Light and Dark

The CCS gang had split up, Eriol had returned to England, Syaoran and Meiling had no choice but to continue their engagement and Tomoyo had moved with her mother to continue their business in the States. Now, Sakura is on her way to Hogwarts. MIGHT HAVE SPOILERS FOR HP and the HBP.

By: Exquisite and Pink

Disclaimer: I don't own Card Captor Sakura or Harry Potter.

- - -


- - -

Sakura sighed.

This was going to be a long day indeed… maybe longer than she wanted it to be.

- - -

.Chapter five.

- - -

Touya sighed as he and Yukito watched Sakura, or more, Ying Fa, leave with her friends to go to class.

Yukito laid a hand on Touya's shoulder, "Don't worry Touya… it will work out for them in the end."

"How can we know for sure?" Touya asked angrily before sighing again, "It just kills me… I can't do anything to help them."

Yukito shock his head, "You're wrong. We can give them strength and hope Touya. We may not have the power to be there and help them, but we'll be there spiritually."

Touya nodded, "I guess you're right."

"See… don't worry, everything is going to be fine… Now… lets head to the to the kitchen quarters, I'm hungry."

With the mood lightened, Touya couldn't help but shake his head at his friend.

- - -

Upon arriving in Potions class, Professor Slughorn quickly greeted Ying Fa, he whispered to her, "It's a great pleasure to meet you Ying Fa. This is the first time I've heard of a situation such as this."

Ying Fa rose a brow, "Right…" she replied not knowing what more to say as she took her seat and leaned back in her chair.

Hermione glanced at Ying Fa slightly before quickly handing the note she had written to Harry.

Harry shot her a confused look before reading it, 'Don't you guys think Sakura's acting a little strange today?'

'Yeah… for some strange reason… I feel a cold chill around me when I'm next to her.' He scribbled before handing it to Ron.

Ron read it through, 'I know what you mean… it's like you just phased through a block of ice…' he replied.

Hermione read the replied and answered, 'I think Eriol noticed to… I've been meaning to ask him, but something usually came up.'

Before more could be said, Class had begun and they went to work.

As everyone worked on the potion Glancing Charm, a potion used to lure a person to you after the person drinks it, Ying Fa questioned Sakura, 'I've been meaning to ask you… How did the meditation go? Did you get through to Naomi?' she asked.

'Oh, yeah, she told me not to be late.' Sakura had replied.

Ying Fa was silent for a moment before she spoke again, 'Do… do you think she's right?'

'About our life you mean?'


Sakura sighed, 'Well, I can't say for sure if she's right… but if she is. I want to be prepared.'

Ying Fa sighed, 'Yeah… But didn't you find it a little bit strange? How she just came out of no where when we needed help?'

Sakura shrugged, 'Of course I found it strange… but it was the least we could do… she did save us after all.' She replied, 'she wanted information that only we could know, and I gave it to her. If it was the wrong thing to do, then I'll get punished for it. That's it, that's all.'

Ying Fa didn't reply.

'Besides,' Sakura replied, 'you saw her power Ying Fa. If she's right about our life, the Great Battle, and the prophecy, I want to be prepared.'

Sakura felt Ying Fa nod, 'You know what I really hate about her?' Ying Fa asked.


'I hate it when she says sorry out of the blue she always does that! It annoys me like crazy.'

Sakura giggled, 'She probably means well though.'

They had finished the potion a while ago seconds right after Harry had and they waited for class to end. Once it did, both Ying Fa and Sakura sighed in relief, 'One hour to go.'

Hermione smiled at Ying Fa, "Hey Sakura, you want to come with us? We're going to the Library to relax in peace and quiet…" she said.

Ying Fa shock her head and forced out a smile, "Thanks Hermione, but… I think I'll head back to the common room…" she said.

Hermione nodded as she caught up with Harry, Ron and Eriol.

Sakura waved by at them before she turned the corner and headed the opposite way from the Gryffindor common and towards the castle grounds.

'I thought we were going to the common room.' Sakura said.

'We were… but I changed my mind.' Ying Fa replied.

Just as they step outside they bumped right into someone. Ying Fa looked up and saw the cold grey eyes that belonged to Draco Malfoy.

