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"Dude what's next?" Beastboy said. Bouncing on the balls of his feet to stay warmed up. Gotta stay on the top of my game if I'm going to win back Ravens soul. Raven couldn't help but notice that sweat was streaming down his face. Beastboy was a lot stronger than when he first joined the team.

When he joined he was just some little string bean joker. And yeah for the most part he's still the most happy go lucky person raven met. But when he saved her from Adonis Raven saw something in him she's never seen before. She saw hardcore determination in his eyes. She saw an animalistic instinct she's never seen before. Maybe it was just the beast and raven was starting to wonder how much of the beast was from the chemicals and how much was from Beastboy. She holds no doubt that he was going to kill Umezawa at the end of this.

And it wasn't just his attitude that changed. He changed physically as well. When he joined he was a little a skinny little kid. You know the kind of kid that you see getting picked on at the middle school playground. But now he's grown up. His skintight suit showing off his well defined-. Stop it raven. You don't like him like that. He would do this for anyone. He did it for that traitor Terra so why not you?

"Patience green one. Why do you wish to speed up your inevitable demise? Very well. Let's begin the next round." Umezawa said as he lifted his hand to start the next game but was interrupted by seven black ravens appearing on the ground in a circle around him.

Once the darkness around them faded seven emotions stood in their place.

A red-cloaked emotion separated itself from the circle and smashed her fist into Umezawa's face. He went flying about a hundred yards before he started skidding. While he landed the enraged emotion prepared to take off after him.

"That's enough anger." A brown-cloaked emotion said as she enveloped anger in a constraining black aura. "No he must suffer. He hurt Beastboy. He will die." Anger said, eyes glowing white. "No he will not. He still controls our mind. If we kill him we all die." Wisdom calmly explained. "I don't care. I'm going to thrash him within an inch of death." Anger said.

"Not while you're in my mind you won't. If you do he'll crush us all." Raven said in a very irritated voice. "Dude who are all these guys?" Beastboy asked in a confused voice. "First off we're not guys. Second off these are my emotions. They help me meditate and keep my emotions under control. That's Wisdom in the brown cloak and I think you've already met Anger from your first excursion into my mind." raven explained calmly

"But I thought she was some giant angry demon? She looks just like you." Beastboy asked; a confused expression on his face, and something else. He looked to be looking for a threat.

"When you came into my mind and defeated my father you expelled him from her. He hasn't tried to take her over again. For that I am thankful. Thank you Beastboy." raven said in an appreciative voice. It sounds odd on her. Beastboy thought. Before Beastboy could respond he was hugged from behind by a green-cloaked emotion.

"Hey Bravery." Beastboy said in a joyful voice. "Man Beastboy. You should've visited. It's been so boring in here without you. The only person who'll fight me is anger and she'll take it too far most of the time." Beastboy turned around and saw Braveries eyes were full of tears of joy. Come to think of it most of the emotions look happy to see me. Even that yellow cloaked one reading the book is sneaking glances at me. How weird.

"I'm happy to see you too bravery." Before he could say more a purple-cloaked emotion ran up and kissed him passionately. Beastboy just stood there in shock. Ravens kissing me! Beastboy immediately held up his hands to show he wasn't taking advantage of the situation. A black burst of energy separated them. Pushing the purple-cloaked emotion from Beastboy.

"If you do that again I don't care if it will kill me. I'll kill you." Raven said in a very angry voice. The purple-cloaked emotion didn't hear her. She just ran up and hugged Beastboy. "Thank you." She whispered.

"And in case you haven't noticed that would be love." A yellow-cloaked emotion said in a sarcastic voice as she leaned against a rock reading a book. "Love!" Raven yelled as her powers flared up. "I don't have an emotion called love! Why haven't I seen her before?" raven said angrily. A vein looking like it was going to pop right out of her head.

"Actually she's a new addition." Knowledge said while putting a bookmark in her book. "She appeared a little bit after Beastboy messed with your mirror. Even then she was just affection but recently her profiles grown. Probably because you were feeling her more." Knowledge explained calmly while taking the bookmark out and resuming reading.

