly murder, the last man you want to meet. And this was just too much for her.

She closed her eyes began to scream with all the strength possible.

In the blink of an eye she was on her back and felt a hand over her mouth.
She opened her eyes and looked right over herself. He was pinning her to the ground with his hand over her mouth, stopping her from screaming. Oh no, she would not give up that easily.

She did the first thing she thought of, and that was to bite his hand, hard! Itachi snapped his hand from her mouth, and looked dangerously at her before studying his hand. Blood all over.

Sakura felt the metallic blood taste in her mouth, and it almost wanted to make her puke. She gave him an evil glare and started to scream again.

Now she had done it, Itachi was annoyed.

Another flash, and she felt her whole body thrown against a wall, and a hand squeezing her throat tightly. She couldn't breathe at all.

"Listen to me, you shut your mouth, and only speak you are allowed, or else you will find yourself in a situation worse than death." He hissed at her ear.

Sakura started to squirm in his grip, choking for air, like a pathetic worm.

He looked at her some seconds before he let her slip from his grip.

She fell on the ground with a loud 'clunk' and instantly began to cough, leaning to the wall reaching for her breath, scratching it with her nails. She felt for crying, but didn't dare to show her enemy weakness.

"Haruno Sakura… Right?" he asked her, not even bothering to look down at her.

"Ye-yes.." she whispered, barley audible. She looked up at his face. His back were at her, and he was looking at the couch.

'What the hell is going on..? How does he know who I am?' she screamed inside herself. 'Is he after Sasuke? Why has he brought me here then!'

'Just don't do any wrong moves, shut up, don't talk, don't exists, do whatever he says, answer whatever he says.' Her mind repeated.

"Get up" he said, looking down at her with an emotionless look.

She leaned to the wall and pushed herself up, still leaning to the wall. She kept biting the sides of her tongue, trying to stop the tears that we're threatening to flow.

"Tell me Sakura, are you afraid of me..?" he asked in a gentle tone.

'What the hell is that supposed to mean? Yes of course I'm afraid of you, you're a fucking s-class criminal!' inner Sakura screamed.

Trying to hold back that she was afraid, she took a deep breath and tried to speak steady.


"Why are you lying?" he asked and looked into her eyes.

Sakura turned her head the same second and he looked into her green diamond eyes. She didn't answer, it wasn't any answer for that question, he was just mocking her. And it angered her. She hated when people mocked her. If that was Naruto, she would probably kick his ass.

'But the fact that he might be the best ninja does stop me from attacking him, doesn't it?'

"How do you know my name? Or who I am?" she asked quietly.

Itachi wasn't waiting an answer for his question, and did certainly not expect a question from her.

He only chuckled and moved away from her. So she wasn't all that afraid, she dared to speak to him.

'A laugh..? A LAUGH! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!' inner Sakura screamed.

"Why hell are you laughing?" she spat, but immediately covered for her mouth. 'Yes, confront him if you like, but don't be a bitch! He can still kill you!'

It was a pause, and they just looked at each other.

'What is it with these damn Uchiha boys? Why do they have to wait ten days before answering a simple question?' she looked carefully at him 'And why are all of them so damn good looking?'

She could not deny that he was very, very good looking, even though his coat was mainly in the way.

His eyes were about like Sasuke's, only a bit smaller.

His hair was black, and not raven colored like Sasuke's .Why did he had to be so good looking? Why did their whole family have to be so good looking? How unfair!

"Because of how you act." he answered. Sakura looked a bit confused at him, before remembering she asked him a question..

She opened her mouth to speak, but realized he wasn't there anymore.

'What the?'

She tried to open the door again, but failed like last time.

Her blood began to boil with anger, who was he to treat her like that?

She felt like destroying something, just for the sake of it, but quickly dismissed the thought.

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