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"Hey has anyone seen Raven?" Robin asked as he walked in to the common room.

"Dude there aint no way you're ever gonna put that greasy disgusting pig fat within a ten foot radius of my tofu!" Beast Boy yelled.

"Yeah who's gonna stop me?" Cyborg countered. "Humph. If you weren't made of metal I'd kick you're butt but I wouldn't want to bruise my foot." Beastboy said angrily as he stuck his tongue out at Cyborg.

Robin sighed as he walked over to grab some cereal. When Beastboy and Cyborg got like this you might as well have been in another dimension.

"Oops. I tripped." Cyborg said as he elabriately fell forward dropping his bacon on Beastboys tofu.

"NOO! Cyborg youre going to pay! my poor tofu. its okay babies. I'll be sure to bury you properly." Wow that is a level of obsession I hope I don't hit. cyborg thought while pulling out a picture of the T-car and stroking it.Soon the two were rolling on the floor fighting.

When will those two ever grow up? Robin thought as he sat on the couch eating his cereal. "I believe raven is still in her room." Starfire said from behind him. "Ah-ha!" Robin yelled as he jumped up and extended his bo-staff. "Eeep." Starfire squeaked in surprise as shetoo jumped back and readied her starbolts.

"Oh my gosh Star I'm terribly sorry. It's just that these recent Slade attacks have been grating on my nerves. I'm just felling a little frazzled."

But it wasn't just the attacks. What really grated on Robin's nerves was that he was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable around Star. He was starting to enjoy explaining earth customs to her. He enjoyed her naivety of earth customs. He thought it to be cute. Whoa.Did Ijust think that?Dude I can't be starting to like Star. Can I? No. She'd never return the gesture, Would she?

"Dude she's still in her room?" Beastboy said with his foot in Cyborgs face trying to push him away. "Hey B.B mind getting your foot out of my face?" Cyborg grunted. "Sorry Cyborg. "But she's usually up at sunrise. It's already noon ."

"You're right Beast Boy; why don't you go see what's wrong with her." Robin said eager for the change of subject. "K." Beast boy said as he rolled out from under Cybog.

"Ooh I hope she's alright." Starfire said worriedly. "Relax; she probably just had a bit too much herbal tea last night." Robin said comfortingly. "Very well. Did you not say you were feeling; how you say "frizzled"? I shall begin making the pudding of serenity."

"No Star really I'm fine." Robin said desperately. More often than not he would find star hitting something crawling out of her puddings while yelling at it to "go back in please". But refusing Star something was like hitting an innocent little kid. It just ripped your heart out seeing her normally ecstatic face sad and downtrodden.

He looked over and saw Cyborg covering his mouth and rolling on the floor trying not to laugh.

"Nonsense. I can sense your inner chaos; I shall begin immediately." I hope robin is feeling alright. "Hey Cyborg. Didn't you say you were about to explode in frustration trying to modify the T-Car?"

Cyborgs face went from near exploding in laughter to a look of dread so fast that robin seriously wished he had a videocamera.

"Well this is going to be fun." Cyborg thought at Starfire's over joyous expression.

No. He manipulated her. He used her. He treated her worst than dirt. Malchior. The one she thought she loved. The only one who understood what she was. What she had to be. He betrayed her. He lied for his own selfish gain. He broke her heart and left her as a broken husk.

Well it's not going to happen again with any one else. Ever. Raven tightened her grip on the razor as she prepared to leave. She'll miss them all.

Even Beastboy. She didn't know what to think of him. On one hand he annoyed her to death and forced her to the edge of her emotional control. But she still knew that he was just trying to make her happy. She hated the idea of hurting Beastboy. She knew this might be worse than Terra. And he honestly cared about her. Even when he was the beast and was half mad he still subconsciously cared for her. Protected her. But trust her? Understand her? Ha! It was laughable.

She couldn't risk betrayal again. If it ever happened again; her heart would break. She should never have risked coming to earth. Trying to make friends.She's an emotionless half demon. She can never expect anything but hatred from anyone. She has Trigon to thank for that. She couldn't take the constant pressure from him.

