Angela: Okay. This is a sort of a simple one-shot drabble kind of fic thing. No real point, or revelance. I was just lying in bed one night, wondering about what ifs, and Shigure's face came to mind, followed by something he might say. And it became this. Enjoy. Normal disclaimers.

Tohru sat, between Yuki and Uo, as they stared at the map on the table. Kyo and Hanajima sat across from them, also staring at the map.

"We should visit the hotsprings," Uo said, looking up.

"The beach," Kyo countered.

"But what if the beach closes? Then we couldn't go there."

"Oh yeah? What if the hot springs are closed! What then, Yankee!" Kyo shot back.

Shigure smiled, listening to the teens bicker. The 'what if's' were reminding him of longburied memories.

"What if, Shigure, I were to tell you I did not love you? If I were to say another had captured my heart? That another held my affection?"

"I'd have to say I don't understand, but I doubt this is only a 'what if' situation Akito," a younger Shigure answered.

"The Dog always too smart for its own good."

"You flatter me, truly," he said, smiling. Akito ran a hand through Shigure's hair, enoying the silky feel against her palm. Shigure shifted.

"Pray, do tell?"

He winced as nails dug into his scalp. "Do not question me, Dog," she hissed.

"Oh no, never my dear. I was simply curious."

Relaxing, she smiled. "Good... What if..."

"No more what if."

Akito nodded. "Yes, no more what if."

A long moment of silence, then the teens started up again. Tohru finally spoke up.

"What if we asked Shigure? He might know how we can decide!"

"What if we asked him?" Kyo cried.

Shigure looked to the teens before him with a smile.

"Ah yes my young friends!" He continued to smile. "That is the only questionman can not answer. What if. No, I believe it a question that should never be answered." He returned to his paper. "The beach, by the way. Pretty girls in swimsuits."

They turned in disgust to go, agreeing on the hot springs.

"What if indeed," he murmured, as they left him alone. And as they left, Tohru alone noticed that the Dog of the Zodiac had tears in his eyes.

"What if..."

Angela: ...There. The end. Shigure seems more human, doesn't he? Just a little. Hope you enjoyed it, leave a review on your way out. See ya.