Suddenly a loud belching noise followed the hug. "Boy that felt better." An orange-cloaked emotion said while scratching herself. "Man there was way too much touchy feely stuff for me. By the way Beastboy I'm crass. I'd be the part of raven that would laugh at those stupid fart noises you make but stupid knowledge wisdom and timid won't let me." she said with an evil glare at wisdom and knowledge.

"By the way where is timid?" Beastboy cut in. All six emotions pointed to a rock silently. Beastboy tried to gently push love off of him but couldn't. He smiled and laughed weakly as raven just glared at the two. Crap this is ironic. One side can't stand to have her space invaded and the other won't let go of me. Ironic or not. This is still incredibly awkward. Well I guess I have to take her with me. Beastboy thought as he walked over to talk to timid with love hanging off him, eyes shining.

"Hey Timid." He said. "Hey Beastboy." A gray-cloaked emotion said; her head down. Oh no! It's my entire fault! Is he mad at me? Why was I so mean to him? What's love doing? Oh my gosh this is so embarrassing! "I'm sorry Beastboy. Please forgive me." she said as she got up. "For what Timid?" Wow she's doing way better than the last time I saw her. Timid's resolve soon faded.

"Please don't hurt me!" She cried. Running and hugging him. "I'm so sorry Beastboy." She said between sobs. "Hey it's okay Timid. I don't blame you for bringing me here." Wow does Raven ever feel like this? She's too good at hiding her emotions. Beastboy thought as he comforted Timid. "I'm sorry. I just missed you so much. I've been so lonely ever since you left. And when Umezawa showed up I was so afraid. Please don't let him hurt me Beastboy. Please don't leave me." she said sobbing in his chest.

"Relax Timid." Beastboy said. His face growing serious. "I will never let Umezawa have you or raven." Beastboy said in an assuring voice "Thank you. Timid said. Her head resting peacefully on Beastboy's shoulder. "You can rest easy from now on timid. Beastboy will never leave us." Love said speaking for the first time. "Hey Beastboy? is it possible to be brave when your afraid?" Timid asked timidly. "When you're afraid that's the only time you can be brave." Beastboy said. "Thanks Beastboy. I'll try to be braver." But before Beastboy could say more he was interrupted.

"Ah how cute." Umezawa said from behind them. "Well as much as I hate breaking up this little reunion we have here I still have a schedule to keep." When Beastboy looked over to where everyone else was they were all in force fields.

Anger was standing in hers with an ugly looking black eye and bruises forming all over her body but standing there as defiant as ever. "Remember your promise Beastboy. Love said in his ear right before she was sent back into her own realm by Umezawa." Soon all the emotions disappeared. The only emotion remaining was timid. "Beastboy help me." She said still crying on his shoulder. "Let's do this." Beastboy said. A look of deadly determination on his face. "Very well." Umezawa said. And with a flick of his wrist a flash of light occurred and the next game began.

As soon as robin star and Happy left Jinx kissed Cyborg again. "So cutie. Aren't you gonna interrogate me or something?" Jinx said pulling away. Cyborg just stood there shocked. "Why did you do that?" He asked in a sober voice. "I don't know." Jinx said as her face became unexpectedly serious.

"I've never done that before. I wanted to see what it felt like. Believe it or not Cyborg I really like you a lot. I've always wanted to do that. Ever since we met at the Hive you seemed so cool. I really liked you. And I think you liked me too. Tell me Cyborg. Was it just an act? Did you really like me or was it all apart of your little act?"

Cyborgs mind was in turmoil. "No it wasn't. I really like you. But it can't go past that. You're a villain. It wouldn't work." Cyborg said despairing voice. "Fine then I quit." Cyborg was right. This day is full of new stuff.

"What do you mean you quit?" What could she possibly be quitting?

"I quit being a villain."

Now Cyborg was just staring. "You can't do that." Cyborg said with an incredulous tone. There has to be rules or something preventing quitting. "And why not?" Jinx said. The mischievous tone gone from her voice. "You don't understand what I've been through. You weren't at hive long enough to go on one of our raids. That changes you forever. Watching people die right in front of you. All for what? For a piece of equipment they will just use to kill more people." Jinx was crying by this point. "Being controlled by Brother Blood. Being strung along and being forced to do things that haunt you for the rest of your life. And I let him control me. You know why? You know what he promised me? He promised he would get rid of my powers. He promised me normalcy. But he never delivered. No one ever does. I don't ever want to go through that again. Please don't make me go back to that again."

