Sadame no Tenshi

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Summary: Betrayed by Mamo-baka, Usagi leaves Juuban, taking her senshi with her. They arrive in the GW dimension, where they discover shocking secrets about their beloved Tsuki no Hime…


While the Senshi prepared for school the next day, Usagi said to Setsuna quietly, "Did you remember Meiran?"

Setsuna nodded.

"When will they resurface?"

"When her husband recognizes her," was Setsuna's reply.

Usagi frowned, "But will it resurface instantly or over time? If it takes too much time, He'll be hurt, and interaction between the two will be more difficult."

Setsuna smiled mysteriously, "You'll see."

"Setsuna!" Usagi yelled.

"You're going to be late if you stay here talking to me, Usagi."

Usagi swore under her breath and went to join the other senshi on their walk to school.


Relena couldn't irritate the senshi as much the next day, thanks to seven very large, very stupid, rampaging youmas who had, quite ironically, appeared on the campus.

The largest of the Youma was also the leader and the most humanoid with the form of a green skinned woman with red hair to her ankles, red eyes, two four-inch horns coming out of her forehead curving sensuously toward the back, and elegant three inch long claws. She would have had an exotic beauty to her, had it not been for the scars on her face and body and the fact that any living creature that got in her way was instantly cut to bits.

"Surrender the princess or we will level this school and everything else in a ten mile radius!" she said.

"Very well, I surrender," Relena said, rising from her seat calmly, "but please do not harm the students."

"Relena, no!" Quatre yelled.

"You have to admit that for an annoying banshee, Relena Peacecraft is very brave," Makoto whispered to Rei.

Rei tossed her head and whispered back, "Of course she should be willing to give her life for the sake of others; she is the Hime's sister." None of the inners gave any sign that they noticed that Usagi and the outers had disappeared.

The Gundam Pilots, of course, were busy trying to keep Relena from getting killed, so the four missing girls were unnoticed.

The woman stared at Relena and Snapped, "You're not the princess! For your deception, you will die!" she raised her hand and a ball of energy appeared. She drew her hand back in preparation to strike, and a voice interrupted her.

"Hey, you!" a voice snapped from the doorway. The students in the cafeteria stared at the five women dressed in white tight fitting body suits, white gloves and short layered skirts.

"You have a lot of nerve attacking a school!" Sailor Moon declared, "Students come here to socialize and to learn! How dare you come and threaten this sacred place of learning! With the protection of the Moon, Sailor Moon!"

The woman in brown said, "The Protection of Pluto, Sailor Pluto!"

The woman with teal hair declared, "The protection of Neptune, Sailor Neptune!"

The woman in Navy blue said, "The protection of Uranus, Sailor Uranus!"

The girl in purple said, "The protection of Saturn, Sailor Saturn!"

"We are the Sailor Scouts and we shall punish you!" the Sailor scouts said in unison and the battle began.

(A/N: Too lazy to write the battle scene, I'll just leave it to your imagination.)

Soon, only the leader was left, and Sailor Moon easily disposed of her.

Sailor Moon turned and said to Relena, "Don't do that again. Youma do not want the Princess of Earth, they want the Tsuki no Hime. Your courage is admirable, however, if you try to offer yourself to a youma's demand for the Hime, you will be badly hurt, if not killed," and left with the Outer Scouts.

Soon, the intercom rang and a woman's voice said, "Class is cancelled for the day. Students may collect their belongings and return home."

No one except the inner senshi noticed Usagi, Haruka, Hotaru, and Michiru return to the cafeteria and slip quietly back into their seats.


As the senshi walked back to their mansion, Makoto said, "I guess this means Relena won't ever find out that you're her sister."

Haruka shot her an annoyed look and said, "Usagi's secret is a big one. Secrets of that magnitude rarely remain secrets for long. All this really means is that any of Usagi's plans for revealing her secret will have to either be pushed forward, or be delayed."

"So will it be pushed forward or delayed?" Amy asked.

"I'm moving my plans back," Usagi said calmly, "but while we carry out the plans, we have to lay low. I'll let my family know that I'm back, but they won't know that we are Sailor Senshi, so we'll have to tread lightly around them, especially Milliardo. Relena's main bodyguards are the Gundam Pilots, and they're very observant. We'll have to be even more careful around them. They're bound to get suspicious about the missing Peacecraft turning up just after the Sailor Senshi's mysterious appearance, especially since odangos are very unique, and Sailor Moon and I will be the only people they know of who have that kind of hairstyle."

"We will protect you till our deaths, Usagi," Rei said.

"Yeah," the other Inner senshi said, "We'll protect you if it's the last thing we do!"

"Sou da yo!" The Outers said in unison, "Yakusoku da!"

Usagi smiled. "I'm glad to hear that."


A dark figure stood in the shadows as he looked in the glowing lake.

"So, Sailor Moon has indeed moved dimensions…." His head lifted and the lake illuminates cruel and icy sapphire eyes. "No matter, Even if she has changed dimensions, I will gain the power of the moon, and I will be unstoppable! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"


Usagi sat on the balcony, sipping a cup of tea with a laptop and several textbooks open on the table in front of her. Her attention, however, was not on the laptop or the textbooks, but on Rei and Ami, who were studying in the gazebo not too far away. She looked up when she heard the glass door open.

"Hime?" a quiet voice asked.

Usagi smiled, spotting Hotaru, Haruka and Michiru. "What is it Hotaru?"

"How much longer will it take?" Hotaru's voice was worried.

"Not much longer now, Hota-chan, not much longer." Usagi looked out at the gazebo where Rei and Ami had been joined by Makoto and Minako. "I just hope everything is ready before time runs out."