"Ah… Sorry…" Ying Fa said trying to keep her act as Sakura.

Draco eyed her for a moment, "Who are you?" he asked, "You don't seem to act like that Kinomoto girl." He said.

Sakura froze.

Ying Fa grinned, "Why… whatever are you talking about?"

Draco glared at her before dragging her by the edge of the castle, "Don't think I don't know…" he said, "You do you think I work with?"

Ying Fa's grin faltered, "So… you're one of his aren't you… a bit young no?"

Before Draco could reply Ying Fa held his hand and Draco felt his mind leave his soul.

When he opened his eyes, he looked around him, everything was white, then turning to his left he saw both Ying Fa and Sakura.

"Bloody Hell!" he yelped in shock as he took an involuntary step back.

Sakura frowned at Ying Fa, "Why did you bring him here?"

Ying Fa shrugged, "He already knows if he works for Voldemort… I needed a place to check him through if he told Voldemort that we're here."

"But can we trust him with this? He does work for the enemy…" Sakura reasoned.

Shrugging again Ying Fa replied, "I don't know, you tell me, you're good at that kind of personality stuff."

"Can someone tell me what the bloody hell is going on here?" Draco asked.

Sakura turned to him with a small smile, "Sorry Malfoy… Um… well… what would you like to know?" she asked.

"Where are we?" he asked.

Ying Fa smirked, "It's a dimension we created… we named it Haven. It can change to look like whatever we please."

Haven was the only place where Sakura and Ying Fa actually saw each other face to face.

Draco nodded, "So it's true then… what Voldemort said about the Clow Mistress."

Sakura smiled, "Yes… I'm Sakura… you can call her Ying Fa."

Draco simply nodded.

Ying Fa put a hand on Draco's forehead and smirked, "You haven't told him yet? Hmmm that's strange." Ying Fa said, her hand began to glow, "Well, if ever you decide to tell, you'll just die…"


Sakura frowned, "You didn't have to go that Far." She turned to him, "It's similar to that bond you wizards do sometimes, I think it was called the Unbreakable vow… yet ours can be removed at anytime unlike yours."

Draco glared at the smirking Ying Fa, "Why did you bring me here?"

"Why didn't you do your job?" Ying Fa asked.

Draco opened his mouth to reply but nothing came out.

Sakura waved her hand and a table with chairs appeared, she motioned them to sit before speaking, "You never really wanted to do it did you Draco?" she asked, "You only joined him to try and make your father proud, but you don't have it in you. To kill innocent people. To have their blood forever stained on your hands. To have the nightmares flood your mind never leaving you in peace."

Draco didn't reply.

"Well… once you have an answer to my question as to why you didn't tell your boss that you're here, come to us." Ying Fa said.

Sakura smiled when Draco nodded, he looked at them like he wanted to say something, "Kinomoto…"

"Call me Sakura, and you can call her Ying Fa, no need for that Kinomoto business." Sakura replied.

Draco didn't listen, "Kinomoto, listen…"

Sakura frowned slight but nodded nonetheless.

"Be careful… watch your step, and every person. Especially… that woman." He replied.

"What?" Ying Fa asked.

"What woman?" Sakura questioned as she too stood up.

Draco stood up, "I'm sorry." He looked at Sakura and Ying Fa, his eyes filled with confusion and the need to help, something people never took the chance too see because they were too scared to see past his cold exterior.

Sakura and Ying Fa frowned as they let his mind go and they watched him disappear.

"What woman?" Sakura wondered out loud at Ying Fa.

Ying Fa shook her head, "I don't know."

The two sighed before a smirk appeared on Ying Fa's face, "Shall we?"

Sakura wore an equal smirk she had adapted from her 'twin', "We shall." She replied.

The White around them suddenly changed to look at the top of Tokyo Tower, and in their hands, weapons materialized and with one last smirk they charged at each other.

- - -

Eriol sighed for the umpteenth time that afternoon he couldn't concentrate on anything, he was too worried about Sakura. Something wasn't right about her today, her aura, her eyes, it really worried him.