"It's okay Jinx. He said holding her while she cried on his shoulder." I don't care what robin says. She's staying with us. "You're gonna stay here until we decide what to do. But I can guarantee that there are two places you aren't going anytime soon. Hive and jail." "Thanks Cy." She said sniffling. "Feeling better?" Cyborg asked as she got up. "Yeah thanks." "Come on lets see what havoc you caused with Robin and Happy."

"No seriously happy. I need to go stop jinx!" Robin said while being dragged from behind Happy. "No I've been in the real world for over a half hour and I haven't done a single fun thing with any of you guys. If we don't do something fun right now I'm gonna; I'm gonna." Happy stopped for a second to think of something to do. I got it!

Happy started holding her breath. "Happy?" Oh crap! Robin thought as happy started turning various shades of blue. "Fine I'll play video games with you!" He said in a defeated voice. A/N Have you ever had a sibling do that to you? It's so annoying.

"You will!" Happy said as she started breathing again. "That's great!" "No he will not." Starfire said from behind them. "You are coming with me to the mall."

"No I want to stay here and play video games with robin." Starfire started feeling a feeling a feeling. A feeling she hasn't felt since Kitten forced robin to date her. She was jealous of Happy; which was completely ridiculous. But she couldn't shake the feeling that she needed to get happy away from robin. "Hey Happy if you go to the mall with me you can get the pinkest brightest shirt you can find."

Happy started squealing. "Yayyy lets go!" She said as she took off running with Starfire. Wonder what that was all about? Robin thought as he turned into raven's room and ran straight into Cyborg. "Wait. Why haven't you put Jinx in the holding room yet?"

"I'm not going to." Cyborg said in a serious voice.Robin looked at cyborg like he had sprouted antlers." What do you mean you aren't going to? She's a dangerous criminal who needs to be locked up."

"How dare you!" A very angry Jinx said stepping forward. "Where were you just 30 minutes ago? You got your sorry ass kicked and you were lying there completely knocked out. You would've been dead if I wanted to kill you. I'm not playing here. I'm done being the bad guy. K?" Why is it so hard to believe? "Cyborg you can't possibly be going along with this?" Robin said while looking to Cyborg for support.

"Nope dude. She isn't going anywhere." He had look on his face that robin hasn't seen since brother blood stole his blueprints. "But she has a record a mile long! We can't just forget all that she's done!"

"I could always do a little community service." Jinx said. "This is no time for jokes." Robin snapped at her. "But you know litter duty and all that was never my thing." She said thoughtfully. Not really paying attention to robin and Cyborg arguing. "In fact I don't think there's much I could do for the public. Hey I have an idea. I could join you guys." You could almost here the giant screech as Cyborg and Robin stopped arguing. "Hell no!" Robin yelled at the same time Cyborg yelled "Buya!"

"You can't be serious?" Robin yelled. "Why not?" Jinx said calmly. "Am I not strong enough? Ha! I've kicked your guy's butts plenty of times." She said mocking him. "It's not that. Everyone on my team has proven themselves time and time again. This isn't just some home for freaks. If you want on my team your gonna have to prove to me that you mean it. For now I'm not going to take you to jail for know because Cyborg trusts you and I'm too busy to take you myself. But be warned; if you don't prove yourself to me by the end of this mess we have going on here. Then I'll have to send you to jail."

"Done." Jinx said. "I won't let you or cyborg down."

Ravens mind exploded in a flash of sound and color. It felt like a bomb going off in her head. She could only sit there while the mind numbing pain exploded in her mind. When it was gone and her head cleared her and Umezawa were sitting on an invisible platform on the air. Below them was a boat and on it were Beastboy and two other people. Except it wasn't the Beastboy she knew. This one was wearingtan pants, a black shirt anda baseball cap.and looked to be about seven or eight.but he was still green.

"Look dad I caught a fish." He said pointing at his catch. "Touching isn't it." Umezawa said from beside her. "On this day Beastboys parents died. I'm having him relive it. Everything is the exact same as it was nine years ago except for two things. He knows something bad is going to happen to them but he doesn't know what. You see in real life his parents told him to leave and he did.