"Knowing Setsuna, we will have more than enough time," Michiru said.

Usagi nodded. "I should hope so. This new enemy, I get the feeling that we'll need more than just Sailor Senshi to defeat them."

"We'll beat them, koneko," Haruka said. "We'll beat them the way we beat all our other enemies in the past."

Usagi smiled. "I should hope so."

The four on the balcony then turned and watched as the Inners did more gossiping than homework in the gazebo.


Wufei was trying to train in Quatre's training room, but was failing miserably. His thoughts were running round his head, jumping from his late wife Merian, to the raven haired girl who had come to Peacecraft Academy the day before.

What was her name again?

Rei… Hino Rei…


Think about the kata…think about the kata… Hino would look good doing the kata…


Miffed, Wufei gave up and stalked out of the training room and into his own room and irritably slammed his door shut.


In the Timestream, Sailor Pluto smiled in amusement. Oh, how she looked forward to seeing the boy's face when he realizes that the raven haired beauty he can't keep his mind off of was already married to him, and had been for the past five years, even if she was thought to be dead.



The G-boys flinched, and Heero winced in sympathy as Relena attached herself to Usagi's arm. They were glad that Relena had stopped stalking Heero, but to their horror and shame, she had begun to do the same to one Tsukino Usagi.

Relena had been convinced that something about the girl was familiar, and ever since then, she had latched onto Tsukino Usagi, and they, as Relena's bodyguards, had been dragged along for the ride.

They watched as Usagi glared at Relena, and said something which they couldn't hear, to which Relena flushed and released the girl. Usagi's seven friends glared impressively at Relena, and grudgingly made room for her.


It had been a perfectly nice day, and then an earsplitting shriek cut through the air, and before the Senshi knew it, one very undignified and insane Princess of Sanq was firmly attached to the arm of their Hime, chattering a mile a minute.

Usagi glared at Relena and growled, "Relena-san, you're cutting off my circulation and making a fool of yourself. Please get off."

Relena flushed slightly and released the girl, all too aware of the eyes of Heero on her, and the glares coming from the Senshi.

They grumbled telepathically as they shifted, making room for Relena beside their Hime. Usagi exchanged a look with Hotaru and Makoto who nodded and Hotaru got up. She walked to the Gundam Pilots and smiled winningly.

"Hello," Hotaru said, "Why don't you come join us for lunch?"

Quatre smiled. "We'd be glad to join you, Miss Hotaru."

Lunch had not been underway for more than ten minutes before Murphy's Law came into effect, and a large, bright pink youma with too many tentacles and eyes appeared on campus. ((A/N: Shudder… EEWWWWWWW!))

There was no way for any of the Senshi to get away and Henshin. Pluto glared at the youma from her perch on the roof of the Physical Education Building. She was on her own for this one.

"Children come here to meet their friends and to learn new things for life as adults!" Pluto called, as she leapt down to land on a nearby lamppost, wincing at the corniness of the speech. What a horrible way to embarrass yourself.

"How dare you disrupt life in such a place!" Pluto forced herself not to cringe. She couldn't help but wonder why none of their enemies had died of laughter just yet, considering how well she was doing at making a fool of herself.

"I am Sailor Pluto! In the name of the planet of time, Pluto, and in the name of the Moon, you shall be punished!"

Pluto threw herself off the lamppost as she thrust the garnet rod out in front of her, crying, "Dead scream!"

Usagi was all too aware of her sister clinging to Heero like a limpet, screeching into his ear for him to protect her while the Perfect soldier's face turned blue. Around her, her senshi had taken up a protective stance, and out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Haruka pull her space sword from her sub-space pocket while Hotaru shifted uncomfortably. Usagi turned her eyes back to the Time Senshi and winced when three tentacles grabbed her, one around the waist, knees, and neck, and threw her into a wall.

Pluto found herself flung into a wall, and she saw her Princess and fellow senshi wince in sympathy. Honestly, what was with them and getting thrown into walls? It seemed as if they got thrown into walls at least once every time a youma attacked. Did they have some kind of sign on them reading "Throw us into a wall and watch us bounce please!" that only their enemies could see or something?

She hit the ground in a crouch, and surged forward, and her Dead Scream destroyed several tentacles as they reached for her. Bright pink and slimy tentacles oozing something stinky and orange… Eww…

"Go ahead Hotaru," Usagi whispered. "We'll cover for you."

Hotaru nodded and left. Quatre watched in concern as the smaller girl left the group, and edged along the walls, in an attempt to get to the building. He was then distracted by a very irate Sailor Pluto getting flung into the knot of Gundam Pilots.

"Che, so much for avoiding the civilians," Pluto muttered, using the Garnet Rod to pull herself to her feet.

"Silence Glaive Surprise!"

Pluto looked up in time to see the youma get flung into a tree, getting skewered by several branches in the process. She wrinkled her nose involuntarily at the sight and smell of the orange and pink goo oozing out of the wounds.

"For disrupting the children's studies, in the name of the planet Saturn, and the ruling Moon, I, Sailor Saturn shall punish you!"

Short, sweet, and to the point. Why didn't I do that? Setsuna no baka! Pluto chided herself mentally as she smiled at the youngest of the Senshi.

The two senshi leapt at the youma, and a second Silence Glaive Surprise cleared the way for Pluto's Dead Scream, effectively destroying the youma. The two didn't stop to talk, and leapt into the air, vanishing over the rooftops.

Usagi sighed. "So much for discretion," she murmured.

She glanced over at Relena who was still hanging off the Wing Gundam Pilot, screeching about how brave Heero was, protecting her, even though he hadn't done anything.

She sighed again. This was going to be much more difficult than she had thought.