Brother Ambrose tried not to think too much about what he did here in the archives. He and his fellow archivists in this section had taken to calling themselves the Unspeakables, after those characters in the Harry Potter books. That was because they were forbidden to speak about what they stored in this section. Brother Ambrose really didn't mind working where he did; there usually wasn't much to do so he had plenty of time to work on his doctorate in linguistics. His mind wandered to what might be behind the different doors that he passed, after all just because he couldn't talk about something didn't stop him from thinking about it. Most of the doors were sealed and had dates placed on them; dates that these doors were to be opened. The room he was looking for was just up ahead. He paused and pulled out an elaborate key and unlocked and opened the door. A rush of air greeted him, the door was tightly sealed; in addition a musty smell came out of the room as well. He quickly rolled the cart in and just left it there, per his instructions. There was an elaborately carved wooden box on the cart, one that he had been specifically instructed not to touch. As he left he mused that the contents of the room were pretty plain when compared to the riches that were stored upstairs. Other than the wooden chest there were a few bolts of cloth, some large pieces of wood that had been leaned up against the back wall; some scrolls a Roman spear and a cup. As he left Brother Ambrose smiled to think that this little room was truly the heart of Christendom on Earth.


SG-1 was returning from their latest mission. They had prevented one of their allies from being exterminated as their planet was being reshaped by an artificial intelligence. There had been some very tedious negotiations and a lot of stress. All four members of the team were looking forward to some down-time. They were on their way to the debriefing room when Sergeant Walter passed them and said "nice wheels". All four looked at the man, but he just kept walking. They heard similar comments from three other people before they made it to the room; and now they were thoroughly confused. "Any idea what that is all about" Jack asked.

"No idea" Daniel replied.

General Hammond walked in, and took their report. When they were done, Jack asked him "do you know why people would be making comments like 'nice wheels' to us?"

"You don't know" the General replied "then I suggest you check the motor pool on your way out."

The four friends looked at each other, still a bit confused, but they saluted and left. They made their way to the upper levels wondering what they'd find there. When they arrived at the motor pool, the first thing they noticed was Siler, practically drooling.

"What's got you so worked up Siler" Jack asked.

"Someone must really like you guys."

"Why would you say that" Sam asked.

Siler just gestured and they saw four motorcycles, matched Harley Davidson's that were dark blue with their names on the tanks. "Who sent them" Jack asked with an incredulous voice.

"This note came with them" Siler said and handed Jack a piece of paper. As Siler was handing him the note, Jack noticed that there was a jacket strapped to the back of each bike; a jacket that looked exactly like the ones Ian and Dawn had worn when they first arrived.

He opened the note as the others checked out their motorcycles and read:

Hey Jack;

Hope you like the bikes. It's kind of mandatory now that you're part of the group. I appreciate all you did for us and the help you gave us. Don't hesitate to call if you need our kind of help again, and feel free to stop by if you happen to be in the neighborhood. Anyway thanks again for everything and I hope to see you around sometime.

Ian and Dawn

P.S. There's a medallion in Sam's jacket, if you all are really in a tight spot while you're away from home (you know what I mean); have her say that phrase three times and you'll get help. It might not be the friendliest help, but it will come. Thanks again.

"Well guys, it looks like we're part of the gang now, and Carter" Sam looked up at him "there's a medallion in your jacket, I want you to keep it around your neck at all times".

Sam looked at it for a moment "what is it sir"?

"Insurance, or so I'm told" Jack answered. He walked over and tried on his jacket. It fit him easily and he turned to his team as he slid his sun glasses into place "so how do I look"?



Dawn looked up to see Ian walking towards her with two drinks in his hands. With a smile and a sigh, she sank back down onto the sand and continued baking. It still scared her how close she had come to loosing him, but this vacation had helped a lot. After his 'recovery', the Big Four (as Ian referred to the Archangels) had been pretty upset, to the point that Ian had offered his life in forfeit rather than have anyone else punished. That had kind of taken them back a bit, and in the end they had just grumbled about insubordinate underlings. After Colorado the two of them had taken their time and rode out to Cleveland to see Riley's new son. She still couldn't believe he had named him Rupert Ian Finn, not because it wasn't appropriate but because she thought it sounded kind of dorky. She could feel a shadow across her and she rolled over to see her husband looking down at her; a smile eased its way onto her face as she reached out and took her drink.

"A penny for your thoughts there Bella Alba" Ian asked, after she had taken her first drink.

"Just thinking about your godson."

"He was a sweetie, wasn't he?"

"Yeah, he was. Fortunately he looks like Amanda instead of Riley."

"Well that's great, when he gets older everyone will call him a girly/man."

"Yeah, but knowing who his parents are, he'll kick everyone's ass."

"Probably" Ian agreed, then he turned serious "do you ever wish we could have kids?"

"Well, I won't say that the thought hasn't crossed my mind from time to time, but I just don't think I'm the settling down type. Maybe if we ever do, we can look at adoption or something."

"Maybe" Ian agreed smiling. "Anyway, we've had three weeks off, are you ready to get back to work."

Dawn looked up "are you serious?"

"Unfortunately" he said "Michael contacted me earlier and said that there's work for us, as soon as we're ready."

"And waiting means that people get hurt doesn't it?"

Ian just nodded.

"So where are we off to" Dawn asked.

"Verkhayansk" Ian replied.

"Where the heck is that?"

"Russia, north of the Arctic Circle; in Siberia."

Dawn looked around at where they were now "well that will certainly be a change." She got up and started brushing sand off her body "well let's get something on that's a bit more appropriate and head on."

Ian just sat and smiled for a moment. He still wasn't sure if he quite deserved her, as fantastic as she was. He did not mention the other thing that Michael had said to him during their talk; that if he made it to thirty, he would be retired, and free to live out his mortal existence. He would tell her soon, he didn't want to keep something like that from her, but he didn't think that the time was right just now. That was would be the granting of the only thing he had ever truly wanted since he had become a Seraph, to grow old with Dawn Summers. To see her smile and hear her laugh for years and years to come; to find some out of the way place where no one knew about demons and have a job and adopt a child or two and just live with the woman he loved.

"You coming or not" her voice cut into his reverie.

He stood up and brushed the sand off his body "on my way" he said.

Hand in hand they walked back to the hotel and changed, joined hands again and headed off to work.