Maybe… Maybe he was just imagining it? After all, it didn't seem like the others noticed. He snapped out of his thought when he noticed that not only was Harry and his group looking at him, but the book he wanted to study from was upside down.

Sighing yet again he closed the book down and held his head in his hand.

"Are you ok Eriol?" asked Hermione, "You seem out of it."

Eriol simply nodded.

Harry and Ron looked at each other before turning to Hermione nudging her, "Oh Right." She murmured, "Eriol. We've been meaning to ask you."

Eriol looked up, "Yes?"

Hermione paused.

"Well, we were wondering if you've noticed anything strange form Sakura." Harry finished for her.

Eriol frowned, 'So I wasn't imagining anything.' He thought, "You've noticed something strange?" he asked.

The three of them nodded.

They sat in silence for a few moments, "I'm worried about her…" Eriol said.

Hermione smiled, "You care for her deeply don't you."

Eriol smiled back, and Hermione got the answer.

After another few minutes of silence, Hermione stood up surprising everyone, she closed her books and placed her things away, "I'm guessing Sakura's a little lonely, and it's almost supper soon…"

Following in suit the four of them headed back to the common room to see Ginny coming out, "Hey guys!" she greeted, "Oh… Where's Sakura?"

"What do you mean? She's not there?" Ron asked his sister.

Ginny shook her head, "No… I haven't seen her."

"Ginny come on!" cried one of her friends, Ginny shot an apologetic smile before following her friends downstairs.

The four looked at each other before rushing into the Gryffindor common room causing people to look at them surprised, dumping their book in their dorm room on their bed, they all rushed out again in search for their missing friend.

"Are you sure she told you the Common room?" Ron asked.

"I'm positive!" Hermione replied worriedly.

Eriol released his aura in search for Sakura, pinpointing it, he sped it, "She's outside."

Harry nodded and followed, "Watch out!" he cried.

But it was too late, Eriol collided with Draco and they both laid flat on the ground. Draco cursed as he got up glaring slightly at Eriol.

"You should watch where you're going." He said, he noticed the worried look in Eriol's eyes as Harry and Ron helped him up, "I'm guessing you're all looking for that Kinomoto girl… She's out by the field." He said as he pushed passed them.

"Er… Thanks?" Hermione called at Draco's retreating back as he simply waved without turning around, and the four went their way on the field.

Slowly down they saw Sakura leaning by the Castle walls, her eyes closed oblivious of her surroundings.

Hermione was going to shake her shoulder when Eriol stopped her, "You shouldn't… She's meditating, if we surprise her, she might get stuck."

Hermione quickly took her hand back, afraid to hurt her new friend in any way.

"Then what do we do?" Harry Asked.

Eriol didn't reply as he sat in front of Sakura, closing his eyes, he placed a finger on her forehead and a glow erupted.

"What the bloody hell was that?" Ron cried in shock.

"I think… I think Eriol entered Sakura's Meditation… if that's… even possible." Hermione replied.

Harry Shrugged.

- - -

Sakura was thrown around the tower bleeding on her arm and leg, while Ying Fa smirk, though she had a deep gash on her stomach and on her cheek.

Sakura jumped up and flipped off one of the many pillars of the tower and sprinted towards her opponent before coming to a halt. Her eyes widening, she glanced at Ying Fa who did a barely noticeable nod and Sakura turned around just in time to see Eriol appear.

"Sakura, I'm sorry to disturb you like this, but it-" Eriol stopped, and he looked from Ying Fa to Sakura and Back again.

Sakura laughed nervously, "Ah, it's alright Eriol… I was using Twin card… and… well… you know. Training?" While laughing nervously she shot a slight glare at Ying Fa.

Ying Fa rolled her eyes in her mind as she bowed to the both of them before pretending to de-materialize.

Sakura smiled nervously at Eriol's questioning stare, "I'm guessing it's super time, shall we go?"

Eriol smiled slightly before nodding and disappearing from her mind.

Once he was gone for sure, Ying Fa took off the invincibility spell, and frowned, "That was close."

"Too close… We have to find safer places to meditate…" Sakura replied.

Ying Fa nodded as they left their Haven.

- - -

Ying Fa's dark jade eyes opened and noticed everyone was staring at her.

