Dear Readers Of 'Poisoned Cherry Blossom'

I'm so sorry to inform you that this story is discontinued.

Once again I'm so sorry, but I lost all my interest to write this story.
The last chapter was really bad, since I felt bad if I didn't give the writers the one thing
I had promised from the start(A lemon) so I just had to force it out.

But I'm not happy with how it was, however I also realized I couldn't change it either, because I'd never finish it then.

Once again, I'm sorry for the wait and holding some of you waiting for me to come back from hiatus.

So Sorry, I wish I could continue, but I really can't.

I mainly lost my interest in Naruto, I just stopped reading from when 'Karin' entered,
and 2nd episode of Naruto Shipuunden(sp?)

This fanfiction changed my life, I've met people who changed me and my life to the better, and you guys know who you are, really.

However, also to every single reader, those who only read, those who review once in a while and those who reviewed every single time,
thank you for such a lovely time, you all made me really happy. I really mean it.

Love you all, Arwen.