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Summary: What Jack is feeling in Sam's final moments. Warning character death.


The sky was dark and stormy. Thunder boomed in the distance; lightning accompanied the loud sound with bright flashes. Rain poured down, soaking everything it touched. It was a horrible day; the same damaging day he got the call. The four sad words spoken by the voice on the other end of the line confirmed one of his worst fears. "I'm so sorry Jack." A deafening silence came over him when those words were heard. It was like he had been taken out of time and space, all reality. He could hear various words from the other man on the other end. Accident. Casualties. Chances of survival… Blinking, he came out of his trance. He forced himself to concentrate on the other voice and not the one spiting out negative comments in his head.

"Jack, are you still there?"

"Yeah." Was all he managed to get out. The news would not sink in, though he knew it was the truth.

"I think you should come down as soon as possible. It might be your last chance to…" "To say goodbye." He was cut off by Jack's voice.

Daniel winced, knowing how much this hurt him. "Yeah, she would want you here."

"I know." There was a long pause before he spoke again. "Daniel, tell her to hang-in there. To at least wait for me, if she can."

"I will. I have to go, they're still bringing people in. They need all the help they can get."


"I'll see you soon." Daniel said as he hung up the phone on his end. Meanwhile, Jack held the receiver to his ear, as if waiting for something. Slowly he let it go, covering his face, shaking his head side to side a little. Sighing softly, he knew what he had to do. He was going to fly back tonight, hoping she'd still be there when he arrived.

It was late when he passed through the front gate clearance. He wanted to run to her side, but he didn't have the strength. Instead he walked solemnly down the familiar corridors that were once his home. It didn't take him long to reach where he was going, but when he arrived the scene was something new. There was hardly an empty space to be found, and he was blocking the way for more coming in. Peolple, alive and dead were everywhere. Heoverheard men talking, " chance."Panic rose in him, she wasn't there. Jack couldn't stand there any longer, seeing too many familiar faces in pain, and some with no expression left. He spun around just in time to catch Daniel bringing in another fallen SG-7 team member. "Where is she?" Jack practically screamed out of fear.

"Isolation room 19. Jack…" Daniel tried to start, but he was gone.

Running down the hall to the isolation room, Jack was overwhelmed with feelings he hadn't felt in a long time. Emotions that he had only experienced once, when Charlie died. His heart was being torn, which wasn't the worst of the pain. He tried to think of the last time he spoke to her, how long ago that was. It was the fishing trip. His eyes were full of tears that dared to fall, wrecking that O'Neill military bravado, but he didn't care. The only thing he cared about was the woman was just beyond the door he stood in front of. Lifting his arm, he suddenly second guessed himself. Why would he want to see her like that, why did he have to come down here just to see her…die? No, she was not going to die. She was going to recover, like always. Jack slowly pushed the door open and walked in with that thought clear in his mind. The door closed behind him, blocking out all the cries of pain and rush of emergency personnel, leaving them to the almost unbearable silence. Think positive for once, he told himself expecting her to just sit up and start talking about some new device she was working on. But she didn't. It was slowly and painfully killing him, every second that she didn't open her eyes. Forcing himself to move, he took a chair and sat right beside her.

"I need you to wake up, Carter. I'll make it an order." He almost laughed, but he couldn't let himself. "Sam, please." Taking her hand in his, Jack was shocked at how cold she felt. Everything about this was wrong; she was never cold or quiet. Samantha Carter was a warm, charming, beautiful woman. Sure, she could put you to sleep talking about the latest theory in wormhole physics, but without her, Earth wouldn't be the same. Leaning forward, Jack placed her limp hand back on her the bed. He pushed away the stray strands of hair covering her delicate features. Pale white replaced the vibrant color of her face. Eyelids covered the once beaming, bright blue eyes that he had unexpectedly fallen into so many times before. But by far, the thing that hurt the most was her nonexistent smile. The exuberant smile that was always playing across her face; the beaming expression, the devilish grin, the shy-reserved one that was made just for him, it pulled him in. making him go weak every time. Jack longed to see it, if only one last time.

That's when everything hit. Like an earthquake it shook violently, tearing down the wall that had been but up years ago, leaving him defenseless. Tears that had been waiting to fall were released like a flood, spilling off his face and onto the bed. This time he let it all go, surrendering to his emotions. The realization that she might not make it pushed itself forward until it was the only idea in his head. Laying his head on her stomach, he continued to weep, more softly now. "They can't loose you…I can't loose you." Came out muffled. He quieted himself, lifting his head to reveal red eyes and a wet face. Moving onto the bed, he picked her weightless body up and held her tightly. Her breathing was light, almost not there. He let her head fall onto his shoulder. For the first time since he had come here, he looked straight at her. It's my fault; I waited to long to tell her how I feel. I could have gotten her transferred sooner. We could've been together. Could've. Jack noticed his mind was already using the past tense, but he didn't stop it. I would've retired and bought back the cabin where we'd go fishing everyday. We could've had a dog and a couple kids. Kids, we would've had ourselves a family together. Jack stopped himself, before he went to far. He knew not to dwell, it would only cause him more pain. Bringing himself back to the present, he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. "I will always love you, Samantha." Jack said in a hushed tone, letting her know he would make it.

It was almost immediately after Jack spoke those sentimental words when Sam took her last, quiet breath. Jack continued to hold her, even though he knew that she was gone. He had felt her leave. Moments later a familiar white light engulfed them, and a shimmering figure drifted upwards. She had ascended, he always knew she would, she deserved it. Though heartbroken and weary, Jack felt secure. She would be back, just like Daniel. And he would once again see that distinctive, captivating smile.

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