But now he isn't going to this timebecause he knows something bad is going to happen and only he can prevent it from happening to his parents. In the meantime Timid is on the shore. Tied up and slowly dying of thirst. Of course I still can't keep the situation like this or quite obviously you are going to die Raven and what you did to me prevents me from killing you outright like that. I have to keep it a contest still. So I instilled another feeling in Beastboy. I made him feel Timid dying. As Timid starts dying from lack of water he will feel her. Now if he didn't care about you quite obviously you are going to die because he would save his parents. But if his feelings for you are strong enough he will abandon his parents again and save you. How much faith do you have in Beastboy? What do you think he's going to choose?"

Timid groaned as she opened up her eyes. The first coherent thought she had was where's Beastboy? As she looked up she noticed that her arms and legs were tied down. She tried using her powers to break the ropes but to her horror she discovered that she couldn't use her powers. As her head cleared and she was able to notice her surroundings.

She saw that she was on a beach. The tide was almost touching her feet but the tide was going out. That was about all she could see considering she was lying on her back. The sand was starting to get in her cloak. She also noticed two more things. One was that she was getting really thirsty and two was that she wasn't alone in her mind.

Timid cried out in surprise at this. Then she got really curious. What the heck was in her mind? As she searched that part of her mind deeper she discovered that it was Beastboy that inhabited her mind.

No not Beastboy. Rather than his feelings. It was true that raven was an empath but this was deeper. Much much deeper. When she read peoples emotions she could only glean what they were feeling then and there and even then it wasn't very deep. She could only sense powerful emotions. But this was different. Timid could feel the very essence of his being. For example she knew that at this very moment he was feeling a very strong connection to his parents. They were bonding.

"Wait? Why was he seven? What the heck is going on?" "Raven?" She called out tentatively in her mind. Sent so only a psychic could hear. "Raven I'm scared." Oh no! Maybe she's hurt or maybe Umezawa did something to her!

"Your always scared timid." Raven answered. "Raven are you ok? What happened to Beastboy?"

"I'm fine. This is just another of Umezawa sick games. Umezawa said something about a connection he forged between you and Beastboy."

"There is something here with me in my mind. It's hard to explain but it feels like Beastboys soul. I share his emotions. I know exactly how he is feeling."

"The only reason he gave you that connection is to combat his need to save his parents."

"Yes I can feel it. I can sense confusion in Beastboy. He is confused about me in his mind. He doesn't know what I am yet. Please save me Beastboy.

This was the most fun Beastboy's had since the accident. "Look dad I caught a fish." He said pointing to his catch.

"That's great son." Mark Logan said from his lawn chair. But Beastboy could hardly bear to look at his dad. He didn't know why but this seemed familiar to him. Like he's done all this before. Normally this wouldn't bother him but he couldn't shake the feeling that the last time he did this it turned into the saddest day of his life.

That wasn't the only weird thing. He wasn't alone in his mind. He felt another presence. A presence he couldn't explain. He didn't know why but this presence just felt so right. It felt so good he just wanted to scream in joy. It almost felt like a person. As he dug deeper into this strange presence he found out that it was a girl. She was really frightened. And she was also getting thirsty.

I wish I could help her. But I need to stay with my parents. Why do I feel like if I leave them something bad is going to happen? This ignorant boy just shrugged his shoulders and ran off to eat the tuna fish sandwiches his mom made

Timid could feel Beastboys doubt over the connection. She had gotten over her initial wave of fear. Now she was curious about this connection. She tried to send a wave of emotion through it purposely. To her amazement Beastboys mind responded. Sending out a wave of almost apprehension. After a brief talk with raven timid learned that she had to get Beastboy to come rescue her. Timid was getting extremely thirsty. She tried to convey that feeling to beastboy and it worked. All the while timid was trying to ignore the water that was just beyond her reach.

Beastboy could feel these emotions pulse towards him. He still couldn't explain it. This person was dying. There was no other way to interpret it. She was sending him feelings of hunger and a thirst. A lot of thirst. I have to go to her. If I don't go to her she will die. Who is she? This connection feels like its sustaining me. It feels like if she dies I will go out with her. But I can't leave my parents. I can't just abandon them for this person. As if the gods were testing him the boat lurched as it hit a hidden rock. Beastboy was broke from his thoughts. As he looked around he noticed that there was no land within miles. They were surrounded by open sea. He was interrupted by his mothers screams.

