The beginning.

I am going to write AsuKira story. This is little AU from gundam seed but the characters are the same.

Disclaimer: I do not own gundam seed or the characters.

"Kira? Where are you, Kira?"

A young woman was calling out to a person named Kira desperately. She was very pretty and her hair shook in the air as she turned her head around looking. It was obvious that she just moved here. And close by there was a moving truck in front of a house. There are people moving things out of the truck and into the house. The house was beautiful. It had a blue roof; it had a garden cherry blossom trees- which is all bloomed. The woman who was searching quickly went to one of the workers and asked with a concerned expression on her face.

"Excuse me, have you seen a child with a brown hair who came with us?"

"Eh? Ah, you mean your daughter? I didn't see her after we arrived. I am sorry."

Even though it wasn't he's responsibility the worker couldn't help but to feel sorry for the woman. And the woman froze for a while as the worker said the word 'daughter' she wanted to say that the child was her son not daughter but she just sighed. This wasn't the first time people mistook Kira as a girl.

"No. It's all right. It was my fault. Kira…"

Everything was moved and the truck went. The woman told her husband that their son went missing. Soon, they went separately to look for Kira.

"Where am I?"

A very cute little boy- who can be easily mistaken as a girl- with a brown hair seemed lost. The child was about 5. The child looked around him and saw many houses but he seemed like he couldn't find what he wanted. About 3 meters away there was another child walking by. The boy had blue hair and green eyes. He was wearing a hat and a green kindergarten uniform. Walking by he saw a child who looked like a girl but also like a boy. The child had brown hair and was looking at a board thinking hard.


No answer.

"Hey! You, brown hair!"

The brown haired boy turned.

"Eh? Me?"

The boy cutely pointed one of his fingers at his nose. His eyes were purple like grape and an amethyst. The blue haired boy couldn't help but gasp.

"What are you doing here? Where are your mom and dad? You can get kidnapped if you stay here alone like that."



The brown haired child started to cry crystal like tears started to drop.

"Mommy…" It seems like the child was lost.

Quickly the blue haired boy started to look inside his bag searching for something.

"Here." He found a handkerchief from his back and handed it to the crying child.

"Don't cry."


The blue haired boy wiped the tears off the amethyst eyes and the child stopped crying.

"A pretty girl like you should smile."

The brown haired child's eyes went wide and then smiled.

"But, I am a boy."


It was like his first love was crushed. Suddenly there was someone yelling and the blue haired boy smiled thinking who cares if he's a boy?


"Kira! If you can hear me, please answer me!"

From far a familiar voice could be heard.

"Mommy! Daddy!"

"Kira? Kira!"

Kira started to cry again as the woman hugged his son her husband behind her.

"Ara, we are next door."

"I heard that someone was moving next door but I never knew it was today."

"Your son was very adult like. Even though Kira is a coordinator he's so like a child…"

"I am thankful that Athrun is okay. Both my husband and I are too busy to take care of him… Ara! Is that Kira? He's so cute! Is he really a boy?"

"Yes. People usually mistakes Kira as a girl."

"Well, I am sure he will look more like a boy when he grows up!"

"You think? Well, I guess… after all Kira is only5."

"5? My son is 5 too!"

"Really? That's great!"

Both mothers laughed.



"What's your name?"

"Kira. Kira Yamato. Um.."

"I am Athrun Zala. Call me Athrun."

This was the beginning.

The beginning of their first love.

This was just a prologue. The next chapter will be called 'School' and both Kira and Athrun are 12-year-olds. Tell me should I continue?