Disclaimer: I own nothing of digimon nor any thing related to it. I just write. For nothing, because I love it and it helps release anger and stress. Well this is my first story, done in the form of a journal. It is Davis, and how his Christmas was ruined. It goes seem angsty more then anything. So I hope you enjoy. R&R Please - Later!

The Chronicles of Someone I Onced Believed.

24th of December, Christmas Eve, 2003 1:31pm


That's it.

He probabley thinks I'm a lame excuse for a young adult. That's why he yelled. I hate yelling. It scares me more then if someone was to punch or hit me. Damn it … as I think of it, I cry…

I wonder if he saw me.

I lower my baseball cap, put my music on full blast, and put the hood on the sweatshirt that Hikari bought for me, over my hurt, confused and pathetic head. We're driving out of town for Christmas. I wish I was sick, instead of all those poor innocent kids that have absolutely nothing to live for. But for some reason you can't change the past for anything. Just like when dad came home to see the undone dishes and yell furiously at me. Damn my eyes… they hurt so much, but I'm trying not to make a noise.

I hope I don't.

I don't want Jun, my step dad or mom to look back here and worry about me. They don't need anymore stress, especially Jun and mom. Hmm… I haven't eaten at all. They just stopped at McDonalds, but I refused. I'm not hungry. I can't eat when I'm upset. Grrr… the tears… I hate crying. I do a lot of that lately.

I miss her.

Hikari. We made plans before Christmas, but dad canceled them at the last minute. I was upset, but I don't like getting mad at people, so I kept my cool. I'm just not that kind of a person. I can never get mad at anything or anyone. I dunno.

Maybe because I'm weak.

My only wish for Christmas was to see the one I truly loved more then anything at all. I can't say myself, because I don't think very high of myself.


Her parents are amazing, even though they're just regular people. They care so much for her, and even me too. That's something my separated parents could ever do. I'm glad that her parents are still together. Cause trust me, separation is not fun to go through at all.

It sucks.

Even though I live with my mom, I have never actually felt like I fit in with her and her husband. She always spends more time with him and Jun then me. Like joking, and playing, etc… but not with me. But it doesn't bother me… yes it does… I don't know what I mean. God these tears hurt.


Not as much as rejection… I wish Hikari was here to hold me. She's the only one that comforts me and seems to welcome me with open arms. But I can't see her. I don't know how long, so I'm thinking of ditching this place. Who knows? Maybe they won't miss me at all…