Timid could feel herself fading away. She was truly frightened now. Her thirst was unbearable. She would give anything for a drop of water. Timid started crying but no tears would come for her. Her connection was still there and she could feel ambiguous feelings coming from it. She could tell that he wanted to remain with his parents. He wanted to keep them safe. But he could feel her dying. Slipping away. Please Beastboy help me.

It turned out that the ship hit a hidden rock. Completely tearing a new hole in the boat. Water was pouring in fast. As if that weren't enough she was dying whoever she was. Beastboy could feel his heart being ripped apart from the inside. It felt like he was dying himself. He went above deck and found his parents pulling out life jackets. They both sat down with him.

"Now Garfield. Remember when we told you that you should never use your powers under any circumstances. Well forget that. Garfield we want you to turn into a bird and fly as far away from here as possible."

"No dad! Please don't make me! I want to go with you!" Beastboy exclaimed. I thought something bad was going to happen today and I was right. She's getting weaker. I have to go or she won't make it. "I know it hurts dear." His mom said hugging him. "But you have to go find help."

"I'm so sorry mom." Beastboy said with a blank face. Determined to stay strong. "I'm sorry mom. But I have to help her. I have to save her. Please forgive me." He said with a shaky voice. I will not break! I have to stay strong. For her. For my mom and dad. With this thought Beastboy ran off the deck jumped and turned into a raven. Not bothering to look back. In case his resolve broke. In his heart of hearts he knew that his parents weren't going to live. They were going to swim and swim and swim until they finally lost strength. Until they finally lost hope and drowned.

Timid was staring death in the face. She knew she couldn't keep this up forever. She could feel herself slipping away. Maybe I'll just take a little nap. I've got the warm sun and the sound of waves trying to lull me to sleep. It would be so easy. No I can't. I have to be brave. I have to fight it. And as timid lay there dying she remembered something she asked Beastboy. Beastboy told her the only time she could be brave was when she was afraid. Well she was scared stiff now. I have to fight for Beastboy. He said he would always be there for me. He said he would protect me. Help me Beastboy. Help me.

I'm sorry mom. I'm sorry dad. Please forgive me. Beastboy thought as he flew away from the sinking boat. I have to save her. I may have lost my parents but I still have her. Please don't die. Don't go. If I lost you I'm not sure what I would do. Please hang on. Beastboy flew and he didn't look back on his doomed parents. If he did he knew he couldn't go through with it.

Beastboy thought as he flew away from the sinking boat Beastboy flew and he didn't look back on his doomed parents. If he did he knew he couldn't go through with it.

As Timid lost consciousness she thought she saw a green raven flying to the beach. But it could've been her imagination...

As soon as Beastboy landed he transformed and immediately started running to the gray bundle on the beach. As he got closer he saw that it was a gray skinned girl about twice his age. And she wasn't moving. He could feel the connection weakening every moment. When he reached her he transformed into a monkey and immediately untied the ropes that bound her. All the while screaming in his mind don't die; please don't die. As soon as he was done he took her and carried her to the cool life-giving water. As he got there he heard her whisper. "Garfield; help me." When he got there he laid her in the water and gently started scooping water in her mouth. "Please don't die. I'm sorry. Please don't die."

Raven and Umezawa were sitting here watching all this. Umezawa with a blank face and his mouth nothing but a thin line. Raven was surprised at the gentleness that Beastboy held timid. She still couldn't believe he did it. "Umezawa he did it. Send timid away before she dies." "As you wish." With the flick of his hand the ocean disappeared and a sixteen year-old Beastboy was left holding timid in his arms. "Thank you." Timid whispered as she faded into the real world. A shocked Beastboy was left holding air. He sat there for a full second while everything that happened to him caught up to him. Then he just passed out from the sheer emotional trauma. At the same time Raven felt something manifest itself inside her mind. It was just a big black ball of darkness nestled in the back of her mind. She gasped as she realized what it was.


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