Getting up, "Ah… Gomen… I changed my mind about going to the common room… I found it would've gotten too noisy there to meditate." She said.

Hermione smiled, "It alright, But are you ok? You're bleeding." She said.

Ying Fa felt her cheek, "I'm fine, it doesn't hurt… it'll heal by tomorrow."

Harry and Ron decided to ask as they made their way towards the Great hall, "How did you get it though?"

"You didn't have it before you opened your eyes." Harry continued.

Ying Fa smiled, "That is because my soul wasn't technically attached to my body since I was meditating."

Ron was confused, "Your soul not attached to your body?"

Ying Fa forced a Sakura Like giggled, "You'll get it… eventually."

Eriol was silent as they took their seats, "Sakura." He began in Japanese.

Ying Fa looked his way, "hai?" she asked.

"When I saw you, you weren't injured on your cheek." He said, "Twin did."

Sakura cursed, 'That's right… we don't have the same wounds…'

'Damn… what am I going to say?'

'I know! You remember when I did that connection bind?'

'Yeah… the one Hope said she and the cards wanted to do… 'to be one with the mistresses.' Or something like that.' Ying Fa replied.

'Well, What ever happens to me happens to them, right? Well, it also works the other way around, what ever happens to them, happens to me.'

Ying Fa smirked, 'So… technically, we aren't really lying… it's somewhat the truth…'

"Sakura?" Eriol asked.

Ying Fa smiled, "Ah, gomen… Well, you know Twin was hurt… I did the connection bind last year…" she said.

Eriol's eyes widened, "The connection bind? Why?"

Ying Fa shrugged, "I agreed with the cards, we wanted to be one. It was Hope's suggestion."

Before Eriol would question anything, Touya and Yukito appeared, "Oi! Ying Fa!" Touya called her attention as they walked towards her.

Ying Fa smirked, "Hello dear, old, Onii-chan."

"I'm not old!" Touya barked.

Yukito chuckled, then noticing her wound, "Ah, Haven again?" he asked.

Ying Fa nodded.

Touya shook his head, "Whatever… anyways, it's almost six… and unless." He trailed off, as he walked towards the front of the Great Hall with Yukito and they were Introduced to the School.

Sakura's eyes widened as she held her head, 'Ying Fa… Touya's right, unless we want to be seen, we have to get out of here… fast.'

'But the transformation is starting.' Ying Fa said as she stood up wincing in pain. It was hard to breathe, as they tried to hold off the spell.

"Sakura… are you ok?" her friends asked.

Ying Fa held in her gasp of pain as she heard Sakura's pained voice, 'I'm holding it off… Ying Fa, go!'

Without a word, Ying Fa sprinted out of the Great Hall, curious eyes followed her retreating back.

Eriol stood up to follow her when Dumbledore's voice rang through the hall, "No need to follow her Mr. Hiiragizawa… I can assure you, it's fine."

Frowning, Eriol sat back in his seat and shrugged to the questions Harry, Ron and Hermione asked as he too, wondered what had just happened.

- - -

Over by the Teacher's Table, Dumbledore frowned as Minerva turned to Sakura's older brother, "I thought the transformation doesn't hurt them." She said.

Touya nodded, "Normally, it wouldn't hurt. But since they are being forced to transform, and Knowing Ying Fa… that Sorceress that cursed them, decided to add what she thought was a little pain. Although, I don't know how painful it actually is… or the full detail as to the whole curse from the deceased Sorceress, from what Yukito and I know, we have no idea what else it happening to them."

"Meaning?" she asked.

"Well," Yukito began, "Knowing Sakura, there is more to this curse then she's letting on."

Minerva frowned, "And she would keep to herself even if it bring her pain?"

Touya nodded, "Those smiles she wears, most of them aren't real. She thinks that if she pretends nothing it wrong, those she cares for, and those who care for her won't notice, and then they won't worry. It's how she is, to think of others before herself."

The Professors who happened to listen to their conversation frowned slightly, girls their age shouldn't be going through problems such as this, they hold so much power that probably they themselves don't realize, they hold so much responsibilities that not even an average adult holds.

- - -

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To Be Continued…

.Exquisite and Pink.