His constant influence that she is forced to repress along with her other emotions. She's better off dead. The universe would thank her.She thought idly while holding the razor to her wrist.

Beastboy ran off to ravens room.

He was starting to get a really bad feeling.

Ever since Malchior's betrayal Raven has been depressed. Really depressed. She used to be withdrawn before meeting malchior but now she rarely comes out of her room. And when she does come out she looks like her heart is about to shatter.

Beastboy may never have admitted it but it tore him up inside seeing her like this. He would give anything in the world to hear her sarcastic remarks about his lack of intelligence. Especially since he knows exactly how she feels. To be betrayed by the one who thought understood you.

Terra did that for him. With her he didn't have to keep the guise of being the joker. She saw what he was. And when she died it felt like the world was coming to an end. Like you couldn't live another second without them after feeling accepted.

At least he had Robin, Star. and Cyborg to lean back on though. But Raven never was that close to them or anyone else for that matter. She had no one to lean back on. All he wanted is for her to be happy. If he could take her pain he would. He just couldn't stand to see her like this.

Soon he was at the door. Suddenly he got a weird feeling. And without thinking he turned in to a fly and entered.

"Come on raven. Stop being weak and just do it." Raven said to herself as the blade hovered over her wrist.

"That's not weakness Raven." Beastboy said from behind her.

"Beast Boy" Raven whispered as she turned around.

She couldn't believe what she saw.

Beastboy's normally carefree expression was gone completely.

He stood there with a look of absolute pain and grim determinationon his face.

"Not being able to kill yourself isn't weak. Giving up on life and your will to go on is weak."

"I just want the pain to stop!" Raven screamed in anguish with tears running down her face.

"It can never happen again. He understood me. What I am. malchior made me feel like I wasn't alone. But he betrayed me. He used me for his own selfish gain. No one knows what its like. How it feels. I'm sorry beast boy." Raven said as she plunged the razor towards her wrist.

No. beast boy thought as the razor plunged towards ravens delicate wrists. She can't die. Raven. If you leave I'm not sure I could go on. I need you raven.

Drawing on strength he never knew he possessed he rushed forward with inhuman speed and instead of ravens wrist the razor found the back of beast boys hand.

Raven's scream's echoed through the tower.

"Why Beastboy? I'm not worth the pain." Raven asked as she hung her head in shame at hurting Beastboy. Beastboy just took his finger and lifted up her head so she was looking him in the eye. "Yes you are to me. I would rather die than see you hurt." "No I'm not beastboy. im not worth anything to anyone."

I have to make it right.I can't let Beastboy be hurt because of me . No one should hurt because of me. "Let me heal that for you"

as she was healing him she thought.He would rather die? No. Beastboy can't care for her. Understand her. No one can do that. She was Trigons daughter for crying out loud. He can't.

"I know how it feels. To be understood and betrayed." Beastboy whispered as he held her wrist.

"That feeling that someone understands you. That maybe you aren't alone in the world. It has to be one of the best feelings in the world."

Beastboy's eyes were filled with tears as he remembered fond memories of terra.

"But then it's ripped away. Then you are betrayed. And after that you don't feel quite so understood. You feel the world pull away and there's nothing you can do about it. Then the loneliness returns and you feel like your about to die afterbeing so happy. So understood. It almost pushed me to the edge after losing Terra. Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire helped me get through it. But you haven't had anyone to help you? Have you?"

Raven just sat there crying; shocked that he could see through her so easily.

She shook her head and suddenly hugged him.

"I'm sorry Beastboy. It was just so hard. I just wanted the pain to go away." raven said sobbingly.

"Shhhhh. I swear from this day onward you will never be alone. I'll always be there for you. No one should have to feel like they're alone in the world. I promise you. If there is ever a way i could take away your painI would. Because i lo-."

Suddenly the window broke in and a booming voice said

"Hello spawn of Trigon."


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