May 1st

Now I did it again.

I've killed someone else.

Jun told me to get lost the other day,

And I did.

For two days straight I never came back home,

And worried her sick enough,

That the doctors said her cancer started shutting down her body.

Why me?

Why do I have to be the serial killer?

The one who kills his victims by leaving?

By parting from their perfect lives?

Leaving with their hearts,

And leaving worry behind to haunt their minds?

My mind is slowly evaporating.

Hah. I learnt that word the other day.

It's what water does when it gets hot enough.

I miss them both.

The house is very empty now.

I'm the last Motomiya living now…

Some help me…………..( Through out the page there are tears all over and a lot of scribbles that read ; I can't take it anymore. I feel that I should join them or something…)